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دema Aug 12
trusting someone

is like

jumping in the middle of the ocean,

hoping you know how to swim.
Hamad Apr 10
Rupi Kaur once wrote
"Your absence is a missing limb"

and there are sharks,
around my bleeding heart.
i used to save the messages where you complimented me
told me i was
how my smile could warm the seven seas
things that I’d never heard before
so I would save them
because I thought I’d never hear these things again
now those messages hold up space
in my phone
because now I see the sharks you hid underneath the sea
and those words ate me up
Fey Feb 23
sharks are passing through my brain,
for a second I thought they were beautiful.
but as I looked up again,
they were consuming my happiness away.

© fey (27/11/19)
Calla Fuqua Jul 2019
Your skin of teeth never scared me.
Your taste for blood begged me to come closer,
till the tip of your nose touched mine.

Now we are both hypnotized
Anna Skinner Feb 2019
men are sharks and weakness is blood  
circle in the shallow waters of my insecurity
eyes flashing with hunger  
bite off a piece of my heart, help yourself to seconds  
let the leftovers go stale  

there’s blood in the water
like hieroglyphics
like liquid hourglass
memories from a wolf pack that swallowed me whole
all that’s left is a jangling bunch of bones
calcium wind chimes
the ghost of my screams will be the trumpet
your beating will be the drums
..      ..   .. . . Me..~~.
             the               )
4:00 am
peel on the
suit...just the
******* are out
and the sharks to boot.
Paddle out in between sets's a bit chilly, ain't ready yet............

gotta warm up, so I **** in the suit...

Here we go ready for flight..
Let the first roller cruise
right on by,.....the next one's breaking perfectly..10 feet high.

Tip the board on 180 and cup my two three strokes.... all the way to the sand....
cuz that's how we roll,
the dawn patrol band.
Surfs up Stu!....My nephew Gage threw the first line...I'm trying to inspire him to write... he's no Barney and Jeff Spicoli is a God.
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