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John Castaneda Oct 2019
Subliminal contact put me in a threshold
Buried by the weight
Began to contemplate
The chill begins to settle in
You can read it from starting from the beginning or end.
John Castaneda Oct 2019
Pick up the pen I'm the next kin of this nature
A nature that can’t be bought, caught in the dark
Infinite thought running through the mind
Can’t find the correct resolution
Pollution flooding
Freshly cut from the tree of life
Heavenly glow keeping the road clear
Wipe my tear
Who will come after me...
Subconscious vapors of lucidity whisper into the depths of my soul.  Pleading Pleiades, daughters of Atlas, exhale mythical wisps that wander in the constellations of my mind anointing me and by their
decree I am Divine.
More illusions of grandeur
Steelyvibe Jun 2018
I watch the flicker of lights
They are clear and steady
Blazing out continuously
In brilliant letters

Huge digital billboards
And cold electronic signs
Sending signals to the brain
Of the latest consumer designs

No time to think
No time to digest it
Keep on working
To pay for the transmit

I will buy a new car
And replace the TV
Keep the system rolling
As part of the economy

Stroll around the mall
Listen to the doublespeak
Join in with the crowd
Buy the same as last week

Buy now, buy now
Self autonomy
Buy it replace it
Its good for the economy

Goodbye for now
But you will be back
Customer loyalty
With biofeedback
Based on a short story by JG Ballard, The Subliminal Man
As I write this verse,
Wish we would just converse.
Because for every minute that passes
if feels like a year, just in reverse

When I look into those eyes,
I feel that smile is nothing but a disguise
and in the end, all it does is agonize
not just me but both our lives.

Roses are seen as perfection, yet all I see is you
Even when I close my eyes, I wish it were not an Adieu
It's like my heart itself is planning a coup
When in reality I really can't have you

As a rose, you may wilt
but my love for you will resist
because forever it will exist
until someday I'm dismissed
Choderlos May 2018
No single beauty is the best,
She is all one flower divine
O mystic metamorphosis!
My senses into one sense flow
Her voice makes perfume when she speaks,
Her breath is music faint and low!
An extract from The art of seduction by Robert Greene. Originally from Charles Baudelaire's "All in one".
s s f w s Nov 2017
For the sake of betterness or quickness,
The life is all about developing own customized extensions or plugins .
Better sitted pees
Better stand-up pees
Better view
Better trails
Better quality
Better quantity
Better pace
Better Understanding
Better likability
Better knowledge
Better green
Better pleasure
Better writes
Better disorientation
Better philosophy
Better stimulation
Better cycles
Better science
Better calculus
Better reads
Better rain
Better gulps
Better art
Better calendars
Better wilderness
Better awakening
Better flirting
Better cooking
Better carpentry
Better tactics
Better silence
Better touch
Better light
Better technology
Better sunsign
Better blue ticks
Better mixing
Better chaos
Better mutation
Better round-tables
Better deals
Better excretion
Better burial
Better fertilization
Better moon
Better sun
Better fun

And It rhymed , thereby set for n number possibilities.
And realising there will be no plugin for Better love than one which happened 42 years ago & ultimately the most **** thing is not between legs but between the ears.
Confession line: Omitted better hi and better ciao for the best results.
Ben Jr Mar 2017
If only you knew,
Of the darkness that walks within your shadow,
The whispering sounds,
the unnerving fear that follows,

If only you knew the secrets,
The tales and stories,
Packed with subliminal messages,
that tells of death and glory,

If only you'd open your eyes,
And for once see,
What you thought is and was,
Is all here and real,
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