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Mark Toney Oct 2019
moustached monoku critic channels Seinfeld - no haiku for you
1/4/2019 - Poetry form: Monoku - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
ANu de girl
dat made me twirl
ANd made
my moustache curl

She winked at me
I got knock-kneed
and had to
smoke some ****

It worked indeed
she puffed with me
then we both
watched this tale unfurl
More fun with words and my name
Ol' Mr Rilash
the authority on panache
and once chef of Ben-Ash,
had neglected to trim his tash.
It itched and made him scratch;
Unhappy on upper lip.
A plan, a plan it hatched.

...then one time in the kitchen
on a snoozing Mr Rilash.
His tash did something brazen,
or silly or quite brash.
It pulled away and dashed
crawling through plates of mash
and hopping over paprikash
it made it to the window ledge
via the crockery left stashed.

Was it brave or was it rash,
the escaping captive tash.
Leaping and waiting for the splash,
It saw it's trajectory down below;
and landed squarely in the trash.
Swathi eruvaram Nov 2015
He comes everyday
Every morning, every night
Like the morning sun and twilight
After gulping down a glass of milk
Comes my dear Mr. Milk moustache
camps Jan 2014
I gave my **** a soulpatch
Because God knows my face can't grow a **** moustache.
Look Mom, I shaved against the grain;
I can't believe it's baby smooth all over again.

— The End —