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Mark Toney Oct 2019
Boris and Natasha's minds were awhirl
As the Russia probe facts did unfurl
Let's end the confusion
There was no collusion
Was fake news of moose and of squirrel
7/22/2018 - Poetry form: Limerick - Inspired by Rocky and Bullwinkle and Fractured Fairy Tales. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Sleight of hand
creates illusion
politicians the rich
in collusion.
Good slaves we
buy their Solutions
titrated diluted pollution.

They've got you wrangled
with the carrots they dangle.
I see black holes
You See Stars Spangled.

"Disseminate fear keep them numb and Confused
they'll reward our
egregious abuse"
but fools won't believe
when it's dark
they see day
so now I tell you
what's the use anyway?

They've got you wrangled
with the carrots they dangle...
You see white stripes.....
I see liberty.....***** and strangled

Keep it obscure,
then hand you a cure,  
their best phishing lure
To make you believe
that this country's great
they use a little bitty hook
and a tiny bit of bait

They've got you dangling with the carrots they're wrangling.
I see black holes
you see stars spangling

They've got you wrangled with the bait they dangle...
you  see white stripes,
I see liberty ***** and strangled

They got you dangling
with the **** they're wrangling....
Open your eyes
you'll see there angling.
I was blind but now I see
Francie Lynch Jul 2018
Classical Trumpism: Judas makes a strong and powerful betrayal.

Neo-Classical-Trumpism: Adolph is a good friend of mine. He makes a strong
                           and powerful argument regarding purity.

Contemporary Trumpism: I love and trust my little buddy, Kim.

Modern Trumpism: Vlad, whom I trust with my marriage, makes a
                                   reel strong and powerful argument.

Trumpism:  Sad, Sad, Sad. Witch hunt. There was no collusion.

Neo-Trumpism: Crooked Malia and Sasha are to blame for the
                            collusion with Canada, Mexico and South America
If there are neo-nazis, there will be neo-trumps.
And the spelling of reel is what I intended.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
Hush little nobody, don’t say a word
Don’t call the SCROTUS a great big ****
Because he will never cut you a break
He thinks any critic is a great big fake.

When SCROTUS ever gets caught in a lie
He always blames it on some other guy.
He blames everybody, even you
If not, of course, Obama will do.

Cowboy up, little baby, don't cry
Congress is just like this phony guy.
Laws that hurt the people will pass
Congress loves to kiss SCROTUS ***.

If taxes favor the rich and not you
There is not a thing you can do
Congress has become an evil tribe
Run by treasonous theives and bribes.

And if Social Security goes broke
SCROTUS gonna tell you a ***** joke.
And if that ***** joke offends
SCROTUS gonna lie to you again.

So when there is no longer peace
And freedom gets replaced by a lease
You can kiss your savings goodbye.
Now you can read this and know why.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
AssembleD to dissemble
Congregated to prevaricate
Misleading all misdeeds
Associates to discriminate

When nobles are ignoble
And hit us with a low ball
That baits and switches
And then laughs at us all
Applauding each other
And singing their own praises
Then giving themselves huge
Unconscionably large raises
It means we have lost sight
Of the hows and the whys;
That we are being defeated
By the Tower Of Lies.

Misleading all misdeeds
Associates to discriminate
Assembled to dissemble
Congregated to prevaricate

A subterfuge centrifuge
Spinning out stories for dunces;
Fables and mythology
For addicts to mystery
Fools playing wild hunches,
This is Vegas for the mad
A sad Monte Carlo atmosphere
Worsening every year.
An oven for a coven,
A sick secretive collective,
Of selected dark intentions;
This is no place for the wise.
Never unseated or defeated
Those in the Tower Of Lies

Assembled to dissemble
Congregated to prevaricate
Misleading all misdeeds
Associates to discriminate
Brent Kincaid Jun 2017
Let people be free.
Let the people see.
Don’t hide any more,
Behind closed doors.
Come out into the sun
There is work to be done
And for better or worse
The people come first.

Our current incentives
To our representatives
Should not be the cash
From planning a crash.
They have solid connections
Of bribes and our elections.
It is simply not even funny;
The rich get all the money.

Let people be free.
Let the people see.
Don’t hide any more,
Behind closed doors.
Come out into the sun
There is work to be done
And for better or worse
The people come first.

We need so very badly
To  not look on life sadly
And feel there is no way out.
We need to stand and shout.
We need to call criminals
Nothing so subliminal
As conservatives when they
Are crooks in proud display.
Brent Kincaid Mar 2017
Look down.
Is your money slipping away
As if it never was?
And can you not figure out
What is the basic cause?
Look down.
Are you hands not quite beige
And are there calluses there?
Then your Trump Republicans
In Congress don’t really care.

Look down.
Are you a pregnant woman
Who has no sacks of gold?
Are you sick and poor now?
Are you broke and old?
Look down.
Do you have a few million
You can donate to the GOP
Then likely you are *******
And have suffered silently.

If you sit and let them do evil
And don’t stand and resist.
They’ll use your sacred words
To prove your rights don’t exist.

Look down.
Do you watch the television
And believe all you see?
Does the Christian right dictate
How your existence should be?
Look down.
Are you sick of war and hate
And can’t see it ever ending?
Just realize it’s Congressional villains
That our country is befriending.

Look down.
Are you living up to the goals
You set for yourself in life?
Or is your government killing us all
And handing you the knife?
Look down.
There is hope if we all act
And pull these criminals down.
It’s our fault they are even there.
They run the circus, don’t be a clown.

If you sit and let them do evil
And don’t stand and resist.
They’ll use your sacred words
To prove your rights don’t exist.
Brent Kincaid Feb 2017
Pretending while the rest of us are descending
Into the legislative hell you love so well.
Tough *****, DC City,
You get no sympathy from me.
Half the country is on drugs, and you’re all smug.
******* clowns, I hope you all go down.
Tough *****, DC City,
You don’t much impress me.

You sold your souls to the big money creeps
And soon you won’t be able to sleep.
You are finding out the old saying is true;
You are judged by the company you keep.
And you’re keeping company with half-bright thugs
And ugly fat cats with purely evil souls
You value wealth more than suffering people.
You’re those without compassion on the whole.

You think if you lie often enough we’ll believe
Sadly that sometimes truns out true.
Tough *****, DC City,
Your fingers are sticky as glue.
The people may burn your mansions down.
See if your bribes protect you then.
Tough *****, DC City,
I hope the good people jail you.

I wish I could hold back paying my taxes
Just like you rich people manage to do.
Tough *****, DC City,
I’d laugh as you tumble.
When your corrupt regime falls apart
You’ll want us to rescue all of  you.
Tough *****, DC City,
I’ll sit back and watch things crumble.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
I cry beware, there's danger there,
But nobody is listening.
I raise my voice and twist my face.
There are tears glistening.
I can see it coming like an ugly beast.
Why the hell can't they smell it at least?
This is going to be like a four-year tsunami,
But sadly, one that won't go away.

All the things we know to be destructive
Are waiting in the wings.
The freedom of us and our nation
May not survive this thing.
While promises of greatness resonate
The putrid smell of recent history
So impatiently waits the doom
While fools bemoan their misery.

The train wreck of modern life
Reverberates in the ears of the wise
And distractions abound in media
While lies are waved before the eyes
Of those loo lazy to leave the couch
To vote or attend meetings or speak;
To stand up for the rights they have
Or find the peace they say they seek.

The national criminals are thrilled
Meanwhile, we are trained to wail
And call evil names about trivia;
About things like someone’s email
And who stands or sits at a game,
Or who is fornicating with who
While, for some, there is nothing
Too immoral some other person can do.
What is love,
but a permission to
make a home of a heart ?
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