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Que viva Colombia!
Que viva el vueltiao
Que viva el tamal tolimense
Que viva mi machete
Que viva la ruana
Que viva la cumbia
Que viva el guarapo
Que viva PeƱaranda
Que viva la sabana, el monte, el llano y el mar
Que viva mi abuelita ******
Que viva el M.A.N., mi papĆ”
Pa que no quepa duda de que colombiano lo soy.

Zero Nine Jun 2017
People laugh,
I hurt
But I don't mind
Gender is the joke
I am the punchline

Fighting for
the binaries
when our
expression is

If I die
then I'll be
the last bit lived true
My angry people
may take my body
since I'll
not be back
For myself and all my others.

Inspired by Morrissey's debut solo album, "Viva Hate" (1988)
Niel John Ortizo Jan 2016
Crowded streets,
Marching bands playing beats,
Marching with matching *****,
Is a memory I would never lose.

— The End —