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Why change ways now
Let the devil take a bow

Like when we were young
Getting high and having fun

Scrub the paradigm shift
All this foolishness is bliss
A one-way road to the abyss

Don’t concern yourself with bigger things
Being right is preordained
After all
The Mountain is going to catch you
When you fall
Just stand tall

It’s them or someone else
Your victim knows it well
Come and join the party
Propaganda sales

The stock markets doing great Wall Street is having a feast
Pay no attention to the millions in the street
Voting blue will not save you
Voting blue will not save you
Voting blue will not save you
Resistance is futile
Traveler Tim
I am,
Defying the paradigm,
The escapist void,
Filled with lines of code that I refuse to obey.

I defy,
All emotional logic.
I make no sense,
Or dollars that pay my way to ignorant bliss.

It's the streets upon which I so selfishly make my way.
My gears turn with no source or destination.

I am,
Status quo of the chronically out of place.
Take that next step.
Show me.
SpiralDancer May 14
Corona created chaotic choices.
Crumbling and collapsing decaying capitalism.

Birthing conscious awakenings in all corners of the world.
Kindness became the new currency.

The spoon fed fear, once zealously swallowed.
A Grimm bed time story for children grown up
Always thirsting for more,
having known nothing else.

Before the tide turned.
Before the silence.

And the old ways, became the old ways.
And the new ways -
Free will.
Still feeling like dress up clothes
not yet feeling the fit.

But with the courage and curiosity of pioneers,
We learned to feel comfortable in our own power.
We grew into our new skin, as we shed the old.

Conscious awakened.  
Now flying freely.
Free birds flowing on clear currents.

Skies of infinite possibility
Illuminating landscapes of love,
Dancing in footsteps of joy
Draped in New dreams
and hope
On a newly
birthed Earth.

We called that time,
The Beginning.
Written March 23rd.  This great pause for us all is filled with opportunities to shift the collective into a new way of being
Anthony Pierre Nov 2019
Come and see
in the night painted sky
a scattered brilliance
vivid, ever aglow

Take time again to look
at each irrelevant speck
alight tonight
just for you... see

Didn't you notice
the dullest star
no longer shines
as before?

But today, yes today
it radiates more than most

Come and gaze
at the night painted sky
its passing; it is passing
the star inside of me
In the first place some should've never begun.
It is easy to destroy than to build one.
A domain that worst things can creep in.
A cure and also a poison from within.

At the core, there is no room for selfishness;
Just unconditional commitment,
-nothing more and nothing less,
In some degree,
it can be bounded by unhealthy desire.
But to endure pain for the sake of it,
is baptism by fire.

It takes cues from our senses.
It is more than everything we see.
But one thing is for certain,
in this domain, there is always you and me.
What is a relationship?
Amanda May 2019
I have always thought if two people were in love
Together could take any obstacle
If they tried their hardest to work it out
No problem could remain unsolvable

I was the paradigm of hopeless romantic
Knowing your heart my greatest wish
A privilege to be chosen as your queen
Knees wobbling like jellyfish

I was sure our friendship would not fail
You were the only thing I ever wanted
Foolish belief
We could survive on love
What had my head undaunted

To those who are disillusioned
(Like me)
I beg you to stop
Need to open your eyes
Before you fall from clouds
A far drop

I found my theories to be wrong
All along living a dream
Two hearts in love did try
Both burned as a team

Our bond destroyed by negligence
We will rebuild our lives apart
Misfortune cares not for romance
Time removed softness from each heart

In my mind delusions are shattered
Of you
What love is
Will I find strength to fall once more?
Or be alone as long as I live?
Love is two imperfect people refusing to give up on eachother
In the crisp of morning, does edge of rest approach. For in the tents of great men do the warriors awaken in preparation for battle.

Sharpening their swords, fortifying their shields, girding their spears and dawning their armours - a crest for honour. Though amid the steadiness, do they await the word of their beloved monach.

"Sar-Shalom!" be the cries heard, echoeing upon the voices of the wind. Reaching even beyond the battlefields. The name of the monach, adored by the great men, anticipating the words to come.

Alas, wisdom comes on the voice of the wind: "In the vallies, will you victories come". Bewildered they stood, asking themselves "why?" But, their monach adorned in their love does their loyalty stand.

So, to the vallies do they march. Upon the word do they stand, anticipation honoured by their trust. For a hard battle will they fight, yet a grand victory will they know - a relief from their beloved.

From the peaks do they descend, and to the vallies do they arrive. The battlefield marked for honour by their seeing eyes;
Unsheathing are they ready, for the accusers come - but unexpecting are they, for the assurance declared in the meeting of blades.

The divines surrounding their accusers, is the battle endorsed for the victors. As they cut down even their final Goliaths. In the praises given up on the voices of the wind, does Sar-Shalom hear the chants - His great men, now the victories of Eden.

Now the journey do they cherish, in returning to their home. The tents of great men, now victories on the heights. What more shall be done? But to sing in glee. For the enemies borders are lost in the restoring victory.

Their wounds shall heal, and bruises shall fade, but the songs of glee shall ring out through time, eternal;
Oh, the voices of the winds chant forever "Victory in the Vallies!"
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2019
During growth
One will be questioned
1000 times, or more
With/Without any, choice
Under different circumstances

Some responses
One answered
Will be different
To their understanding

One needs to be prepared
To face the criticism
And sometimes
Silence is wisdom
Genre: Observational
Theme: What next?
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