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Harry Roberts Sep 13
How Many Faces Do People Want To Wear,
How Many Lies Have You Told When You Swear,
How Many People Would Stand Up & Care,
When Dishonesty Is Life Because Society Isn't Fair.

Caught In A Game Where The Rules Keep On Changing,
They Take Up To Strike But Their Moves They're Feigning,
These People Aren't Human But It's Our Souls They're Staining,
These People Aren't People Its People They're Paining.  

I Call These Animals Ants 'Cause These People Lack A Soul,
They See Us As Worse While We Make The System Whole,
How Many Must Suffer Before They Reach Their Goal,
Austerity's Dust On Our People Like Coal.

Roll Out With Cuts While You Hoard Away Gold,
The Rich Will Get Richer As It's Always Told,
A Waning Grip On Patience Is What We All Hold,
How Brazen These Monster Our Protests Are Bold.

But Nobody Listens 'Till Blood Covers Streets,
& At That Point We're Faced With Defeat,
No One Will Care Until We Make A Stand,
Strength Is In Numbers We Have The Upper Hand.
Harry Roberts - Animals Ants © 13/09/18
at times we tend to think
our democracy is safely founded and secure
only eventually we recognize
the need to constantly defend its fundamental rights
work steadily against their stealthy abolition
watch carefully the words of politicians
       lest they betray what they pretend to say
think twice for whom we cast our votes
avoid contenders who too often bray
     that these were not their quotes  
listen to those who have good arguments
     do not unleash too easy sentiments
and in the end cast our votes when called

in short  
democracy turns out to be hard work

     in case we shirk this
     we soon pay the price

unfree societies have known
     dictatorship  corruption  vice
have often needed centuries
to remedy injuries done
to find their four freedoms

and to recognize
democracy remains a living promise
a brilliant idea with many faces
always a work in progress
Tijana Jul 17
I was preapered to fight all my life, but against who? Brave beast like soldiers that are match to no one or just plain cowards?Why would I waste my time on these humorous synonyms, that cant even survive a day without aplause and their ego ******.

Its funny, its humorous but its the harsh truth,I think you would die of laughter if I told you that they arent just your neighbours, but the rulers of this world. Brittle as nails, efficent in their work as snails, Its not even enough to call them natures biggest fails.

We laugh at our own despair, but it's funny how some things never change, we are all slaves without any chains.These charlatans found a way one day, to control us without any brute force, but by their brain.And here we are today, some are on the streets begging for bread,some live their lives by a comercial tread.
Harry Roberts Jul 12
You Can ****** & Rob People All ******* Day, Its Okay They're Called Politicians.
Keep Chugging ****, You Won't See  & Its Good 'Cause You Can't Afford An Optician.
When You Get Low We'll Kick You In The Bones, I'm Sorry We Deported Your Physician.
They Hope You Get Sick & They'll Hit You With A Brick,
But They Call That Universal Credit.
-When Their Caught Out Trust The BBC To (.) Off With Their Heads & Dead It. We Have Ears & Memory Too We Really Know You Said It, Snakes Caught In Skins You Belong In The Bin, No More Mice Cause I Already Fed It.
Harry Roberts - Politicians © 20/06/18
we live in times
that make it difficult
to differentiate reality from fiction

     not in the field of literature
     where borders always have been fluid

but in quotidian discourses
of politicians  television  internet
speakers present unproven attitudes
as if they were reality unquestionable

and they get huffy and evasive
if proof comes out that they are wrong
they claim that they have been misquoted
or at least misunderstood

and even if they do recant
this never hits the front page of the medium
but somewhere inside mixed with trivialities
few people check

so it seems to be up to every one of us
to use our brains and bother
whether the data we are being served
are edible or rotten

bccause these speakers
seem to have forgotten
what communication is about

we need to really understand each other
that over millenia
major religions have advocated peace
their adherents have been slaughtering each other    
     supposedly in the name of their assorted gods
more than any other known species

why is it
that in my maturity
(which peopled usually call old age ...)
I‘m getting so *******
with politicians who seem not to see
the obvious solution to a problem
but find elaborate fake excuses
just so they can get re-elected

why is it
that for Europe it‘s so difficult
to find a way for refugees to be accepted
with respect and  dignity

why is it
that the USA apparently forgets it‘s been the country
living off its (il)legal immigrants for centuries
and now simply ignores the words
they put onto their Statue of Liberty

why is it?!??
Kuvar May 27
This day, the grand commander refused the opened door of the corridor that exhumes National odour,
The iconic gallant lamented “good harvest is impossible with rats in the rock’
The Grand commander is right, isn’t he?
Giant rats with two legs and ***** claws caused us wounds yet to close up,
The pig fight they played us in tough dirt
let the Atlantic be a stain remover yet it won’t cleanse us
Let us take the hands of the Clock to dance the moon walk,
You see these rats are black flames in a dark room,
An illumination of appetitive explosion
Oh Clock, the thorns on your feet, can you see?
That the rich green land broke your rich green  blood,
Wait, can’t you smell a dead rat?
The beautiful rat who at a time was the pilot of the crafts
who went so far to bury legality in a pit latrine,
I guess, it smells too nice.
I am sorry oh Clock, I know you hate the moon walk,
I see they make your old wounds open to new grief
Should rats hunt rats for if rats hunt rats then who pants?
Twenty shekels of silver awaits you in twenty’ 20
Take it and let the times get sweaty *****
Oh Clock! Your prophecy talks in time
Should I seek vengeance from the grey sky?
Should the thunderstorm strike and the gullible grey hair die
Rats of bungalow minds in elevated ranks
We trust their word yet they ****** the sword
It is this organizational madness
Let me stop here before the mad dogs bite me
Every Nigerian would have that date on their head the event of a rat in our aso rock., how pathetic but I found out it is poetic. Unraveling the depth of it
at least one shooting every week
congress & president mild and meek
whatever they might do or say
no blame goes to the NRA

that keeps abusing the 2nd amendment
     who needs militias today?!
and thanks to that ****** arrangement
more students weekly fall prey

to psychopaths in our states
whose weapons open the gates
to free indiscriminate killing
thanks to our politicians unwilling

to forego all the boons
they receive from their insane tycoons
The recent high school  shooting in Santa Fe, TX, is the 20th school shooting in the 20th week of 2018 .... who tf wants to attend (high) school in the USA any more?!
after every massacre
by some fanaticized pathological idiot
politicians call upon their citizens
to come together
and pray for the murdered and their families

this is absolutely appropriate
also absolutely inefficient

but it seems
that ever since 9/11
the nation only comes together
AFTER more of its members have been killed

I wish very much
that the nation
   AND politicians
would come together
BEFORE  the next massacre
and take appropriate action
to prevent such disasters
in the first place
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