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Chad Young Dec 2020
Should I give free away this truth... That it be eaten by sparrow and fly alike?
Once the pyramid became a part of my inner vision, I soon realized through diligence that It leads to E Pluribus Unum, "from many, one".
And as I solve my own problems, (they are the same for family, nation, and the world)
I see the picture of the gradual unity of our planet's society, and beyond.
Chad Young Dec 2020
The pyramid is the final vision beyond which there is no passing.
It is a moving Kaaba, carried away by angels and forces.
There is no way out of the pyramid.
When I reach the top it becomes less important as a top and a point.
The only way out of the pyramid is to attack it, which would attack beauty and attack simplicity.
Observing it is like having every answer given and every mystery solved, except Its own mystery.
The Messenger is the Pyramid of Reality.
More meditation...
Chad Young Dec 2020
The Pyramid is the Messenger
   of the Spirit world after we pass on.
We all must resolve to consecrate
   our actions to the Pyramid there.
The Orb is the handmaid that
   every soul is given for its care.
Pondering... I could be wrong.  Baha'u'llah said that His Revelation produces the "triangle and square fruits".
Chad Young Dec 2020
It is more than breathing forbearance, but
being forbearance itself. Like the back of my head is
pushed to the wall and I am allowing the Spirit
to push me further away from the middle.

The pyramid is the greatest source of God's Might
and is the most hidden retreat of Light: in the realm
of shapes and symbols.
The body takes on the quality of a pyramid.

There are man-made, divinely inspired, objects.
These are all micro aspects of the pyramid.
The city within the pyramid has many aspects hidden
behind "doors".
The letters and words written on the pyramid's parts allow
for the splendor of mankind.
All lights in this city get their power from the Divine.

The pyramid is the owner of Silence.
The sides of the pyramid are upheld by the
straight back of silence. Its apex is held by
the inner observer.
Silent meditation
Solar Nov 2020
The clouds float with a sense of melancholy this day,
leaving a lingering sensation of unease echoing below
the well of my insomnia.

The eclipse has cast a dulling shade upon my adulthood.
Where I once felt the ember of passion,
there now lays bare a garden of wilting lavender
Aaron E Oct 2020
Paint myself a stone.
Equipped to roam aesthetic empire.

I walk the street,
Peeling up the corners of posters
for those who reach toward victory over death,
to see the stone beneath.

The pedestrians beside me sulk in rain
so eternally present,
it's pulsing collisions with the pavement
have drummed it's echoes into the soundtrack.

Engines stirring.
Rain pouring.
Walkers chattering.

Unnoticed erosion.

I watch the posters bleed.
A warning of their shared fate with the stone.
Canaries painted up with the brightest feathers.
Monuments like gleaming limestone pyramids.

But we won't remember the feathers as bright.

We'll remember the colors bled out, when they're bled out.
The paint on our pantheon will wash to white marble.
And they'll re-remember it as white marble.
They'll re-remember the lustrous white
limestone as dirt and sand,
when its dirt and sand.
Our history will be rewritten, as its remembered.
I haven't posted much, so I decided to put this up before I edited it all into rhyme. This is a small excerpt of a larger thread of thought I plan on continuing to write about.
dessa Aug 2020
caste to caste,
we are on a pyramidal paste.
less to none, the options to outclass
this is the cry of an outcast.
Nicolas Ashbaugh Jul 2020
The steps of the pyramid continue to rise
The track is gaining and gaining just for my demise
When I first started, I did not know its great size
On top, I'm not sure if there even is a prize

Yet I will continue marching up these steps

There's a long way up but a long way back
And the big boulders continue to stack
My whole world I have with me in my pack
And so strength is something I do not lack

And I will continue up these steps

I have lost my touch of the ground
Yet I know my feet should pound
I know I cannot turn around
Or I will let everyone down

So I will march up these steps

I've slowed, but I'm still fast
Cause I know I will last
Yet the steps are still cast
And half my life has passed

But I will march up

Cause I've got this
Life I can't miss
I can't dismiss
Zenith and bliss

For I will
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