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Asia Feb 2019
Once there was
A sharpshooter who knew
not where to aim

And once there lay
A gracious prince
wronged by his own game

His Kingdom had fallen &
his loved ones cried mutiny
Run they did so feverishly
to any hope of a cure

A cure to mend his weaknesses
A way to cover up his shame
shame he'd brought his family
those who'd stripped him of faithç

And so the thuggish soul walked up boldy
hands place tightly on his gun
he offered the prince sweet symphony
promised him salvation from his damaged grace

They rode on waves of chaos
and drank from jars of bottled love
they sought solace in one another
and greeted life's velvet gloves

The prince's past still haunting
yet its daggers long forgotten
Down rabbit holes they wondered
far from safety they now both stood

It's been spoken through sheltered folktales
that no weapon of the heart can shoot gracefully
without an aim being placed

and so the gunman soon realised
his bullets now longed
for the prince's troubled face
Inspiration from the Six of Crows duo logy (Wylan and Jesper)
datanami Feb 2019
They Roll
Old School
Ice Cream
A Dream

God's Plan
Hold On
Calm Down
Get Down


Bow Down
Slow Down
Let's Go
Oh No

Locked Up
No Fear
Good Times
Lost Ones
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datanami Feb 2019
Like Home
Day One
My ***
Come Here

Lights Please
**** Love
Hot Thing
Sweet G


Woo Hah
How High
I Wish
Kick, Push

Straight Path
The Truth
I'm Black
My Block
16/64 Hip-hop song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letter)
datanami Feb 2019
Flow 1
Bound 2
King 3
I'm Bad

I Tried
The Red
The Food
The Vibe


Black Ice
Think Twice
Slang Blade
One Life

High Life
My Life
Love Game
Watch Me
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None of these verses are authored by me...
My brain's being
held hostage by
a couple of thieves.

They drain me of images
and words every night...
They're so thuggish
I won't even dare
to put up a fight.

They tell me if I'm good
they'll expedite my release...
but now I'm on my knees
begging them please.

I have some deadlines
coming up soon
I need to touch-up some paintings so they
don't look like cartoons.

But the conspiracy plays out,
the plot thickens....
they won't let me refuse.  
These wanna be poets,
my demanding hand and
a partner...the pencil, its Muse.
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2017
Girl, boy,full moon,
Candle light dinner,romance,
Boy says,"Pay the bill."
After so much courting and romance my boyfriend told me to settle funny the bill
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