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Pyrrha Feb 2019
Lips are not the only playground for liars
Their eyes are holding back storms
Like cauldrons brewing lightning
With such a high voltage
To shock you so suddenly
You will forget there ever was
A word named truth
Conjurer of spells,
I stir phrases
in a witch's cauldron.....
wizard's breath to
tint the potion
Let it boil over
Reduce the excess
add emotion
and a four leaf clover

Temperature at serving time defines the tone and
type of incantation
Cold spells work
as heartless breaths
Warm ones jubilation
Hotter brew brings swift results
Careful even death

My sorcery is well disguised
as poetry and song.  
I'll have you laugh,
yank a tear or
make a day
feel twice as long.

I'll look you in the eye
as I feed you all
my truths and lies
None can break the grip
of words I wield,
won't know to even try voice enchants
let me whisper in your ear
You'll result bewitched....
but if I hold you high .....
there's never need to fear
Inspired by Jamahdi Verse's Spells collection
K Balachandran Aug 2017
the sky, a cauldron
steaming soup is getting cooked,
moon, butter floats on.
Vexren4000 Mar 2017
The cauldron of emotions,
Boiling over in my being,
Broiling in the pit of my gullet,
Bringing forth a new feeling,
A maelstrom of emotion,
Amalgamating together forming a hurricane,
A new feeling, akin to love, akin to rage.
An integral aspect of humanity.
The cauldron boiling over,
Bringing even a new disease, to our modern world.
Stress, the new black.
Suffering the new norm,


— The End —