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Amaryllis Sep 5
Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury <3

He would’ve been 73 today...

Love ya
Ira Desmond Aug 10
Saturn’s rings
are disintegrating

and Jupiter’s great red spot
is shrinking

and the ice caps on Mars
are sublimating

and our very own Moon
is slowly untethering itself
from Earth’s gravity.

In eight billion years,
the Sun will turn red and swell up

like a toddler on the verge of tears,
and incinerate

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars—
all of our histories and fossils,

our legends and loves,
our monuments and our ruins.

You and I will be long gone by then, of course—
nonexistent to the extent

that we’re not even aware of our own

Some people may think of death
as an inky void,

but it must be far more final than that—
an inky void would be copious by comparison.

What if there is simply nothing
on the other side of the curtain?

Perhaps it would be for the best.

For I never was able to avert my gaze
while driving past a smoldering wreck,

and you never could build up the courage to take a look.
Amanda Brown Jul 31
As Mercury spun forward, so did we.
We communicated and were happy.
Mercury started to spin backwards.
And so did we.
We started to get angry and stop speaking.
Cierra Norman Jul 18
Murky mercury
   I thought we settled this?
Now I'm backtracking feelings and lessons once learned...

Align me with positivity & likeness

The heat has been brought & my feet hurt & my brain is on fire from 8 hour work days & broken trust.


this is old stuff.

                                 I'm writing to tell you retro is IN
                                             grades are OUT!

                                                     DON'T TEST ME!
MindMooring Jun 20
Sun stares at Mercury.
Mercury stares at Venus.
Venus stares at Earth.
Earth stares at Mars.
Mars states at Jupiter.
Jupiter stares at Saturn.
Saturn stares at Uranus.
Uranus stares at Neptune.
Neptune stares at Moon.
Moon stares at me.
Me stare at Sun.
Liquid lies

Silvery white Mercury

Insulated potent

Exposed, slow poison
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