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Laokos Oct 12
just thinking back
my twenties and cracking
smile for every tree I hollowed
to make room for a new universe.

in my thirties, I laugh at windows
on top of Mercury's head as
           Venus covers her mouth and hides again.
You watch two fluffies
Playing in the fields.
Hugging, crying,
Reunited after so long.

This is your job,
This is your purpose.
Bringing fluffies to the Happy Place
To live their afterlife in peace.

You spread your wings,
One black, one blue.
Gifts from the one
Who showed you this place.

A bright light opens before you.
The entrance to the Gray Quiet Place.
A fluffy is waiting somewhere
To be brought to this afterlife.

You are Mercury, the fastest fluffy who ever did live.
Now, in death, you’ll run
As fast and as far as you have to
In order to find every fluffy here.

When every fluffy has been brought
To Elysium, to the Happy Place,
And there are no more,
Only then will you stop running.
A poem inspired by what is so far one of my favourite stories to come out of the fluffy fandom, The Forever Sleep ( It’s part of Fall Of Cleveland, which I have yet to read the rest of though I’ll likely be getting to that soon.
The two fluffies mentioned in the beginning are Peach and Bowser from the story. The last two stanzas are taken from the ending of The Forever Sleep.

Happy Place = Elysium
Gray Quiet Place = Styx
Grey Aug 16
Shaken away within these sounding walls
The stars no longer shine and night falls
In this place time is endless
Once again I am completely restless
Tired, I am not
Simply trapped within this thought
This place remains unknown
But I feel so at home
Lack of emotion crowds this hollow room
This bed is my waking tomb

This ambience is as empty as this skin
The lights only growing dim
Fully immersed in this devastating calm
In failure, I must be a paragon
Everything is grey
In this infinite void I lay
Nothing exists beyond this
From waking life is there anything to miss ?
My voice is left unheard
Is it here I will discover my worth ?
August 15, 2019
Nely Mar 23
Making stops from the sun to the moon
Who'd say i'd fall in love with you.
I'll land my feet on its dusky grey surface
Tell em Haze sent me,
Message you that i need better communication,
More assertion, more voice.
I'll skimp through 900 degrees,
I need the feminine energy to suffocate me
& i'll assert my drive across the reds
I'll write love letters to demos & phobos,
While i hang from the rings.
I'll take responsibility for falling in love with the stars, the moon and everything about you.
William Mar 15
I am silver, the golden gilding on the sea,
Parading in a murmuration of a thousand brilliant jewels.

I am steel, the iron girders in the wall,
Naturally strong and entirely consistent.

I am mercury, the fog over the brook,
Present for those of dewy minds.

I am copper, the wires of the circuit,
Any problem there ever was: I'm the solution.

I can be anything, but only ever nothing,
Nothing but cold.
This one's a bit different to my normal style. It's about a loss of identity, and how having a million identities is equivalent to having no identity at all.
Alia Dec 2019
Oh warm planet, can you tell me?
What it feels like to be burning all the time
What it feels like to be closer to the big light in the sky than we will ever be
What it feels like

Oh small planet, do you like it?
The light must be so bright where you are
The heat so scorching
The days so short

Oh mercury, do you know why you were named?
After the god of messengers
And of thieves
What did you steal to earn that name, small planet?
What could you have possibly taken from us?
Amaryllis Sep 2019
Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury <3

He would’ve been 73 today...

Love ya
Ira Desmond Aug 2019
Saturn’s rings
are disintegrating

and Jupiter’s great red spot
is shrinking

and the ice caps on Mars
are sublimating

and our very own Moon
is slowly untethering itself
from Earth’s gravity.

In eight billion years,
the Sun will turn red and swell up

like a toddler on the verge of tears,
and incinerate

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars—
all of our histories and fossils,

our legends and loves,
our monuments and our ruins.

You and I will be long gone by then, of course—
nonexistent to the extent

that we’re not even aware of our own

Some people may think of death
as an inky void,

but it must be far more final than that—
an inky void would be copious by comparison.

What if there is simply nothing
on the other side of the curtain?

Perhaps it would be for the best.

For I never was able to avert my gaze
while driving past a smoldering wreck,

and you never could build up the courage to take a look.
Amanda Brown Jul 2019
As Mercury spun forward, so did we.
We communicated and were happy.
Mercury started to spin backwards.
And so did we.
We started to get angry and stop speaking.
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