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I S A A C Oct 2021
I just wanna feel something, someone
not just my days all being blended into one
depression, investments, they’re all up
actually, they swallow me up
but in the stomach of existential dread
I feel freer in my head without all these man-made structures
they want to let my rivers run red and leave me to the vultures
it's the culture we live in, who do we reprimand?
who would understand? take me back to ancestral land
devoted to my our sacred place among the ecosystem not trying to oversee them
we are not God, we are not omnipotent
to the creator, we are nothing more than a rodent
which fills its niche, which helps another fill theirs
we are not individuals in a vacuum but complex affairs
I S A A C Oct 2021
it's all an act
a fact I cannot escape
always wishing for a sweet place, a sweet escape
need a vacation and to sleep until noon
**** I might even take two
Balance, all the components
where should I go?
where is my home?
should I, should I?
how could I, with such little time
tik tok tik tok, where is divine
the clocks in my head are relentless
the stocks hurt my head, can't comprehend it
why not balance the scales and restore peace
instead, you set it afire and watch the poor man weep
thoughts to dump Oct 2021
the stars have pretty much aligned
when my manifestations did work,
a year ago, i scribbled your name
nine times across a blank page
sending you vibrations that i still exist;

now, mercury is in retrograde
i’ve stopped asking for signs over the weekend
a year later, more than nine, a hundred times
your name appears on my phone screen,
stalling, i'm just staying still
send me a text and let me know if in my life
you still want to exist.
I S A A C Aug 2021
I struggle to stay balanced
my asymmetry is well established
my to-do list is longer than my hair
which I need to cut, by the way
So many dead ends, so little day
So many tasks, my schedule cannot sway
the gears are moving, the thoughts invasive
the fears are proving to be quite abrasive
too much, cannot face it
so I meticulously place my crystals north
so I ridiculously colour coordinate my clothes
anything to escape myself mischievously
I struggle to stay in one place
I struggle every day
Crego Jun 2021
You take what you can get
I wanted you in the worst way
willing to go the hard route
But you wanted it easy
So you chose him over me
A body over a heart.
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, why does it seem like we abandon the other planets?:)

threatened on the nights

on the skeptic luxuries they ignite

other insecurities come to highlight

abandoning wants of dark carries that were once in hindsight

not sure if marvelous from the precious of the might hopes tied

clouds of mutual Venuses or Mercurys to collide

on backgrounds of relate of lonely to define

styling a vintage glass of polished wines

not a drink but the dime

not a dime but the inside

Savio Fonseca Jan 2021
My Moon went missing
and My Mercury kept rising.
So I took a brisk walk,
around the Rings of Saturn.
As My Heart wept Tears,
forming a sad Pattern.
I went searching for Her,
On Jupiter and Mars.
Venus had seen Her,
with the "Shooting Stars".
Pluto suggested that,
I may find Her on Charon.
As it rhymed well,
with Her Name Sharon.
Uranus and Neptune,
said "Why not try Earth?
U may find Her,
at Her place of Birth".
Lanna K Dec 2020
The walls, painted with the gloss of all the secrets that you and only you know, or the stuffed animal that has caught your tears through life’s afflictions. Or, the comforter that has kept you warm through those times where you swore this was the night your blood will run cold. Theres a furry, doe eyed, four legged creature of the heart, though there isn't an utter of any sort from either entity, there is a knowing. Stripped to your raw essence, he understands without question.
mark soltero Dec 2020
the sensations of the astral plane
create elegant spaces in my mind
the mercurian thirst for truth
elevates my mind
in ways that can create chaos
it’s lead me to find an abundance of anxiety
but beautiful truth comes from beginnings
infernos within the galaxy gave me you
apparent it is when the fire begins within me
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