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Hg Jul 2018
why Hg
why Mercury
why put on this disguise

do you fill
liquid metal
in the pens you use to write

don’t be absurd
that’d make my words
like poison to the eyes

however see
I do much leave
something in every line

something different
something secret
something I’ve tried to hide

something so
******* personal
if you asked me I’d lie

so what’s this thing
I try to bring
to everything I write

it’s me, Hg
it’s Mercury
the element of surprise
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
i watched you bloom
in retrograde’s view
and felt the stars
fall in Love
with you
Sally Tsoutas Nov 2017
It's that time again.
When rangey youth
in wounded utes
are sent to pick up tin.
Eyes peeled for
shiny mangled bikes
and steely bits
of thing.
I want to see
the crucible
they put it in.
Behold the pearly
mess unfold.
A gleaming steaming
mass of brassy storm
Be cooked
and cooled
and coaxed
and clicked
and jewelled
into mercurial form
Then moulded
bright and fine
once more.
This is the
Copper loop
of life we mine.
Council cleanup in my neighbourhood this week. A scavenger's delight.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
Freddie was a satyr
And I wanted to worship
And serve him *****
Then serve my internship
For the rest of my life
Hopelessly dedicated
To be like Ulysses' wife;
Enraptured, captured, mated.
That’s how highly he rated.

I know out of the lights
He spent nights between
Debauchery and ****
But few seemed to tell.
They just came and screamed
Blind to what seemed to be
Too much perfectionality
In his personality to be reality.

Like so many I knew then
He was above other men, a god
And fascinated with his codpiece,
We salaamed, and slammed down
Big bucks for tickets to go see
Life much bigger than me, and squee
And clap and whistle, this missile
From the gods to **** and straights
Who could see and her he was great
And we were all there, grateful.

It was painful when he left, even though
We knew why and we still know, yet
He was too wonderful to forget
And shirk and scorn because he was born
To be a ****** miracle and musical gift
That time and death could not lift
Out of the pantheon of stage kings
And queens, if that is not too mean.
But how could it be, they were Queen
And they changed the scene.
I'm so sorry. Automiscorrect seems to have afflicted the title and for 10 hours it said Freddy. That was not how he spelled his name. So, however late, I corrected it.
jaden Aug 2017
they say that if a butterfly ***** its wings
at just the right place
at just the right time
it can cause a hurricane halfway around the world
crazy isn't it?
how something so delicate
can collapse an entire village
makes me wonder if you knew you had a poisonous touch
mercury running through your veins
like Hermes relaying messages back to
there is a massive storm
larger than Earth
that has raged the planet relentlessly
for hundreds of years
no end in sight
they call it the Great Red Spot
and it reminds me of you
how long did it take for you to grow into your anger?
your fists have been balled for as long as i can remember
got me wondering when you're gonna swing
Mon De vie Jul 2017
I’m drowning my love
Take me to Mercury

I know you're sorry
So, take me to Mercury.
Where stars are stone
And not
Your eyes

My Love
Carry me to Mercury.
It's too small.
Just for me.
But of course
There will always be a room
For you
But not for three.

Take me to Mercury.
To be blue in worry.
Don’t leave me in Earth
Green with envy.  

Pull aside
To Mercury.
I promise you
I’ll be okay
Leave me
In Mercury.
One of those days
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