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anastasia Jul 1
it's over a decade old
holding secrets I can no longer withhold
it's once vibrant colors now faded
and as I look into it my past feels jaded
I never knew how long it would last
that my hold on a lie would be so steadfast

the immensity and the intensity of the illustration is penetrating
behind us, the sun was pulsating
dancing among clouds, her beams shot through
like the final recital of a dancer who will bid adieu

the two of us poised like Greek statues in the light
him, in a sweater woven with gold and by sprites
and myself in a cape formed among the seven wonders of the ancient world
in front of a mansion that holds tales untold
the steps eager to see our eyes grow by tenfold

but then in the ensuing photograph
it is only I that stands
the glamour of my cape shedding
becoming the source of clamor
the lavender shade of my jacket is molting
falling apart, it reveals
a truth that only time can see
that our fanciful clothing was only a disguise
conjured up to distract their eyes
so this poem took inspiration from Margaret Atwood's "This is a photograph of me." After reading it, I subsequently wrote my own spin-off.
<3 - Anastasia
Nathalie Jun 29
The sun was sneaking
Through an open wound
In the door
Illuminating in perfection
The luxurious crafted web
Each finely woven
Thread was glistening
Under the glow of brilliance
Showcasing the ingenious
Creativity of the eight legged
Totem of mystery and receptivity

Star BG Jun 13
Inside breath, lit corners of heart expand.
Pulsating with self-talk and forgiveness.
Radiate outwardly
gracefully to tickle senses.
They echo moving in rhythms that
awaken my being.

Inside breath the light becomes a ball
illuminating my consciousness.
Moving to hold loves lantern
as I shine it to the world
Inspired by TheIdleOwl Thanks
Carter Jan 30
A flickering lamp post,
A quivering spotlight,
Illuminating two souls sparring in the night.
Time stands with him as she walks.

The tragedy of loving.

Is that simply being in love,
Isn’t a good reason for two people to be together.
Peace with her was worth the war,
And he gave her pieces he never gave himself.

The tragedy of loving.

A faded memory of what once was,
But the feelings still etched on his skin with fresh ink.
He will feel those for the remainder of his life,
Even though she won’t be apart of it.
in chaos

i found, self

in anger

i found freedom

in hatred

i found love

in darkness

i lit the light
MicMag Jul 2018
"Pretty boring sunset"
"Those colors aren't so bright"
"Not gonna waste my time with this"
"Not much to see tonight"

And as the crowds drifted off
Expressing their dismay
I sat and watched the last light fade
Perfect ending to my day

Not a scene you'd likely see
In any picture frame
Nor find for sale on postcards
Nor bring an artist fame

But as I stared in silence
Twilight rolled across the sky
Revelation rolled right through my mind
How miniature am I

Though others turned their gaze away
When the sky refused to preen
Twas among the most magnificent
My eyes had ever seen
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Watching the
fire fly,
drizzle into the sky.
Waving goodbye.

The classic
floating imagery.
Lying on the bed,
newly wed.

Observing light.
thoughts turning white.
Dark canvas,
painted handless.

Tail illuminating,
never fading.
Once been awakened,
never forsaken.

— The End —