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Nyx Dec 2019
Crunching on a lollipop
Sends shivers down my spine
”To enhance the flavour” you say
Whatever helps ease your mind

Enjoying the sweets
Emitting a pleasant scent
While pondering of these feelings
Beating around my chest

Holding on tight
Fingers entwined
Knowing well I am his
And that lollipop cruncher is mine

But just like those hard candies
He crushes between his teeth
I wonder...

Will my heart be just like those
Strawberry flavoured sweets?

life *****
but so do those with
sweet teeth
in the presence of
candy on a stick.
what *****?
I've got a lollipop in space,
she's my saving grace,
with a gentle wrinkled
grandma's face

She has the Stars on a string,
makes the constellations sing,
and wears the sun on her hand
like a pinky ring.

She's light,
a delight,
always right
with a smile that fights
the blackest of nights
and hands that cure
anyone's plight.

She sugar on berries
when the path gets scary
and filled with the void
of wicked fairies.  

A dollop on top,
the cream of the crop,
the rain in the desert
where it doesn't drop....

An Illuminating Force
nothing can stop
My grandma in the heavens.... my Lollipop.
La quiero mucho abuelita
Elissa Deauvall May 2017
Tiptoe through forests
of lollipop trees
and play with cotton candy bunnies

Climb rock candy mountains
Jump in chocolate syrup puddles

I wear a little yellow raincoat
to keep me dry
from the cream soda raindrops

So many sweet things
live in this wonderland

Things like you

Why would anyone want to leave

You ever wanna lick a lollipop?
You ever wanna take turns licking the lollipop
With your loved one?
You ever wanna lick the lollipop at the same time
But your loved one shoves
the whole lollipop
stick and all
Down their throat
Swallows it
Asphixiates on the mere Concept
Of ever having licked the lollipop in the first place
Let alone the reality that you
You, the love of their life,
They, the victim of ultimatum
Have both licked the lollipop?
You ever been the lollipop?
Lollipop girl
Simple, little, sugar cane doll
No one could say you did wrong
But in the bonds of your heart
You know that sugar molds.
©Oleander Micheal Osiris copyright 2017
I loved you.
What did I get for it?
Nothing but depression

I wanted you so badly
That I would beg and plead to God
Every Sunday at church

I was like a child,
Asking my mother for the one lollipop
That was on the counter at the grocery

Then I think again
After a long time
"Was it worth it?"

I then remember
That I didn't even like the flavor
It was the worst flavor

It was the worst of all
But I still wanted it
Because I was blind

I cried
Because she never bought it
And I wanted that one

I then imagined
What I would do
If my mother had bought it

With my childlike mind,
I would have been overjoyed
To merely have it in my hand

But with who I am now,
I would've tossed it to the ground
And crushed it with my heel

This is what you have done to me
Feel better?
Me neither.
I can't put how sad I truly am in words.
Serenity Elliot Oct 2014
Roly poly helicopter
Spinning and toppling on a splatter of pink liquid paint
The sharp sound of blackberries and the taste of an oboe
Under the neon night sky glinting with frozen lollipops
Margrett Gold Apr 2012
Rock candy
that’s what you are,
Hard in my mouth,
I let your sugar melt
and coat my tongue.
Liquid syrup
Slurp and swallow,
Twirling the stick
twist and lick
Let your tip
pass through my lips
I’ll taste the kiss,
and your juices sit
In the smoothness
of my cheek.
you grow soggy-soft in my smile;

Mmm, satisfied.

— The End —