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Anna Sep 14
The lights flashed
In the dreary hallway
Through the keyhole, he watched her run
His hands were red as his eyes
The room maid heard everything
From shots to running steps
Oh, Annabeth
What did he do with you
She was caught in a nightmare
And for that there was no escape
Bunny trap in hotel bed sheets
We all heard he screaming to hell
He wanted her back
But he made a colossal mistake
She didn't reach the hotel front door
Oh, Annabeth.
Cut off God’s thirteenth finger,
It brings the world bad luck.

At the supper of the twelve,
It traded life with a kiss on the cheek!
A tree held a rope for it,
So it could trade the life back!

Number thirteen of the twelve,
Died in a non-existent hotel room.

The dead speak tales of the one,
Who’s kiss killed the sun.
Blew out the world’s candle,
And slaughtered god’s cattle.
Loaded three long nights into a gun...
And pulled the trigger!
mjad Apr 18
Of all the fun I've ever had
Almost all I've never told you
From hitting dab pens
To sneaking out with friends
Almost all I've never told you
Following the trends
Meeting random boys
Listening to the devils tempting voice
Crashing in hotel rooms for the night
To staying up with a boy till the sunlight
My phone holding all the photos I've taken I've never shown you
But you never knew, never found out about
The times I don't want to forget
You don't know about them yet
And my only regret out of all of it
Is that I can't tell you one bit
Part 3 to "Fun"
Ickabobroe Apr 8
Breathing down my neck
like the truth ****** out from hotel hallways

tears fall by the window
out past the scaffolding of emotion below

a breath of lifeless air
as a boulder falls upon you, and crushes my being

the snap of my heart
when you say things are getting better

the hall's silence
as you see my broken eyes looking upon you

glares falling upon me
as i chose the wrong path yet cannot turn back

the truth becoming free
from the hotel hallway
i think this one is actually pretty good, which doesn't happen too often
out of the window
heat merged in white
and there’s nothing I want
the world to supply
or take from me now
I’ve opened my eyes

     she locks the door
     and knows the way she’s moving
     and we both know this is all
     that’s keeping us from leaving
     as we go down to the floor

           (now I see, as it gets dark
            and she’s away, I’m in the room,
            there’s nothing here of what was then
            except these facts I’ve placed in lines
            and keeping hold of what we’ve had; and her return
            and only that)

there’s nothing that I care for
but resumption of these feelings
and will throw the things I promised
far from any stretch of reason

and let them be discovered
by whoever wants to see them
and broke open
as I listen to her breathing
A late teenage poem from a long time ago now.
III Dec 2018
Never more have I wished
     For paper thin walls

Plaster white only rivaled
     By your porcelain pale skin

If not only to serve
     As some grand, seeing canvas,

Littered with words of our
     Half drunken slurs

And cozy expressions of love
     In a night yearning to stretch longer,

For if those walls could tell the tales
     Of our exploits through and through,

I'd trace them up, cut them out,
     And frame my adoration for you.
Wynn H Sep 2018
The wallet's dry
& the bank's floors
           are cracked like
the sahara desert plain,
as tumbleweed rolls on by...

[a distant 80's tune playing sumwhere]

I'm on the road to nowhere,
getting suckt down
by dry dusty quicksand.
as a lizard scurries off
               in the distance
leaving dissapearing tracks
on the fading sand...

Stuck in hotel namaqua
I can check out anytime I want,
but i can never leave...

Dust on the ceiling
Black label on ice,
evry1 seems to be prisoners here
of their own device.
No-ones got enuff money
to give some good advice,
Just put ur head down
tell the captain to get more ice,
Busy ******* over the receptionist
to show me the way [out],
A free pass is all i need
to **** this beast
they continuosly feed

Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
White walls
In a hotel room
Sharing everything
Blind faith
Collapsing in passion
Attempting to escape
Finding our place
Between the shadows
Of inescapable disaster
Forbidden thoughts
Invade my present tense
As the weather changes
And the summer
Gives way to fall
I fall
Slipping back
Into a mindset
Where I feel you
Throughout my being
My better mind, fleeing
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