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Ray Dunn Oct 4
As Atlas rises above the world
He looks down
and kneels

As you enter the bottleneck
You give in to the flow
and yield
Chris Saitta Aug 25
Pleiades seven maidens sigh,
The sweeping, coruscating gown of stars,
In stillness-rapt, the cosmos in collective gasp,
At Atlas, his amalgamated bulk of last breath.


We breathe in the gown of ending,
The snake tongues of our synapses
Flicking out the decomposed praeludium
For the saprobic stars to feed off the detritus of night.
The Pleiades were the seven daughters of the Titan Atlas and the Ocean nymph Pleione.  The myth varies as to why Zeus transformed them into stars: either to honor them after killing themselves at their father’s burden or in helping them escape the advances of Orion.
"Tell me, Atlas,
What is Heavier:

The world or its people's hearts?"
via crushis
Iska Apr 13
I rarely write poetry for others
I find it to be a waste of words
But occasionally I will stumble
Upon a soul who deserves
To be heard.

So this one is for the girl
With the gleaming red hair
The one who bares an impish grin
Cursed with a storm that blazes within.

Hush little soldier,
Bow your weary head.
You hold the world on your shoulder
Your shaking knees bear the weight
your teeth ache with the effort
As you take one faltering step after another.

Sweat beads upon your brow,
As you attempt to accomplish,
that which grand Atlas could not,
To live and to grow,
to wander free
Whilst holding the world on your battered and bruised shoulders
Determined to succeed.

And then you stumble.
And then you fall.
The world has defeated you
You were merely human after all.

And now this maiden,
both young and fair,
draws in a breath of frigid air.

With steel for eyes
she bites her tongue.
Tasting a mouth
of copper and blood,
she forces her shuddering limbs to move...
and she stumbles to her feet.
Heedless to the seeming defeat.

With rasping breath,
her demeanor grim,
she squares her shoulders
and slowly begins.
Much like clever Sisyphus,
to move the Earth as a boulder,
up and down each hill.

And as I beheld the spectacle,
I am at a loss for words.
For in your eyes,
I beheld a fire
That scorches me down to my core.
I realized you had the strength to crush mountains as you began to step forward once more.

And in you, I saw my mirror,
I then realized you were quite like me,
Willing to sacrifice yourself, so that no others would bleed.

Oh brave Warrior, beware!
The Earth is no easy boulder to bear. For it will roll back and crush you. All that is needed is a simple gust of air.

But you, much like I, know this.
I can see it in your eyes.
You are no foolish simpleton.
If this were to happen,  
You would get up once more
and simply start over again.

So, my sweet summer soul,
I see you, and what a sight you are to behold. And since defeat is not in your nature...
I will stand by you.
And together this boulder we’ll roll.
For the Earth is quite a burden,
But one that is far easier with two.
And I am willing to go the distance,
Side by side with you.

So come, unbreakable spirit,
Let us begin at dawn,
And together we’ll conquer the mountains.
Together we’ll devour the sun.
And once we have accomplished,
That which grand Atlas could not,
We will know that the deed is done.
Having defied all odds,
It is we, in the end, who have won.

To the girl with hair of flames
May you never burn out
But if you do
I will ignite your flames
Era Delmore Jan 15
The weight of the world is a struggle,
That keeps me awake at night.
And when my back threatens to slouch,
I stay straight and tall despite--

I can't help but to watch the people
Live. The people look so free,
Meanwhile there's a crushing rock,
That stresses down upon me.

A most titanic failure am I,
Impeded by my pride, never satisfied,
Now I exist to suffer alone,
And I abide, along this western side.

Lightning strikes, tides roll high, the dark settles.
Gone is my brother, and I only pray,
That the olympianism I show,
Will change that one day.

When will the earth swallow me fully?
One day I know she will, and show
The heavens I am missing.
My knees shake fast, but time is adagio.

Punishment can only last so long,
I wish to see the stars at last.
But this mountain; I must endure myself,
Holding the world upon its wicked Atlas.
lilli carter Feb 24
i am here because of words. we all are
i suppose; every word in this book combined tell how
i was born and raised and cried when
i was two because my brother got more attention than
i did. they are countless stories counted with three-hundred-thousand-something words
i can find in this dictionary that
i hold in my hands, and
i think maybe, atlas would be proud.
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