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Era Delmore Jan 15
The weight of the world is a struggle,
That keeps me awake at night.
And when my back threatens to slouch,
I stay straight and tall despite--

I can't help but to watch the people
Live. The people look so free,
Meanwhile there's a crushing rock,
That stresses down upon me.

A most titanic failure am I,
Impeded by my pride, never satisfied,
Now I exist to suffer alone,
And I abide, along this western side.

Lightning strikes, tides roll high, the dark settles.
Gone is my brother, and I only pray,
That the olympianism I show,
Will change that one day.

When will the earth swallow me fully?
One day I know she will, and show
The heavens I am missing.
My knees shake fast, but time is adagio.

Punishment can only last so long,
I wish to see the stars at last.
But this mountain; I must endure myself,
Holding the world upon its wicked Atlas.
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
Sometimes you have those fierce emotions
And you can't take on your own fierceness
You need to break somewhere

Don't break alone
Alone is the hardest place
To get back from
Trust them
And lower your strength
Because you can't hold up the sky for too long

We're human
We can rebuild
So stop comparing yourselves
To porcelain
We're not

When we are builders of whole cities
Why can't we build ourselves up again?
Just something motivational. Sometimes you need to let go of all that you've been holding in. All that crushing you. Sometimes you just need to. Do it with someone. Be there for them too. Life is sharing. We share shoulders when we're down.
Amanda Jul 2018
I swirled coffee with a red straw
Thinking what I should do today
Feeling a little useless
Wishing I was able to travel far away

Think this is a hopeless dream
I yearn for all the time
But I still have not reached my goal
Mountain only grows harder to climb

It was someone I loved who once told me
"Good things come to those who wait"
But I badly want to see the world
I know one day it will be too late
The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page
Danial John Apr 2018
I am severely depressed.
Every day is a struggle just to get out of bed.
They tell me: don't worry, just take your meds.
And yet...

I don't mind the cold,
It seeps into me, down to my bones.
The chill in my soul forms icicles in my nose,
They drip down my throat.

A pancaked atlas.
The weight of the world condensed, flattened.
A singularity of sadness.
Unsure of how or why this happened.

My only misgiving is that
Something important to me has gone missing.
Man's purpose, what makes him divinely great
Unfortunately, I've lost my ability to create.
I can no longer visualize my will into being. ******* depression. Why must I be obsessed with the numb pain you bring.
Danial John Mar 2018
Bare unto me thy demons,
Thy trials and tribulations,
Thy pities and sarrow,
Thy fears,
Thy issues,
Thy problems,
Thy confusions,
Thy anxieties,
All shall be exercised.

Exalt with me thy dreams and aspirations,
Thy goals,
Thy joys,
Thy ecstasy,
Thy enthusiasm,
Thy truths and certainties,
Thy love and compassion,
Thy radiance,
All shall be glorified.

Thou art worthy of this and more.

I beseech thee,
Allow trust to be thy emperor,
Empathy thy empress.

Share with me... fully and unabashedly.
I am here. Always will be.
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