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Kerdell Apr 2021
I am not yet that which I will be tomorrow, but today, I can still be that which I was yesterday.
a man can be two things for a woman:

the best thing that has ever happened to her


the beginning of a new trauma

dear men,

is that what you really want? think again.
Erik T Blaze Jun 2020
Poetry is Art
And art is.. War
Like.. Star Wars
as I go
Luke Skywalker
Han.. Solo
Beast mode Chewbacca
to harness the.. Chakra
Forerunner to the Next Generation
The Harbingers of Chaos
Tipping the Cow?
Milking the.. Zebra?
For it's the Black and White
Non-color coordinated
Reaccumulating the Mayhem
to spill.. gray blood
Stone cold colorblind Killas
Pumping the.. Diesel
Yet the Crude Oil is looking
So Crude
Cruel fueled.. adrenaline
But there are no innocent.. people
Shades of Hate ( mixed ) with certain
Shades of.. Gray
But you can't throw shade or make
New Slaves
To furnish a.. Sequel
Cause we?
Be the shady babes of the New Age
Outlaws we the New.. Slaves
While collosal spectacular
Cause a spec-tacular Hazard
Jumping the Gun like a gang of
Regal Dukes of.. Ha-zards
Doing drive-bys riding fancy in their
Jet Black suits
Unaccepting the Facts
Knowing we?
To be the leaders of the New School
Driving old school Cadillacs
We stay leaning back
With everyone of our hitters
Investigating through our
Spectacle.. Glasses
Now seeing the whole wide world
As a mess of.. Masses
As the old world Spectators speculate
Wearing skeptical.. glasses
( LOL )
We revert your assets back to ashes
Cause we're here to Incinerate
Degenerate and then
The present state of the
Believe it or not I wrote this 5yrs ago. But it is yet another one of those writes that seems to be perfectly fitting for today. And this has always been one of those writes not meant to anger or stir up violence within the people, but to stir up or reincarnate the minds of the people. So whatever your interpretation of this may be, keep in mind, that this is the art of poetry which is similarly to the art of war.
Erik T Blaze Jul 2020
Hard Topics more or less Essential?
To speak your mind raise your voice
Your choice

Life fundamentals which are potentially not fun to mention or list them in a Corrupt System
That is Systematically

Absurd to merge these choice words
with opposing verbs
To please the Masses

Seeing how The Watchers watch
and observe from an Orbital distance

For they have their Watchmen and henchmen but not to be confused with
Jehovah's true or 2 witness

For the rings of Saturn have
dangerous curves

These here I recognize as anti-Christ like
or anti-Christian affiliated or anything
remotely anti-Christ or anti-

Like a one world Religion

I'm talking NWO false prophetic enlisted
Tricksters mixed in with vicious
Political figures

No figment of my imagination
hearsay or a conspiracy with a twist

I'm just down for exposing
Who's Who
Call me a Conspiracist
with a list

No.. better yet
I'm more like a Realist
with a real list

And no I'm not Heaven sent
or Hell bent on the descension of
your opinions

Because I have my own Ascension
to ascend to

With other worldly entities from other
Dimensions against me
Who hate me for being Christ affiliated
and Christ opinionated

With a whole unholy Nation sanctioned
to alienate me with more hatred?
Big Mistake

For I'll just debate it as being Under-estimated
And hold true to the Essentials
of Life fundamentals
Another one of my older writes 5 years ago
M Jun 2020
Science is my religion
Listen before you shout
"No, now that's impossible"
Please, just hear me out.

Science is my religion
It fits the basic rules
It explains the way the world works
And I personally think it's cool.

Long ago, if a volcano struck
We explained it with our gods
I'm not saying that's not wrong,
(But there might've been different odds)

So science is my religion
Researchers are my priests
Announcing new discoveries
Natures now-known feats.

A hypothesis is my prayer
What I think will happen
It's my way of saying "please,
Bless me with thy compassion"

When my hypothesis is wrong
It doesn't mean I'm bad
Doesn't mean I've sinned
Or that a god is mad

It simply means it's different
I haven't found the answer
I will go and ask for help
Find a scientific pastor.

A lab room is my chapel
To go when I need guidance
Or have a burning question
I will answer it with science.

I do not mean to harm
Start an all-out war of deities
I respect and appreciate all gods
All religions of different varieties

But science is my religion
My way of finding answers
Where my curiosity flourishes
Motivation to acts of good manners.

Once again, please do not yell
Tell me that I must be wrong
It's just that our views differ
We sing a different song

I love that you have yours
God, gods, spirits, angels, more
I know we can all get along
Just as nicely as before.

Science is my religion
Researchers, my priests
A hypothesis, my prayer
A laboratory, my chapel.
display Jun 2020
The dark prince drinks from the broken glass his tongue splintered with lies
His tears flowing freely skin rotten and falling
He is devoid of life
One king may fall and only one may rise
****** is rage and rage is slaughter
My prince belongs to the slaughter
Because only the slaughter may cry

His heart beats red and his putrid mind sees only the same thing
Many lives are lost in death and many more are made
All things must draw parallel only in death is the prince most Alive
He moves his hands in wide growing arcs wanting to embrace the world
His rage is slaughter
His limbs fall from place hanging listlessly in void and in vain
A single tear falls from the prince
He rises from his throne of nothing wanting to become something because he too is man

He roams in nothing wanting to see everything his eyes portray a new emotion
My prince roams heartlessly spreading his rage and I follow him
His tears of slaughter shift into this new emotion
My prince is dark but his heart has grown light
He open his lips
He was born to cry

Suffering rage sorrow and negativity have built his foundation
His entire life belongs to the slaughter
Sorrow returns to rage as they were never different
The God who wantonly killed suddenly wanted to die
The original I was going to post got deleted I don't know why
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2020
captured children,
locked in
vending machines,
like princes in the tower.

Swiping the barcode
imprinted upon their foreheads,
placing them in playpens
--free range, of course--
and listening to the stories
that caused them
in this precise order,

To empty their lungs,
to rage against the machine
that first boiled blood
into the deflated veins
of their youthful tendencies.

Birthing a furlough,
for when
the wild
and profane
wish for scream time:

babes in the wood,
before figureheads to die for.
[Crime-scene. Time ceases to exist for YOU,
the necrophile. YOU are on top of the corpse.]

Cadaver, corpse, a body's just a body
and yes, I'm guilty, sleeping with the dead
it loves me, then it doesn't love me.
                                                             ­ [Beat]

The rosary you must! To rest in peace, so
transfigure me baby while warm on my bed.
Cadaver, corpse, a body's still a body.

Indulge me; martyr to your livid beads
please intercede for me, oh, please I beg
for it loves me, then it doesn't love me.
                                                             ­ [Beat]

Now shall I exorcise you; set you free, from
the purgatory found between my legs?
My body, yours a corpse, but still a body,

And when your sinews loosen, skin erased
by time who shows no mercy for the dead,
will you still love me then, or won't you?
                                                            ­  [Beat]

To resurrect is daunting, but you shall have
the body that my kiss declares undead.
Cadaver, corpse, a body's just a body,
which loves me, 'til it doesn't love me.
                                                             ­ [Exeunt]
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