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When I stay inside I stare at the ceiling
when I go outside I stare at the sky.
kayzamo May 2
Lofi brainwashing beats to study and relax to.
A ritual nook, tucked in the back
Of the museum;
A perfectly designed trap
For young 20-somethings with anxiety.
One, two, three
Colorful figures spin across the screen.
Or was it four?
There definitely weren't five.

Something about it was appealing.
Perhaps it felt like a resting place,
To be quiet and breathe.
Or perhaps we simply liked our idea
Of little aliens being under their hats.
In that moment though, I felt a door open in me.
Where the door was, I couldn't exactly tell.
My brain? My heart?
Maybe my pancreas, which is my favorite body part.

At first it opened just a crack,
But a chill draft slowly swung the door.
A light filled that space,
Falling on corners that had never been lit.

What I'm trying to say is that
While sitting there,
Watching the three (four?) men whirl back and forth,
I realized that
I wanted to love you for as long as the universe would allow.
Lo and behold, as if you knew what I was thinking,
You looked straight into me with your radiant eyes
And took my sweaty hand in your own.
As the Everburning rises in to prospective,

I gaze out of my window,

Using that moment to be reflective.

An introspective moment that swarms the temple like flies.

No matter the weather outside,

The rain always makes it inside.
Things have been even more difficult lately for myself. I really don’t know if I want to continue this experience.
James Walker Dec 2021
The face is
of radiant
everything that matters in this

We say so much
so little

We think too much
and too

We do just and never

But life must go on
let's just keep
Tina RSH Dec 2021
Winds blow, a tender breeze
tempests howl and bones freeze
Life is what it is

Like tidal waves in great seas
up and down with ever no ease
My dear, life is what is

It drops you to your knees
Your heart encaged and squeezed
I wish it weren't, but oh life is what it is

You beg to succumb and appease
the life that smells like a chronic disease
yet it yields not, for life is what it is

If only there was a moment to seize
to breathe, free of all maladies
How I don't want life to be what it is!

Ha, it is what it is!
High above or in seven seas
it is what it is, my dear.
It is what it is.
Gabrielle Nov 2021
I wish my sad was cool
I wish my sad was a day drinker
Glitter covered
Beautiful, dried tears crumbling off her cheek
Misty skinned at some glorious dark hour of the morning.

I wish my sad was heartbreaking
Others staring into a globe of poorly hidden injuries
Looking over my bare shoulders to see the balding on my nape.

Instead my sad is a creaking house at night
An unseen **** growing under the boardwalk

I turn my sadness over in my mind
Like I fold my clean washing

I hope one day my sad means more to me.
This poem is about feeling like your emotions are not valid or significant.
Dom Keen Nov 2021
I must exist in,
A more substantial way than,
This macabre hell.
Pedro Mar 2021
In my void
deepest of self
no one hears me
down in this well
a well of thoughts
darkest corner of the mind
a place to be lost
and to never be found
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