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Logan Pete Sep 11
I listen to the darkness that whisper the name of yours. The winds howl your voice as I am trying to sleep. When I do sleep I am greater with the presence of your body in the astral sense. We meet like too friends who have never skipped a beat. This love of ours sustained over making years  baffles many. But those many will never understand a love like ours . The shared emotions of moon and sun. The moon and sun meeting together in the human form. One moves like moonlight on still waters the other dances on ultra violet lights . When they meet they kiss upon an eclipse
A broken dream placed together
Norman Crane Aug 30
The art of finding within
What you cannot live without
TazDaManiac Aug 28
Something's coming!!


nothing in sight
insane insights always trouble me

somewhere inside this hectic mess
exists profound enlightenment
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
I lay still as if I were a breathing corps.
My heartbeat reminds me I still live.
My mind wanders aimlessly;
It drifts in and out of the borders of valid conception,
and withers to its content.

Am I alive,
or waking from a prolonged dream?
These thoughts contradict my understanding of this world.
They break the grips of my reality,
and plunge me into the unknown.

Although the notion tinges a world of fear.
My perspective shifts;
My consciousnesses fades away
and is vibrantly replaced
by a wave of blissful euphoria.

This is a strange existence.
Time is irregular;
It means nothing here.
Days seem like seconds;
minutes seem like weeks.

O' to what a mishap,
a folly happenstance,
a fringe to conventionality.
To who or what pleasure
do I owe?

Part of me wishes to leave this place.
Albeit a part wishes to remain.
I am in love with this realm,
yet I know there is somewhere else
that I must be.

So now I set sail
to find the world that I came from;
with a pleasant gift from the one I left.
                   I look upon an old existence,
                                             with new eyes.
This is my first attempt at a free form poem, so I would be interested in thoughts and/or some pointers. It's basically just random thoughts and how they shift my perspective on reality.
Jana Pelzom Jul 28
“Look here little missy
You listen to me!”
Oh I am trying
My hands can’t stay still
But I can hear clearly,
Though my eyes can’t seem to focus lately;
How conscious must my subconscious be
To keep my legs from dancing like a busy bee?
It’s not a little sugary rush,
No not the crash or jitters;
My hands they travel
Faster than what
my brain regularly seems to offer,
So please don’t take my rash actions
And then turn it into a
Melodramatic rerun.
I am trying
Wait what was I saying?
Oh there’s also another poem
That needs to be done.
ADHD ©️ 2020 Jana Pelzom
I held the keys to the jail
Stole them from my cell
Between Earth and Hell
That’s where I’ve felt
Paint the gold a silver
That’s why the mirror hurts
I’m not worthless, but I’m less worth
Lyz Elysian Jul 15
Has fallen
For so long
In my mind
It's been
All the feeling
Deep inside

To feel
What burns so
For weakness
Is a hard
Fault to

I choke
I just
Dont want
To be
My heart is
Sore from
From itself

I dont want
To live
On the shelf
So lonesome
My china
Skin will
And my paint
Will fade
In the
i only find myself weakly present now
letting the past go but finding it only relevant
as i find myself weaker and in need of strength.
but in the past i was not strong
i was weak and found my courage in darkness
and in light i misplaced it again and again
though the future feels bleak and empty
pointing to my true fate's north bearing
the same fearless demeanor i felt
as i believed i died,
and i believed i lived,
and found myself between.
though curiously,
amidst cloudy thoughts and dreams,
the mist keeps me anxious
of seeing what will be
and every time i choose my step in
and every time i don't give in
the inch that takes me further
leaves me stronger than i ever was.
so please sit with me
o speaker of my thoughts
have tea and honey and leaves
enjoy your break and scenery
because another inch from here
the cloudy mist of confusion and fear
will be back to guide me astray
i just hope not like yesterday.
the first line went through my head just before bed for some reason

so i opened a word processor and wrote more, so i could keep myself from thinking too much when i tried to go to sleep after

considering my normal writing is very structured and more academic or narrative, i enjoy just putting words down and seeing what happens when i don't overthink the intention too much

i've thought more about these notes, in fact, though in large i shouldn't explain anything, especially not to myself

thanks for letting me join, i want a place to feel motivated to do this more that isn't deviantart or a personal website
Isaac Jun 16
Silence is scary because it means all your thoughts remain in your head
Femme Fatale, black widow waiting for the vibrations of the web
Insecure in my feelings I weep, grand dreams of being wed
But too often the bridesmaid but that is beside me

I just wish I never followed this path again
I could've trusted my intuition and not the way you led
Instead of harboring my ocean inside, I freeze
Focus on anything, the trees, the buzzing bees
But time after time I can feel you creep into my head
My emotional seas uprooted by your breeze
Reminding me of your touch, the way you breathe, the lack

Hoping finally the key I need would come to me
Open me up like a door exposing my heart to the floor
After years of leave, frozen perfectly
You exposed me to everything, now my body needs

Maybe I tried escaping myself by diving into you
But how I forget that you simply a mirror
Showcasing my biggest fear... myself
Sweet like a lollipop but the red was a warning
Starring through the glass
waist deep in quick sand
and turned topsy turby

Forced to swim through the chaos
as my sanity sifts out under me
with one last breath I dive

Sounds and Sights
that once assaulted my senses
Shift to terrifying silence

And thousands of tiny cuts
in this sea of shrapnel
leave me in a new agony

Down I go Deeper still
Burning lungs Begin to plea
That I Simply Swallow

Teary eyed
I start to say


Suddenly I fall through
the floor
and plummet down

Sand now ankle high
the air crystal clear
with a brand new view once more

Here I will live
in momentary relief
waiting to turn upside down...
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