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Bluffing and cheating
Stealing and stuffing
Infinite pockets
Gems to the brim
Getting fat on french truffles
Slippery giant Italian oysters
Fine port, patê, and martinis
Shaken not stirred

Highest quality ****
Glowing cheeks
Pulling strings
Flexing power with the blink of an eye
Pure serotonin
Gettin so high

Adding subtracting
Dividends, interests
Exponential fraud
Rampant denial
White bow-ties
Aflutter with lies
Smokings ordering cocktails,
So hot yet so cold

Silk frocks
Rub against the unsubtle
Pardons, pinups, champagne on ice
Markets, stocks crashing
Mortgages fizzle like mortars
Even their god has a lawyer
To explain there is really no crime

Designer cascades
Fake everything up to the lashes
Top-hats unfazed
Short selling *******
Socks made of fine cachemire
Hostile takeovers
Hired violins sing
A new kind of hymn

To silicone prenups!
To government bonds!
To lavish vacations!
To Bucolic landscapes!
Where the finest wine is still grown
Est! Est! Est!

To personal jets!
To toilets dipped in 24 karat gold!
To personal artists!
To quiet accountants!
To instant wire transfers!
To islands!
Off of reality’s coast

To Bermuda triangles!
To global magnates!
To magnetic strips of platinum cards!
Just wide enough
To black out their names

Speak truth to power?
Don’t be naive
They have all the world’s PINs
White gloves over invisible hands
Play yo-yo with lives
Anthropomorphic Fates
Measure, possess and divide the living

On behalf of oligarchies
On behalf of the modern kings
We shall all be laid to rest

But not they, not they
They have found new ways
The poisons of life to digest

Let’s go you and I
Out for a dinner tonight
A beer and burger
Oh what the ****
Might as well **** ourselves somehow

I’ll have coke and large fries
No mayo, just ketchup
And dream of death by champagne.
Peter Gareth Apr 4
Sit on a downtown bar
Hanging on myself
Besides how pathetic it may look
Pouring some ales
Celebrating less mediocre happenings
In a quite mediocre life

When I'm suddenly caught
With a red hair blue eyed beauty
Having a dry martini across the hall
Casting a kind of bored look on me
Pretending she isn't actually interested
(Or was it my mind and she really wasn't?)

I patiently wait as she finish her drink
And ask for the bartender to serve the lady another one
"From the gentleman sitting on the bar", he says

She waves her glass
Inviting me to sit along
As I leave the place with a polite smile
Call me crazy
But I'll be old fashion this one time:
Platonic affairs make a much better writing material
Jordan Sears Feb 23
Black counter, elbowing strangers
Stirring impaled olives on their spike
Round and round in my glass
A whirlpool
If only one could become--
Just small enough
And disappear
Ronnie Feb 22
Today was a day.
Nothing more or less
just a touch of gin
poured over unbroken ice
a hint of vermouth
neither shaken or stirred
and a simple olive
for life did not think
I was ready for
a lemon twist

it seems to be true
that in a glass like this
the day is half empty.
Diana Morales Jan 18
There are two kinds of people in this world, the kind that get everything they’ve ever wanted and the kind that work hard and live in the dark
I’m feeling loneliest at most
Yep this definitely is depressing, watching cars go by and by
And yet there you are stuck in the same situation as always
Eves dropping, joining into conversations you’re not welcome to
Sipping on a martini, oh no you shouldn’t though, you gotta drive
To where you feel the most emptiest inside
8M Dec 2018
I'm feelin' pretty tipsy now
Dancing to the beat, huh
Hey, sweep me off my feet
And take me to the moon

Dancing to the beat, huh
Serve me a martini
And take me to the moon
So we could eat the stars

Serve me a martini
And we'll run away, yeah
So we could eat the stars
Tiny bite-sized bits

So we could eat the stars
Hey, sweep me off my feet
Tiny bite-sized bits
I'm feelin' pretty tipsy now
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
I saw us in that moment,
three circles interwine
in a venn diagram.

Making me dry of words,
just because in that moment
I had nothing to make me dark.

I never thought I could find
what I just had a sip of
and I have never been more thirsty.

It's tea with no need for sugar,
It's a perfect milkshake
and an olive in the martini.

Now you tell me,
for my world is lost.
What am I now suppose to write about?
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