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Oct 2021 · 224
Poet X Oct 2021
you’re the only one
who’s poured salt on my wounds
dug the blade in deeper
and dared to call it healing me
the audacity
Oct 2021 · 210
Poet X Oct 2021
i read a book once
of a girl who could create worlds
and a boy who lived to travel them
could i be that girl?
can you be that boy,
will you break this world with me
to create a new one?
Sep 2021 · 162
blind girl
Poet X Sep 2021
funny, almost
how everyone but you
sees how miserable you make me
Sep 2021 · 473
Poet X Sep 2021
i suppose its inevitable
that even you
of all people

would let me down too
so much for forever huh
Poet X Sep 2021
although your skin is sweet i won’t call you chocolate
and even though the bible says you were made from the dirt i cannot believe that
your body is Jupiter, is Saturn.
your skin made in the image of a sunset
your fingers more gentle then dying yellow leaves falling to their final resting place
your hair trying to compete  with the night in its depth and yet, somehow a color so beautiful
i don’t think there’s a name for it yet
your voice a song
a french song
an old song
a love song a
old french love song
dear boy who’s eyes are made of stardust
who’s lips are my addiction
arms my protection
dear boy who’s eyes are made of stardust
i haven’t yet found
the right metaphors to describe your beauty
but ****
when the gods made you
i know the universe had to be their muse
dear boy who’s eyes are made of stardust i know there’s not a lot of poems out there for people who look like you but let this be the first
let this one be yours
Jul 2021 · 158
Poet X Jul 2021
if im being honest,
i thought falling in love was something that would fade
but my love for you has never failed or wavered
in fact, ive only grown more in love with you
Jun 2021 · 1.0k
Poet X Jun 2021
you do not deserve
to be written about
May 2021 · 104
Poet X May 2021
stop ******
you know what your doing
when you call me late at night
and talk me to sleep
when you smile and make me laugh and
show me that ****** face
stop it
you know what your doing
and i don’t want to give in
i don’t want to fall for you
God, i don’t want to fall for you
don’t make me fall for you.
May 2021 · 102
Poet X May 2021
you are the kind of boy
i could have adventures with
the kind i could have car sing alongs under the stars
and go on spontanoes road trips with
you are the kind of boy i never seem to run out of words for when writing
the kind i sing songs about
the kind my heart skips beats thinking about
i don't want to fall for you
really, i don't want to fall for you
but you're making it so ****** hard.
Poet X May 2021
in attempt to immortalize you
i spoke to stars of you
to the sun and the moon
told them of all your glory and
they told the trees who told the birds who spoke to the fish of all oceans
i wrote your name into my soul as though it was my own
i spoke to the whales of you
of all your beauty
of your smile,
which challenges even the seas with it's depth.  
in an attempt to immortalize you
i carved your name into stone
and said a prayer to the gods of old and young

in a attempt to immortalize you
i succeeded
so you may live on
long after
humanity joins the dust
you said you never wanted to die
May 2021 · 259
isn't it crazy
Poet X May 2021
i just realized the lack of sanity of our situation
how you've seen me naked
stretch marks and all
but i don't know your favourite song
and you don't know mine
can we get to know each other more first?
May 2021 · 83
Poet X May 2021
you are the guy
every girl crushes over
with a smile that challenges even the sea with it's depth
melanin so sweet i could call you chocolate.
with each growing day i have this overwhleming thirst to wrap my arms around your torso,
my favourite part of the morning is hearing you laugh
you have brought forth the child in me
the worst part is
i think you feel this too
tell me,
do you feel this to?
i don't want to ignore my feelings anymore
May 2021 · 481
Poet X May 2021
you are so beautiful,
a soul as pure as sunlight
and a smile that challenges even the sea with it's depth.

you have captured me and my heart,
a feat many have tried and none have accomplished.

you are the kind of person worth writing about,
a poem worth speaking
a song worth singing
a dance worth expressing,
a canvas i would love to paint.

i imagine being allowed to love you is alot like runners high,
or any type of high.
but this poem is far too long,
and i have promises to keep,
and miles and miles to go
before i sleep.
my first love poem in a while
May 2020 · 837
the butterfly effect
Poet X May 2020
what if the butterfly never flapped its wings?
for fear of creating a tsunami,
i say **** the tsunami
flap your wings,
tsunamis will always be tsunamis and
a butterfly was made
to fly.
be who you want to be, **** the consequences.
May 2020 · 186
Poet X May 2020
there’s no distractions any more
the books can only hold me for so long and
it's only me
in this house
that is not home and
my thoughts are all i am left with
my thoughts are all i am left with
my thoughts are all i am left with
Mar 2020 · 117
Poet X Mar 2020
I tried to put into words
All the hurt I felt
When you left me
And for once
I was left speechless
And I could not write or read or eat but

. . I still cannot put into words all the hurt I’ve felt
since you’ve left me
Mar 2020 · 145
I’m back, for now .
Poet X Mar 2020
I haven’t written in weeks
but you’re on my mind
I can’t keep
my pen from paper .
Jan 2020 · 107
secrets out
Poet X Jan 2020
i suppose its not much of a secret anymore,
that im in love with you.

so let me tell the whole world
let me tell them
i would steal the stars
and wreck the universe
to see you smile .

let me tell them
that my heart is yours
and if you asked
i'd give you my soul too.
Jan 2020 · 102
Poet X Jan 2020
its strange,
that only by the tears of the sky
that the Earth is satisfied .
Dec 2019 · 316
Poet X Dec 2019
I miss you,
I miss your flesh and
even your bones
I miss your face and
Terrible jokes
I miss you the same way a body misses it’s soul
And when your gone,
I decay just the same.
Now that I’ve fallen for you,
I can’t imagine myself
Without you.
I’ve never been religious, but this must be hell.
Poet X Dec 2019
I was asked the question:
“what do I do when I no longer find life beautiful?”

and it had never been a thought to me
whether or not life was beautiful.
it just was,
the same way the sky was immortal
and the stars endless.

so if for some reason
you no longer find life beautiful
turn to the stars
to the moon
ask for wisdom from the ancient tree Adonis.
beauty lies somewhere
even if
You have to look for it.
Dec 2019 · 219
gravity in the winter
Poet X Dec 2019
I fell for you in the winter
my bones cold
I was decaying with fallen leaves
and I remember the books
How they described this feeling
with countless metaphors
But it’s like reading about gravity
And falling for the first time
With no way to see
What’s going to catch you.
Poet X Dec 2019
One where stars don’t die
Hearts don’t break
Angels don’t fall
The sky isn’t crying
And souls can’t shatter
I was asked to write a happy poem
But I can not preach what I do not know
I can not write a happy poem.
Dec 2019 · 598
things that are hard for me
Poet X Dec 2019
It’s hard, being in love with you
Being constantly reminded
You’ll never want me

It’s hard
That I see you
As the most perfect human being
That I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

It’s hard that I want to kiss you
Every time you open up your mouth to speak.
I want to make love to you
Give you all the pleasures my flesh can give.

It’s hard especially
Being in love with you
You’ll never want me .
Dec 2019 · 241
on the days you need me
Poet X Dec 2019
on the days you forget how to exist
i'll remind you ,
i'll take you to beach
and kiss you under the stars,
i'll read you all my poetry-
even the ones I don't show anyone.

on the days you don't feel loved
ill take you to movies
show you a rom com and every time
someone says something corny ill kiss you
and read you all the love poems made by my hand.

on the days you need me,
ill be here waiting
despite that your not mine
and I am irrevocably
you're not mine, not yet.
Dec 2019 · 227
shit .
Poet X Dec 2019
I've  never believed in love,
or true love or
just platonic love
I just don't see the point
I mean I don't know
what is this feeling  I look at you
and I see everything
I look at you and I can't ever see myself pulling away
but your not the most beautiful human I've ever laid my eyes on,
I can't even argue that your only beautiful on the inside. nevertheless
I think I've begun to do the thing all the books say happen-
what all poems root from  
I've begun
to fall
for you.
Dec 2019 · 139
truth is out
Poet X Dec 2019
I’ve tried to deny it forever
I didn’t want to believe that I could fall
that I could feel love
towards anyone or anything
but I’ve done it this time,
I’ve fallen for the one person I shouldn’t have.
My heart has been beating again
This time with a purpose.
It’s purpose,
To bleed
To beat
For you.
Dec 2019 · 323
no more love poems
Poet X Dec 2019
It’s funny,
For a person who does not believe in love
I sure do write about it a lot
The same way an atheist
Makes jokes about
Praying to God.

For a person who does not believe in love
I sure do write about it a lot,
They say you can not preach
what you do not know so
I guess I’ll find
something else
To write about.
Nov 2019 · 177
body and soul
Poet X Nov 2019
I always assumed the body and soul were separate .
the body was all that could feel,
and boy..
was I wrong .
Nov 2019 · 108
Poet X Nov 2019
if we are all the author to our own books..

why the **** can't I edit mine ?
Nov 2019 · 221
immortal feelings
Poet X Nov 2019
I saw you today
and although its been months
my heart still doesn't know how to act when it sees you .

my hands shook and trembled at your arrival
I thought every thought twice
and then three times more .

will it be like this forever,
will I always be a slave to my feelings for you ?
Nov 2019 · 370
my unspoken poem
Poet X Nov 2019
I long to tell
all the things I think of you

like how beautiful your soul is
how even on the days you forget
how to love yourself
ill love you enough for the both of us.

I long to tell you
how I lied when I told you I don't believe in love
because I believe in you,
and that's the same.

but I am a coward,
and you will not read this poem
And I will not read it to you.
Nov 2019 · 524
another poem about you
Poet X Nov 2019
your teaching me
exactly how to hate myself
and with each flaw of mine you
point out I fantasize over
the lack of yours
so maybe I shouldn’t be falling for you
I definitely shouldn’t be falling for you
I shouldn’t, but I am.
Nov 2019 · 265
another about falling
Poet X Nov 2019
I think I could fall for you
I think I could fall
I think if I allow myself
ill fall
too fast
and too hard.

but at this height..
I might not get back up.
Nov 2019 · 253
the void
Poet X Nov 2019
I was born from the void
there it was peaceful
everlastingly infinite.
there existed everything and nothing
I was born from the void,
****** into this disgusting world
and ever since then
I have felt an ache too return
it trembles and harbors my bones
its living as alive as they call me
and ever since I was born from
the void
I have felt this ache to return and
Return, I will.
Return, I shall.
Nov 2019 · 499
edge of the world
Poet X Nov 2019
I think I have begun to reach it,
the edge of the world.
whether it is flat or round
everything must come to an end
so I have begun to reach it,
the edge of
the world
of this world
of your world
of my world.
I'm **** near the end
im so close I can caress the stars
with my fingertips.
up here
the oceans have taken the size of a mere moon.
and I think what world
must lie beyond
but I how ready I am to leave his one,
or if there even is a world
I have reached the edge of my world
and I could not be more ready to
Nov 2019 · 1.2k
perfect disease
Poet X Nov 2019
I mean
I suppose love is a disease.

there are the symptoms,
the racing heart
constant thoughts,
and if your a writer
countless poems dedicated to them
or your love.

I suppose love is a disease
but if its you,
its not one I would mine
Nov 2019 · 593
Poet X Nov 2019
it's quite a challenge for me
to look in the mirror and not point out
all the things about my body
I wish to change.

the first thing I see are my imperfections
and I wonder what kind of peace
what kind of universe
could exist where I don't feel this way.

Probably one
with no mirrors.
Nov 2019 · 135
window writing
Poet X Nov 2019
I sit at the edge of my window
In this broken home with broken people
With my ink and this tear-stained notebook
Full to the brim with fragments of a dying girl.

I create a universe in which my happiness
is not as nonexistent as the cure to cancer
I will write a different life into existence,

One where this flesh doesn't feel like a prison
and my own soul doesn’t feel like a forgotten memory;
A ghost of something that was,
That probably still could be.

and in that life,
I shall exist forever
away from you
and them
out of this body
out of this world.
Poet X Oct 2019
if you have ever had a panic attack,
the gasping
racing heart
tingling limbs
and crashing mind,
then surely
you know what it is to die.
pretty ****, I know.
Poet X Oct 2019
all these poems I write
start with I,
I swear I’m not self centered
but they say write what you know.
So in a desperate attempt
to learn this soul of mine
All I write about
is me.
And you,
Yes, I write about you.
I write about the beauty of you.
Of how I would love to leave fingerprints on your heart and caress your soul .
I mean if you would allow me
To love you
Poet X Oct 2019
it’s my fault really
I gave you the sticks
Taught you how to throw the stones
and you broke me .
Poet X Oct 2019
sticks and stones
have broken my bones
but your words
Always hurt
Sep 2019 · 228
Poet X Sep 2019
would the sun
still shine the same,
if it’s own tomorrow
was never promised?
Sep 2019 · 216
somedays.. but not today .
Poet X Sep 2019
my existence makes sense

all I want is to exist forever

and somedays
I can't help but wish to never have existed at all .
I don't want to exist today.
Sep 2019 · 308
a plead from an insomniac
Poet X Sep 2019
let me drown in the
vastness of my own consciousness .

let me sleep,
sleep once without waking up tired .

tired from the same feelings
that left me tired the night before .
a plead from an insomniac
Poet X Sep 2019
but dear,
if we humans were only ever meant to be beautiful

we wouldn't have been born in
the dirt .
you don't need to change .
Poet X Sep 2019
I swear I’m not a love poet but

loving you
makes me scared of dying .

I know what it’s all about now,
I get why the sun rises
and the moon sets.
I understand why the stars shine
and the birds chirp.
I get why the heart beats
and the lungs breathe.

I get it now,
why I’m alive.
loving you is the only thing I feel good at .
Aug 2019 · 401
truth, i guess .
Poet X Aug 2019
i just don't think there is any metaphor,
i don't think i can censor or hide this

i don't want to die,
i just wish i never existed in the first place.
that's all .
Aug 2019 · 1.4k
what wakes you up ?
Poet X Aug 2019
its always been a wonder to me,
what keeps everyone waking up every morning ?

what gets you out of bed?

what can be so strong
that overcomes the want to not exist .

or is it just me ?
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