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bloodKl0tz Sep 2
I used to conjure flames from my fingertips without a thought
And used them to scorch foreign poetry into your skin
Iggy Chuck Jan 31
If you ever ask me
how I really feel about you,
I’ll say that 

even though we’re hundreds miles apart
I can still feel your fingertips
wander through the lining of my skin
and the warmth of your lips follow in cadence

I’ll say that 
I fall asleep thinking about you
and wake with you being my first thought

That’s how I feel,
I feel you all the time,
all over.
Travis Kroeker Dec 2019
I run my fingers slowly
over the lips of another;
just to see.
But those lips
don’t brush as tenderly
against my tips
as yours did,
my original lover.
Alexis Nov 2019
I think I have begun to reach it,
the edge of the world.
whether it is flat or round
everything must come to an end
so I have begun to reach it,
the edge of
the world
of this world
of your world
of my world.
I'm **** near the end
im so close I can caress the stars
with my fingertips.
up here
the oceans have taken the size of a mere moon.
and I think what world
must lie beyond
but I how ready I am to leave his one,
or if there even is a world
I have reached the edge of my world
and I could not be more ready to
John Glenn May 2019
It was in the warmth
of her body
where I found ecstasy
my fingertips laced
in the spaces between hers
our thumbs painting
each other's palms in subtlety
her head rests on my arm
my head rests on hers
in the midst of each other's surrender

and yet somehow,
even ecstasies
end in sober
mjad Apr 2019
and just like that
his fingertips know
after two years
they are back home
Amanda Jan 2019
I sit on the sharp edge of the present
Fine line separating future and past
My legs dangling into the past
Preventing me from living the current moment
Dwelling on wrong choices made
Words I did not mean to say
Friends and family I lost
Each lonely thought grips me and drags me further into the canyon of memory
I am barely holding onto this cliff with my fingertips
How do I pull myself back up?
Becca Dec 2018
serein touches my fingertips
so sour, but so sweet
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