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blackbiird Jul 3
of your neglect.
Mehek May 12
Bloodshot eyes
Pumped up veins
Clustering lung
And a mind that drains
Are all the symptoms of you
That I try to chain
I fail
John Reilly May 2
at 4 A.M.
you do these things
they become habit
eating in the middle of the night
waking up as routine
contemplating your plight
of you
what you do
in the middle of the night
is that really you
or a symptom
or side effect
did you choose the road here
or is it a neurological pathway
a chemical imbalance
a plaque to your horror
at 4A.M.
taking things apart
or are they
wrote this ages ago it seems but never posted.  I'm actually sleeping past 4AM now which helps my sanity a ton!  Thanks trazadone.
Stark Apr 11
cold sweat
feet tingling
blood rushing
heart pulsing


fitful, but not fulfilling
shadows prowl through my mind
failed attempts to cast doubt
into the farthest reaches


hairs stand on end
soldiers awaiting a threat not realized
goosebumps appear on the skin--
landmines that have risen from hell
I brace myself for the war

that never comes

as my eyes snap open
awakening from a slumber
that was

just a nightmare
inspired by "when the nightmares started" from While You Were Sleeping
Hear the symptoms
Before searching for a sign

Don't rush
Genre: Clinical
Theme: Everyday work
Arden Feb 24
I have a crush on death
cuz everyone loves to say they have a mentally ill friend
until we actually have symptoms they don't understand
its like
ohh you're sad all the time you poor thing
wow you're so paranoid and believe irrational things
well now you're just being difficult
Manan sheel Feb 4
if you ask me
the symptoms
of love,
i will only say
'love is like flying in the sky,
nothing flies like love,
when all your bonds
from the earth break,
and you fly unrestrained,
when you disappear
and a light remains,
when you have no
you are in love'

© Manan sheel.
Absolutely insane,
You’re pushing me past my limits
And making me deranged.
It kills me to know
All this agony you’re indulging me into
Is helping you shove me away,
And prove that it is only my mental state.
I could laugh at the amount of therapy,
This could force me to need.
I’ve had so much
Why would you make me feel this way?
Everyday I doubt myself,
I’m not sure how many times it’s from my symptoms
Or from what you tell me about them.
I know though,
I want everything to go away.
There’s no point of existing like this,
Acknowledgement probably wouldn’t be enough for me now,
But no one’s letting me have just that anyway.
While you throw your words at me
Like bombs whilst expecting me to think they’re bandages
Maybe you should just finish the job,
Because each breath I take becomes more forced, more tired, more hateful
Except none of you who think you’re doing your job
Notice a thing.
And that’s how I know
I would’ve been a **** good nurse,
Because I would have cared, I would have worked for people
And now you’ve made me not want to see any,
Perhaps even more than I did before.
I’m not sorry I don’t feel sorry anymore,
You’ve shown me how to feel like this,
I can’t believe I ever trusted,
When all I get is betrayed, ignored or shoved aside
And I’m done now.
I don’t want to listen to humanity anymore:
I don’t think there is any left.
kiran goswami Nov 2018
Symptoms of diseases,
Diseases never heard of,
Symptoms were pain, agony and tears
Tears never shed
Diseases which took eras to be discovered,
Diseases that lay hidden,
Hidden behind smiles
Smiles hiding pain, agony and tears
Tears never shed
Because there was no one to see the tears,
Tears lay buried
Buried behind 'I'm fine'
'I'm fine' was a cover
To shield the delicate heart
The heart which was scratched and torn millions of times
And millions of times the memories were reminded
Memories which were to be forgotten
To be forgotten and thrown away
Thrown away like the heart was
The heart now only had tears
Tears never shed
Because there was no one to see the tears,
Tears left to dry
To dry without being wet
The heart also dried
Dried out and fell
Fell like the petals of roses
Roses which are only left with thorns now
Thorns which ***** and the heart bleeds
The heart bleeds the blood of hatred
Hatred risen from love
Love which led to the diseases
Diseases known as heartbreak, dejection and desolation.
Doctor from hell
that a tongue applicator can tell  
his manner is there only to her again
that he surely knows before she goes **
to register her with a tireless gaff
that he examines her throat and let it only in the bay
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