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Executive- My powers are absolute,
                    thus I am totalitarian.
                    The legislature and judiciary
                    are each subservient to my whims.
                    I pass my bills with attendant
                    compliance, and interpret my own
                    terms as the law.
                    I shut the doors of compassion,
                    I am very deeply elusive.
                    I give no room at all to dissent.
                    I get bloated with the treasures of the nation.
                    In a leap year's tenure I bulldoze
                    my way back to my incumbent status.
                    And when four multiplies two, I impose
                    a minion to cover my ills.

Legislature- To obnoxious decrees I give my consent.
                       I inflate yearly forecasts to become opulent.
                       I am gratified for the cabinet servants' affirmation.
                       I always my selfish treaties ratify.
                       I am undoubtedly slavish to executive excesses.
                       I seek the redress of constituents' grievances
                       to enlarge my pocket's size.
                       And above all else, I am largely rubber stamp.

Judiciary- My evasive justice is yours' to reap
                   if you are a top notch,
                   whilst I withdraw the distributive
                   and restorative from insolvents.
                   I base my interpretations on business
                   and make laws for the interests of
                   a cabal.
                   Equity and rights are only in my
                   constitution stated.
                   But in reality they are no more
                   than abstract twins.
                   The sacred laws of our national prospectus
                   I serve as a weak custodian of,
                   and weaker still in the face of political
                   But with all the lofty responsibilities
                   I am reverently saddled with,
                   I can do nothing more than
                   empower bigwigs because I am weak,
                  and they are powerful.
The characteristic traits of Nigeria's three arms of government.
M Feb 2021
Opinions are symptoms of society.
July Gray Nov 2020
I think the funny thing
It's not the
Staying in bed for days
Awake and then
Sleeping in few
Hour increments

(and certainly not the night I woke up at two
to the sound of the darkness
how I could hear it whispering my name
I didn't fall asleep until I saw the sun)

I think the funny thing
Is how even after days in bed
My every need passed over on a platter
(From six feet away)
Recovery is not a steep *****

Over a week, and I'm still hacking up phlegm
(I realize that's disgusting to picture
Trust me, tasting it is worse)

Oh, so I should be grateful
"It's not covid, so you're fine"
(Not that I got tested,
I have a sensitive nose
It bleeds very easily.
Decided it was safer to stay home)

"I'm sorry, but we have to cancel
Thanksgiving.... No, we don't think we're contagious, but we want to be sure.... Thank you for understanding!"

My sister was showing symptoms
The strep test was negative
A doctor says it was allergies

That's nice, but a 99.8
Isn't allergies

So yes
The funny thing
Is the recovery
But only because there doesn't seem to be any of it.
words tumbling in my head got too loud again.
stay safe guys
wear a mask
don't get sick, it *****
John McCafferty Nov 2020
Trails of light impair sight
Pulsating snake-like kites
Shine stronger collectively
More from than the left or right
I, cannot see properly
What is in front of me
Peak lightning streaks

Been here before
Status is temporary
Symptoms of brain fatigue
Or excessive use of screens
Warning signs align
Step away from this stationary place
Researching this state
No pain or migraine
Time to vacate by taking a break
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Maria Mitea Jun 2020
discrete skins
flat spots
drowning in
layers of
embed in
bleached skin

made of
salty tears
and eggshell
cutting out
the wafting
of diurnal

burning on

forcing into
layers of
on its own
Many problems exist in a dormant state, individual or social, they are manifesting like ecchymosis in our life... at times we engage to solve them collectively or personally. While in other cases nature takes care of them as we evolve ...
symptoms of love include:

emotional lapses
racing heartbeat
uncontrollable smiling
butterflies in the stomach
intense bouts of joy
fire within the soul
pure joy and bliss

if you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, it is imperative that you express them or they may result in extreme heartbreak
kier May 2020
The small cut sits there
pulling at my pain
The tears fall
pulling at my heartstrings
and there is so much more to suffer
as I pull at the symptoms,
the useless situation, I am helpless, help me, but help cannot fix
what my body has come to be
I should have gone to the doctors the moment I realized something was wrong, but there is nothing I can do now but look helplessly at myself.
spacewtchhh Apr 2020
My body is weary from the aching times that makes me feel like a burden.
My head feels great weight.

My throat constantly sores from screaming my lungs out just to reach out.
My voice has run dry.

My skin sense a scorching sun from within that it aches my insides.
I could see the pain.

But I know it's not the virus.
Heal one's self.
Grey Apr 2020
Heart is racing!
Chest is aching!
Pits are sweating!
Hands are shaking!
Breath is heaving!
World is swaying!

Pretty stupid when you think about it. Why did we even evolve to be this way? Seems like it blocks reproduction more than anything.
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