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yann 16h
and everytime i come to you,
everytime i listen to your hurt or your joy,
to your brightest ideas or your worsts,
and everytime i let you bring me closer and make me small in your arms,
every single time,
it's because i chose
to keep on loving you.
yann 17h
even stars get tired
when their stupid brains won't work and their broken hands can't follow
i soar so high all the time that the fall
******* hurts, you know.
please hold me in your hand before i crumble,
i'm tired of having to do it all
by myself,
star's exhausted, doesn't shine anymore,
just needs to lay down
for a while,
please just let me breathe.
Trefild Mar 2020
to all who feel like doing truly
rude things, letting loose your fury
as a variant, shooting some bullets
all the imprudent bullies
putting yoofs & adults into gloom &
pushing them to that very solution
will do as ones to get ruined
and if you are one
of them, hope your funeral
would differ from those that are usual
it should be full of fun
whether or not that is suitable
although it has nothing to do with me, I think those vultures deserve to suffer
Trefild Jul 2020
you'd be PUT INto confinement
in a lunatic asylum
for posting a pic. some look at as quite spiteful
[for some info, check the notes]
doing what Navalny
does, you would get a fine in
the sum of a few tens of millions of rubles & aside from
that, your bank account would get frozen
[not to mention later things happened to him]
that's Putin being riley
and for certain content getting posted
you'd get your front door chainsawed in
the middle of the night by special forces
after they have stormed in
you'd get toppled to the floor, then
you'd get beaten
the whole picture's having your li'l kids screaming
then some of your stuff becomes forfeit
later, it turns out you aren't the right person
they've left with your property stolen
that's the rotten syst. working
anomie's growing
US Eng

The picture's Russian-language caption translates as
"get an axe, meet guests from mountains".
People of the Caucasus - that's what thought those lead the case and taken the posted picture as offensive.
Moreover, the picture was posted by tens of other users, but those lead the case don't care about that fact.

The source (a Russian-language article):
Trefild May 2020
my lines are so plain
that next time
you wanna fly someplace
instead of contacting an airline
you may write my way
Trefild May 2020
got to meet a pedagogue
who might let out of his
effing gob
some mockeries
something like this
"perhaps, he has a paralysis"
when in the course of classwork
you're not taking
notes of what's on the blackboard
that snot's painting
got to meet an insolent boy which
might start an altercation
since that ***** is annoyed with
3 out of 5 you've rated
his "top significant" work with
despite the case that
it's simply according
to the teacher's direction
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