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Alexis 5d
Out of all 150 poems of mine
none are about depression
although I dedicate my poetry to my flaws.

and maybe I could write one,
but I have no depression poems
only poems about wanting to die.

so maybe I am not depressed,
but yes,
I do not
want to exist anymore.
that at least,
I am sure of.
im definitely deleting this later ahaha
Alexis 5d
if you have ever had a panic attack,
the gasping
racing heart
tingling limbs
and crashing mind,
then surely
you know what it is to die.
pretty ****, I know.
I see
two bestfriend separated
because one of them chasing fame.

I see
two boys fighting
because they both fall with the same girl.

I see
a groupmate arguing
because one of them always wants it all.
I hate it
I dislike this
Carmen Jane Sep 10
I saw you with instant tears
I ran to you, yet you pushed me off
You didn't want me to see you like this,
I knew it will be worse if I insist
So I let you be,I told you I was here.

I watched you from afar,
And slowly you calmed down
When no one was around
I asked about what happened
Then you told me, he hurt you
I got upset, I wish you have told me
Then you said you couldn't
Cause you felt your voice is choking
And you shrug your shoulders
With a sigh you said "Boys…!"

No, my love, it  does not matter
If it was a boy or a girl
It's not right for anyone to hurt
My little girl!
I wish you had told me
Right then when it happened
So we can voice it out
Together, it's not right to hit!
And all of this should stop
Always use kind hands!
Maybe like that, it won't repeat again!

My heart breaks that even if I try,
Everyone around...
Or maybe it's still etched in our genes
I wish no one will say
With an accepting sigh
Kids....! ( 4 years old friends)
Gabriel burnS Aug 28
lead rain
the prison bars of gray days

spinning the umbrella propeller
mercury people blend in

but it’s not what we’re all made of
samara lael Jul 10
oh, nobody knows
the things in my soul,
the things that i hold

& oh, nobody sees
the things in my dreams,
the things that i keep.

~ stigma.
Suzy Hosker Jun 2
Do you have scars?
I have them too, though they're not as easy to see
You see my scars, although not visible are so painful within me

They're in my mind and in my heart and from time to time they weep
They re-open via memories and secrets that I keep
My scars of mine each have a story that I'm not so keen to tell
They play unfairly with my sanity and unleash a state of hell

Because I don't always wear them on my skin for you to see
It doesn't mean they are not there, because within they'll always be
They are marks of sadness that will always follow me wherever that I go
Like a darkness looming over me, a toxic traumatic shadow

But the scars are always a reminder of the bravery underneath,
The weakness that I sometimes feel, is not the real truth that I breathe

Battling my drive for life, is my hardest toughest task
As sometimes I wake up and feel I must put on my mask
The pull I feel beyond the grave is like a magnet drawing me in
Life's too much, it's far too hard, I just feel like I can't win

Skin is not always physical, it's attached to emotions too
My emotional skin is wafer thin, it's practically see through
It doesn't take much force, for inner skin to break a tear
It doesn't take much influence, for me to suddenly over-care

So just remember, when you look at me that my scars aren't so easy to see
They wear deep within, right by my soul, and are a huge deal to me
I wear a smile upon my face, but do not hastily presume
That everything is fine, my smile whilst deceiving is nonetheless a costume

I'm a warrior without armour, I'm a saviour without wings
I'm a lover, I'm a fighter for the happiness life brings
My scars do not define me, but they're just as real as yours
They're not always on the outside, they're more refrained indoors
Dita May 13
Intrinsically introverted,
   inherently coping with the pressure to understand- distraught or in
Multiple factors racing
  call them thoughts,
    become one, but which one?
One will grow symphonies to hurry sunshine under moonlight,
   the other grow vivid distortions of a reality visible only to dreams
Buy low, sell high
   observe potential and sign off on its rights
Sound choices bounded by the stigma placed on creativity,
   choose the other- create the destructive blossoming of blue flowers
        deviant and bold
Fallacies are the true illusions,
   keep on with the mind you feed
There you are,
You pile of steaming hot crap,
I knew you were watching me,
And so I was on the lookout,

Why do you always turn up,
At the most inopportune time?,
Can't you see I'm busy?,
Can't you see I'm content?,

you sneak around leaving black sludge,
Shovelling despair and anguish into my bag,
Making it heavier as the minutes drift,
So heavy, I can't carry it much further,

I see you,I saw you and yet,
There's sweet FA I can do about it,
Other than crouch down and endure the deluge,
So bring it, let's have it,

Because, when you're done,
I may be broken, but alive,
I will be on my knees to be sure but,
I will always get up.. Always......

(C) [email protected] 06/05/2019
Depression.. That **** life sucker, is always lurking, sometimes it fools us into thinking we have a few days yet before the onset, then it pounce, like a lion on a gazelle.. We're helpless, we see it coming and we're helpless..
By M May 3
What is a *******?
But a woman
Who partakes in joy with another
A person who provides acceptance and pleasure:
Both emotional and physical
Despite being called "*****"

What is a *******
But a woman
Who nurtures and loves another
A person who provides pain and pleasure
For those in need for a strong hand to the light
Despite being called "crazy *****"

What is a pornstar?
But a woman
Who has the courage to bare her body to the world
A person who provides guidance and desire
To those exploring their sexualities
Despite being called "****"

What is a *** worker?
But a woman
Who breaks society's taboos
A person who does what she loves
For those who love her for what she does
Despite being called "disgusting"
And so much more

What is a *** worker?
But a woman
Who is beautiful,
and a truly liberated woman.
I am obviously aware of women being coerced into ****** jobs or doing them because they have no other options but there are women all around the world who love their jobs as *** workers and I think we should respect them and give them the right they deserve.
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