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Poet X Oct 2021
you’re the only one
who’s poured salt on my wounds
dug the blade in deeper
and dared to call it healing me
the audacity
Poet X Oct 2021
i read a book once
of a girl who could create worlds
and a boy who lived to travel them
could i be that girl?
can you be that boy,
will you break this world with me
to create a new one?
Poet X Sep 2021
funny, almost
how everyone but you
sees how miserable you make me
Poet X Sep 2021
i suppose its inevitable
that even you
of all people

would let me down too
so much for forever huh
Poet X Sep 2021
although your skin is sweet i won’t call you chocolate
and even though the bible says you were made from the dirt i cannot believe that
your body is Jupiter, is Saturn.
your skin made in the image of a sunset
your fingers more gentle then dying yellow leaves falling to their final resting place
your hair trying to compete  with the night in its depth and yet, somehow a color so beautiful
i don’t think there’s a name for it yet
your voice a song
a french song
an old song
a love song a
old french love song
dear boy who’s eyes are made of stardust
who’s lips are my addiction
arms my protection
dear boy who’s eyes are made of stardust
i haven’t yet found
the right metaphors to describe your beauty
but ****
when the gods made you
i know the universe had to be their muse
dear boy who’s eyes are made of stardust i know there’s not a lot of poems out there for people who look like you but let this be the first
let this one be yours
Poet X Jul 2021
if im being honest,
i thought falling in love was something that would fade
but my love for you has never failed or wavered
in fact, ive only grown more in love with you
Poet X Jun 2021
you do not deserve
to be written about
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