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Alexis Dec 2019
I was asked the question:
“what do I do when I no longer find life beautiful?”

and it had never been a thought to me
whether or not life was beautiful.
it just was,
the same way the sky was immortal
and the stars endless.

so if for some reason
you no longer find life beautiful
turn to the stars
to the moon
ask for wisdom from the ancient tree Adonis.
beauty lies somewhere
even if
You have to look for it.
WA West May 2019
I slept wonderfully,
expunged of all sins
actual and imagined,
under a checkered quilt,
I dreamed of an Adonis and forgetting,
His clothing perfectly accentuated
his classically perfect physique,
I don't know what to make of that,
that has  been happening so much lately,
Who do you confide in, when there is just jittery energy?
My body is calling for something but I have not yet formulated an answer,
I have made a deity out of caffeine lately,
and my nails are so far in the distant past,
they bumped into my great granda on Bedford terrace.
People ask me if I'll move back to my land of birth,
But I have never really left.
Salmabanu Hatim Jan 2019
She told me
I was young, handsome,tall,
well sculpted and brave,
She worshipped  me,
She had blinds over her eyes,
She was not my Aphrodite.
I was not her Adonis,
I fled.
I am lazy,
I am afraid of cockroaches,
I snore a lot,
I love to watch football on T.V,
I sometimes forget to leave the toilet sit up,
In short, I  have flaws,
I am human, not a God.
Zywa Jan 2019
In the past you had pictures

of an old crooked man with a stick
like in the riddle, and a white beard

in a long point to the ground, and
next to him was a baby on the threshold

of the new year, the new god:
Lord Adonis, welcome to your home

Bethlehem, the house of spring
flowers, grain, and bread

welcome also in Amsterdam
where we blast without believing

that there are evil spirits to be chased
away – it's an expensive pleasure

to celebrate that we live
hope for happiness and are grateful

wishing that the good continues
in terms of health and daring

to trust in peace – if
we live up to all of this, then

I gladly will put a baby
picture in my book next year
Riddle: given to Oidipous by the Sphinx

In Bethlehem (“House of Bread”) there was a temple of Tammuz (addressed as Adonis = Lord), the annually reborn god of spring, flowers, grain, and bread

Collection "Once more"
apiwe Nov 2018
Already Beauty touched your face,
Crept her sinews of hands into your mothers womb to
Redo what she did with Adonis, Paris
To make you a marvel for the eyes
Already the all the pleasures and niceties of this world are all yours.
At your fingers, waiting for your fancy, your command
Already the sorrows of this world are at your whims
Already you have it all...
Must you have it all?
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Oh lustrous new moon
how you cradle the old


Aphrodite humming a soft tune
cradling Adonis whom grows so cold
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
If Boy George cosplayed
as Greek youth Adonis, we
would call him Boy Gored
BA DA TSSSSS.......silent crowd.
Echo chamber Jun 2018
You say you're a god
an Adonis some might say
Why then do you lie in multicolor?
Kiss me, touch me, **** me,
All you ever did was hurt me
If you're a god
Why then did you decide to curse this mortal?
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Oh luminous blue
First laid eyes upon you
Just above the treeline
On a warm spring night
Caught in your gossamer sight
A beauty to rival the amaranthine flower
I will be your Adonis
If you will be my everything.
6/7/2018 I laid eye upon Venus for the first time and connected in body and soul to her.
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