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Carmen Jane Oct 10
Go ahead and caress yourself
(Said his own voice in the mirror)
Ask and listen
What you want
Put yourself first
From time to time
And read yourself your vows
Be your friend
And love yourself
Don't waste your time
It's yours
It's ok to say no
Build healthy boundaries.
Now say yes to yourself
And smile
Always smile!
Inspired by an article I read recently
I should like to caress your eyes
and invite you to dive into words:
their beauty, their powerlessness,
their singular characteristic
of being the best shot I have
at making sense of the beautiful mess.
Daniel Ruiz Sep 15
As a child, i use the fall down the stairs a lot, scratch that, i use to fall down a lot as a whole, walking from classroom through classroom,
getting out the car,  at my home, at the airport, at my dad's but everything seemed to fall apart there so i didn't give it any thought, it was like my coordination was obsessed with gravity, my skin happy to be feeling someone's else's embrace, even if it opened little waterfalls that smelled like pennies, people started calling me an attention seeker, i was , i used to tell stories for every little scar the concrete left for me, i got tired of people asking me and the only answer i had was "i tripped", one time i told the kids in my class room that i got a scar jumping out of a window and falling on a car, i got bullied for the rest of the school year.

i still didn't understand why my body was clearly tormenting me, i felt like i was caged, and i didn't have any control over what hurts me, only the words that come after.

should i try to make them laugh? should i cry at this wound that's clearly painful?

should i make a run for it? no, that'll give gravity another chance to caress my skin and drink from this fountain that from disgrace it's running.

running faster than my body hits the ground usually hand first, hands that don't scar anymore, there's no more vacant room.

I'm not proud of it, of falling, of being riddled with an endless love between my knees and the swift but stinging pain alcohol has brought into the mix.

Falling is such a profound word that i didn't know i was falling in love with you until your arms cushioned my fall

and from then on i knew falling wasn't a curse.
Anastasia Sep 13
you took my wrist
in your hand
and traced my cuts
with your thumb
you caressed them
and kissed them
and spoke
few words
but you said
Gabriel burnS Sep 11
parallax movement of the clouds
beneath the dome of now departing summer
my eyes kept anchor till it tore
and so my wish was written
into the cloud, the vessel of my message
before I bid it farewell and let it go
a bottle in the sea whose lips
caress your shores


Фоново движение на облаците
Под купола на отпътуващото лято
Очите ми държаха котва, но се скъса
И тъй желанието мое бе написано
По облака, съда на моето послание
Преди се сбогувам и да го пусна
Бутилка във морето чиито устни
Милват твойте брегове
"Пътуване", translated into Bulgarian
Carmen Jane Sep 9
Wondering about your whereabouts
Omitting to see the people around
My mind travelled with you
And I think I found you

I found you over the mountains
I found you over the forests
I came close to hug you
To caress your face

I've been missing you, dearly
I was hoping to see you
I needed to hear your voice
I wanted to see your smile

Wondering about your whereabouts
Omitting to see the people around
My mind travelled with you
And I think I found you
Amanda Brown Jul 21
As we’re lying down I breath in your scent, the scent of your cologne, your heavy musk.
It fills my lungs with each breath I take, like the way baked goods do when they come fresh out of the oven.
Together we feel each other’s skin.
I trace the outside lines of your soft yet firm muscle until I make my way up to your face; one that resembles mine.
One that has dark spots and whiteheads.
One that makes us so frustrated in our skin but we share that.
So I place my hand on this skin, the skin that resembles mine and caress it like it’s this perfect plum that I’m about to take a bite out of.
My eyes are locked with yours, as if we are looking right through them, right into our skulls.
Trying to read each other’s mind.
Ironically we are both thinking the same thing.
I pull in, you pull in, we pull in and take a deep juicy bite out of each other.
I feel your tongue and you feel mine as we taste the juices we give to each other.
Our hearts, they beat on a time that only loves sets.
A beat that feels so great, so great our hearts connect.
Our lips disconnect and we’re back to laying down.
Trying to catch our breath, we breathe in and breathe out, breathe in and breathe out.
Until the point where I’m breathing what you let out and I’m breathing recycled air.
That same air, the air of your musk or cologne, the air that feels like baked goods, when they come fresh out of the oven.
Our eyes connect back to each other, looking right into our skulls.
But this time we know what we’re thinking.

And we’re thinking “I love you”.
A poem I made for my lying, slick ex-boyfriend. He read it in front of my face with zero emotions. I hope those who read it enjoy it more than he did.
OpenWorldView Jun 22
like slow winter fog
fingers trace without a touch
across her cold skin
slow, tender, journey.
don't wake her.
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