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Grey Apr 2021
Your tender words caress my face
and seep into my skin.
Soft soliloquies, quiet rhymes, rhythmic patterns,
they swirl in my mind
and are painted behind my eyelids while I sleep
or as I think of you and smile.
The whisper of your fingertips
reminds me of the brush of your pen
and the tumultuous emotion from each word
brought forth from your mind.
Your poems of love impart a sweet nostalgic ache
for the passion I'd never felt
until your words flooded my thoughts
and allowed deeply seeded flowers to grow into a full bloom.

And I think
maybe it is not you I fell for,
but the sweet, sweet, song you sing.
Started 2/26/2021, finished 4/1/2021
I like the last verse but I don't know how I feel about the rest.
Payton Feb 2021
Imagine, I am sitting
at the piano.
Imagine, you come to sit
beside me-to join me.
And while I am playing,  out of the corner
of my eye, I see the twinkle
in yours. The longing in your eyes,
because I caress the keys of the piano
so softly, and you hope, that
I might, one day, do the same
But I am no more than a simple musician.
So imagine this, I can play the piano,
but    I could
          make you
This poem was written in 2016.
Hussein Dekmak Feb 2021
A better day:
Is feeling healthy,
A positive thought,
A kind word,
A charitable deed,
A friendly chat,
Sharing laughter,
Caressing a broken heart,
Acquiring knowledge,
Inspiring others,
Celebrating nature’s beauty,
And being touched by God's call to love!

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
Elkhan Asgar Jan 2021
– Ata, üzümə bax gör nə çıxıb,
Atası öpdü onun üzündən.
– Atacan, gözüm şişibdir, bir bax.
Atası öpdü onun gözündən.
– Ata, yandırır günəş üzümü,
Kəsdi atası günün önünü.
– Ata, arılar incitməz məni?
– İncitməz, qızım, onlar kimsəni.
– Yağış yağanda saçım islanmaz?
– Papaq geyərsən, heç bir şey olmaz.
– Atacan, evə çox gec gəlməzsən?
– Getmərəm işə, əgər istəsən.
– Yoruldum yaman, dincələk bəlkə?
– Çox yoruldunsa, gəl gedək evə.
– Gec yatsam bu gün, küsməzsən məndən?
– Mən yox, amma ay inciyər səndən.
– Nə vaxt gedəcəm məktəbə, ata?
– Az qalıb, qızım, həmin o vaxta.
Qızcığaz bir an dayanıb durmur.
Sual verməkdən zərrə yorulmur.
Atanı güdür, gözdən qoymur heç.
Baxır üzünə, qımışır bic-bic.
Sual üstünə sual yağdırır.
Nədir səbəbi bəs bu marağın?!
Dəcəldir yaman, gəzir, axtarır.
O öz gündəlik nəvaziş payın.
avenjoe Nov 2020
It was one of those nights we had
Right when you turned out the lights
You got me struck down
Tickling me as if there's no tomorrow

It wasn't the first, it wasn't the last
You really got me satisfied
You were stroking all over my body
Sent me to another level of enjoyment

Seems like a touch
Touch too much
You know it's much too much
Girl, you know you're giving me much too much!

Girl, you know that you got face of an angel
You smiled with sin
She wanted it real hard, wanted it fast
A lil ***** touch might ease me

Touch me like you had a velvet glove
Lay me down and touch
This kind of woman's gonna drive me insane
Too much for my body, too much for my brain
Maria Etre Nov 2020
Locks of charcoal black
Sleek and smooth
like the mountain peaks
when covered with fresh snow
thick with stories of winter
my hands find warmth
running through

Hands ice cold
hold the chills
of the winter season
in his fingertips

As they glide
Down my skin caressing my curves
leaving a trail of goosebumps
one for every cold snowflake kiss

Rough and dry
his breath blows the summer heat
Off my belly
Where it used to settle
and nestle
tanning for hours
now leave my body
every time
he exhales
while he’s on top

Suddenly, it feels like winter
moments freeze
time stops
nature wears white
seducing him away from me

He’s waiting by the window
And I beside him
“It’s cold outside love” I said
He turned to me
exhaled a sigh of relief
“It’s the best kind, my darling” he said
Tylor Nov 2020
I dream of us reuniting as the water reunites with the sand and carries it along
So I could get to express the love I kept suppressed beneath
But I don't know if ever in this life, you will come back
With a frail twine of hope, I now breathe

I witness the lazy sunset on our favourite beach alone, every day
Which once we did together in one another's arms  
I write your name on the sand, hoping for the water to not wash it away
Not before you come back and I fall for your subtlest charms

I sit for hours, from dusk till dawn, waiting for you to return  
So we could sleep by the water and wake up to the sun
Watch the sky turn tangerine and then paint it all black
And sleep under the stars while the tides sing us lullabies. Oh, such fun.

And if you ever come back, I will first kiss your lips and caress you whole
So you could immerse all the love and keep it sealed in between your ribs
Only then I will always be close to your heart like you are to my soul
And a fire will ignite, helping us keep the love and the burning desire alive.
Lane O Sep 2020
Your love is my vice
Thirsting for your soft caress
Carnal addiction
Lane O Aug 2020
winds gentle caress
kicks up memories like leaves
sublime and stirring
Guntang Jun 2020
in full caress
i’m sorry
i don't bleed
any more
in silence
we are lonely
we don't need
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