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summer aches and whines
when heavy blades press against its neck
it's foul; fair game

summer dies, decays, desecrates
suddenly, summer is seasonal;
less tangible than Hell had ever seemed
Artem Mars Apr 23
Two days ago, I went to bed
With more than average noise in my head
It hurt and I cried
Hurt so much that I died
The only one that could save me
Was miles away from me
Since then, the world sped up
Goes too fast for my lungs
So they just gave up
I am decaying at home
In front of my mother
I am melting so slow
In front of my brother
I am nothing but bone
In front of my other
Alexis Dec 2019
I fell for you in the winter
my bones cold
I was decaying with fallen leaves
and I remember the books
How they described this feeling
with countless metaphors
But it’s like reading about gravity
And falling for the first time
With no way to see
What’s going to catch you.
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Notions untamed running through my mind, a marathon of thoughts

A world derivative of past decay as it's cornerstone, the refurbished building blocks of our decayed future's

Lives the lesser value of coin,
Youth, their futures severed
by puppets of greed, cut short

Prayers on their knees, screaming for the truth to be heard, while lies cloaks impressionable minds, like the dark with deprivation of light, deceived

Our purpose to destroy life, preservation reserved only for our bodied selves

The iris refusing to envision peace as the essence of life

My spirit look to ascend, soar above a human race that is embodied with cruel intent
The pain of the world I see, these words is an escape, a way to flee
If only for a second
Lost, through inked thoughts
I'm free.
Poetic T Jul 2019
You were my orbit,
         but decaying in altitude.

Burning up in my heart,
   I thought you were a falling star.

But you were just a flicker in the
                    night sky of my life.
s Willow May 2019
Decaying body
We all see her ribs.
Size small,
she reads extra large.
She wants to read small.
She refuses to eat.
Riley Cartwright Apr 2019
/|=====I don't burn bridges=======|\
/|===I just let them structurally====|\
/|=decay because I don't use them=|\
my friend said this once
Poetic T Feb 2019
Play me a melody
           that I may slumber.

Not to count sheep,
     more like to feed
on the carcass of
                 decaying dreams.

For in the lethargy that consumes
            me knows no awakening.

For the sheep no longer jump
          a cloud they are atop
the earth decaying in the nightmares
                           of life's living  
Poetic T Jan 2019
I was a gift upon the heart of
                                   soiled regression.
Never one to look a gift in the mouth of fallen

For the decaying leaves
                                     left before me,
                    were not for lost causes.

                            But fertiliser of new reflections.
Ellison Sep 2018
Jim had ran in many races before
They never once occurred to him as a chore
He was strong and fierce like a hardened ox
And he was never sick with a cold or pox.

He trained every day without a single pause
His wife was there to support his every cause
And his smile always stretched from ear to ear
And he never once succumbed to darkness and fear.

But his passion for music had touched his collar
And he wanted more than just fame and another dollar
So he stopped the running from himself and sat in his chair
And forgot the track he once loved and cared.

He stayed in his room every day for a week
And every so often, his wife would peek
In the door crack just to see
What creature should behold thee.

The cans of alphabet soup that stacked upon the floor
Were made into towers that leveled even the door
And she saw the mess he made in his musical craze
"I pray that this is just a foolish Autumn craze."

He finally came out after a month or so
The wailing of sound had turned down low
So he came out to see what the world had come to
When his wife suddenly screeched out, "WHO ARE YOU?!"
He said, "It's me, Dory. I'm sorry if you were scared,
But did you really think it was some stranger impaired?"
She cried, "Look at your eyes. Look at your face,

He scowled and shook from the drafty Autumn wind
The veins on his body were apparent on the skin
He tumbled down the stairs and the race had ended there
And the alphabet soup had run out with nothing left to share.
Nearly cried while writing this. Hope you like it.
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