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A man and a woman can art
their most secret way through  
from a speck of dust to heaven.

Or they can walk the walks together
living the daily hourglass ever closer.
But only to fall apart in the end
without finding an edge for themselves!

It can do heaven descends in dust
or not even in the gold it's never found.
Lin Jan 12
I wish I could believe in miracles
Like I did before
When I used to pray every night

Now I am just living on the edge
One step wrong
And it all falls down

It is hard to not feel overwhelmed
By all these feelings
Especially now when the loneliness is eating me up
abc Jan 10
There are moments where I am helpless.
Like my mind has separated from my body,
and I watch myself fall,
unable to help.
My body is dangling over a mountain,
and no matter how many times I try to grab my own hand,
my fingers simply slip through my own like a ghost.
I sit, cross-legged and aghast, as I watch
myself plummet from the highest mountain.
And at the bottom, I watch the circle of people
surrounding my dismembered body
slowly walk away without a care.
I stare at my annihilation until my mind
stands over the edge and
gracefully dives down to join my body.

sushii Jan 6
I swear I will do anything for you.
I don't care, as long as you don't leave me.
My blue-veined love for you always runs true...
You are the only one that sets me free.
I always love the smooth drum of your high...
Please, numb me until there is no regret.
You are there when I don't see a blue sky.
The needle is where my hopes will be set.
Oh, do you mind taking me to the edge?
It's a lonely ride, so would you come with?
We'll dangle our feet over the steep ledge...
Their tale of pain remains only a myth.
    I am asking you not to go away...
    Because with me is where you'll always stay.
A sonnet written in the Shakespearean rhyme scheme. I would also like to say that I do not encourage the behavior I describe in certain poems, I am simply writing about it. Remember to keep writing, and have a good day :)
Check errata, pressure chests,
minds of razors edges, vie to
stress knowledge for the win:
You second guess yourself, then.

Flip the cold and oddly coded
engine as if you're blind to it.
It's happening again, now.

Verses nurse the wounds.
Wounds nurse the verses.
Pain's slyly subjective hooks
have hooked the meat of me.

Like accountants slicing numbers,
I slice the mountains into soft shapes.
Earth and water, earthen urns, hold
Life to carry, to gift, or, to displace.

Choirs sing on high, of rightful things.
I was frightful, once. With enough
ignorant vehemence poured upon me,

poured upon me, a bath in love's less
eager refuse, has turned my dreams, too,
into excrement, excrement. Utter ****.

I was excited, once. I swear I was.
Holding out for ****** touch, left cold,
hopeless and wanting when the only
validation, validation I was taught

set my value in cash and beauty, cash
and beauty, two matters of strict
adherence to social standards, but what

if two fat, hairy legs make my tongue wet?
What if otherness keeps me lonely?
What if it keeps me lonely? Can I take
that pain, after all, into the ground of my grave?
4 yu, gibs. we got dis. :3
anotherken Dec 2018
i am the tool that you use in syndication
of the walls of publication
over a promotion
of a "united" nation
where we deny the evil forces
riding our *****
in the sunset of masses
when it's all magnified between two glasses
clear the way, o faithful peasants
we'll raise the flag in pride, though hesitant
the blind will do what the blond will say
that's what it's all about today
its repeating, critical mass
it'll explode into tiny pieces
crass, craft, whatever else may come
another poem about attrition and pollution
the noise coming from the radio
following your stereo
a kid falls down
as bombs go over town
again and again.
this author may be a hypocrite,
it need not be repeated
but we ignore it like the plague
or worse, we lie and make a fake plaque.
why though?
we'll talk about love, about how
we'll stop and cry
about our girls and boys
when the world needs our help
more than ever
we'll implode like a blue-balled
blue ball
we'll talk about our feelings
when the city needs rebuilding
your songs don't work
the system won't work
it's still there
so why listen to the rehash
of that same old story
whining and moaning
check the stats
how our brains became fat
too much knowledge
too much drainage
too much age
too little of a stage
too short of a gauge
it's all coming together
one single singularity
sing the song of life
all together now
o come all ye faithful
o come all ye mouthful
you pray but you don't act
you hope but you don't move your ***
bow down to the lord, see, see?!
jesus ******* christ, save the mighty
when the rich became the leaders,
when the humble lost the fighters.
when the wolves become dogs
when the revolution
goes on a revolution
and ends up where it started
against the grain, i always stand for
against myself, i always strive for
to be better than a straw on the camel's back
to be better than the snowflakes on the freezing roadtrack
i ought not to say nonsense that doesn't make sense

but i'll repeat myself
i may stand in fours
i may be a poetry *****
i may be basing it on my own imaginary bore
i may be hallucinating, pierced and gored
but it's really worth fighting for.
Seanathon Nov 2018
Never again will you look down
There is only upward and onward to see

No more the feel of your stomach a flutter
Your eyes set afire and the shale beneath your feet

Oh yes, you jumped before this miserable me
But then again my friend

Any day I can fall from the cliff just like you
But never again can you choose your decent like me
From a single man to a married man. Trust me on this, as I trust you in regards to other things. Any day here I could, but never again can you. *nods*
Seanathon Nov 2018
Pick the lock on this old heart
Would you?
I've thrown away the key

Into the foam
Where the towers fall
Just over the edge of this most dramatic me

Would you batter it down
The old barred door
Let the oak tides crash for an eternity

As you hear the churning waking sea
So it consumes the sound
Of a splashing key
At The Edge Of The Sea
Kee Nov 2018
My edge
My straight edge
Cuts deep
And doesn’t want to let go
My straight edge
Loves to make you remember everything
But she wants you to forget too
My straight edge
Loves a game
And she’ll play it with you
My straight edge
Is a force to be reckoned
My straight edge
Is my worst nightmare
And paradise from ****
My straight edge
Is many things
But never has she left me
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