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Joanna Oct 7
As the quiet overtakes and the day moves into the night, my spirit longs for something that's right.

Something that gives me the way out of being continually torn.

And as the light pierces the darkness in the early morn, there is release for my broken heart, to take a new form.

Healing the breach and creating a bridge to living in an hour when everything seems to drive one to the edge.

Giving me the strength to walk without fear, knowing there is a purpose, and it's time to draw near.
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It's a rush in the morning
Throwing on clothes
I didn't take my drugs today
I'm essentially ******
That's what that means
I could've worn my trench coat
But anxiety's a *****
I'll just dress in black
From head to toe instead
Raining down like tears
Falling from my bitter mouth
The weather is forever
My biggest ******* mood
I could black my eyes
And slit my wrists
But I'll iron my bangs
And slip on my vans
That's what Ohio is really for
I stole the fifth and fourth to last lines from "Ohio Is For Lovers" by Hawthorne Heights. I've never loved that song, honestly. "Saying Sorry" is infinitely better.
Myka Sep 3
Once for the beginning.
Twice for the first of worries.
Third for the edge of eternity's trap.
Fourth for everything else under the sky.
Allesha Eman Aug 31
I see my reflection in the rain drops,
My fears are painted across the sky,
My ambitions have disappeared,
They go where the sun rays strike,
But today is a different year,
And I’m on the edge of my life,
there is a glow on this rainy day,
But It’s somewhere I can’t seem to find,
It follows the trees somewhere far,
All I know is that with it here,
Time will pass and everything will
I’ll be okay,
and the skies will clear.
Letter 7 out of 26
Ingram Aug 29
A single word that can describe everything.
Walking on the edge of two strong realities.
Constantly debating one way or the other.
To live or let die.
A difficult decision that impacts
More than your heavy feet.
All it takes is one slight step.
Then all anxiety can end.
All depression can be in the past.
But it’s not a simple step either.
So many people face these two strong realities daily.
They find themselves,
Butterfly Aug 13
Standing on the edge of the bridge.
Breathe, just for the last time.
And jump for the last time.
I'm so not okay. I can't stop crying, lol
B D Caissie Aug 7
I walked to the edge to evaluate my existence and in  my hubris I believed I was reaching the firmament and beyond.

Instead the sky was falling and with it the stars. Within my eyes you can follow their decent to the unknown depths of my heart.
Seanathon Jun 24
Within the crackle of a fire

In the voices of the wind

Just beyond the nights first desire

Outside the morning and it’s halo ring
At The Edge Of The Clearing
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