Aleeza 3d

here we are again
the edge of the world
the streetlights far behind us
and your smile in the hazy dark

truth be told
we tiptoed out of our cages
bringing old notebooks and sleepless dreams
tripping into each other's laughs

it has been months since it was like this
the uncertainty of your hand on my wrist
hushed whispers in the dead of the night
and I feel weight slip off my spine

our feet carry us to the only place of solace that we know
and even in the weeks of forgetting
in the time I let the sea carry you away
we will always find our way back here

and you start telling me of his steady hands
I remember that yours were never like that
so I smile at the thought of you belonging somewhere
after years of wandering aimlessly

so you make sand towers like you always do
and I look for seashells like I always do
the sea is singing lullabies to the two weary souls
and my pulse is humming with it

you race me to the water
and the stars glitter as you wade through them
the wind whips our hair into a tangled mess of ink
and I barely reach you when you start to speak

you recite dead languages to my fingertips
all I can think of is the promise of a sweet death
your voice against my sea-kissed skin
and the only eyes that could drown me

we drag ourselves to the shore
shaking the sand from our hair
we get blankets to wrap around our shoulders
and I feel the corners of my mouth tilt up

side by side
all of the languages of the world dead to us now
as we breathe in the sweetness of escape
and our heads tilt towards each other

you ask me what I look for in someone
and I trace swirls into the sand for a while
because I don't know
and maybe I have never known

almost two decades of this fragile life
almost everyone I’ve loved only people of my imagination|
and I kid myself with the question
and maybe I’m just afraid of the answer

but I draw the constellations in my mind as I whisper to myself

alan Nov 7

Oh lovely Xú zhēn ōu,
you're on the edge of time, did you know?
I'll hold your hand from a mile away
look at the stars at the end of the day
close your eyes and walk along
we won't say a single word, the wind will be our song
I love you Xú zhēn ōu, we're on the edge of time you know,
we're on the edge of time.


Unheard is a whisper in the wind,
faintly talking in your ear.
He's the figure hidden in plain sight,
He knows everything that goes on,
because he is unheard he is not seen...
His dark blue eyes, watch all, waiting, to finally be noticed...
Unheards dream is to be heard,
for his silent pleas for help to be met.
He spends his time at home listening to his music, full blast
to block out the constant fighting...
He finds peace at the roofs edge of tall buildings, inching
further each day...
Unheard hides behind a curtain of black hair, like the roses he carries
in his pocket as he climbs the stairs to the top,
leaving white roses as a trail behind him...
He steps that final inch...
Unheard fades to the darkness as the commotion rises...
He is finally heard,
But it's too late, his stories over now...

Majid Oct 20

Slam the door with silence, no friction
Your deathbed awaits by the sun
Facing it, with your right hand tickling the moon
Left one carrying a gun

“Ninth circle of hell awaits”
Whispers, as I wait for the sun
“Ninth circle of hell awaits”
At the galaxy’s edge, I stump

Where a dress made in heaven
Specially for her November
For her special mirror she wore
My chest shivers, as she carries me

My chest shivers, as she opens the door
Take me to the galaxy’s edge
Wear me upon your hazel hair
To let go of my old one

From a nameless stone fix me
Into living bones fix me
I sink into your mind
When it turns to be a black hole

Endless, with sensational blares
Echoing at the endless core
Take me to the sun
My only one, my only home

My mind convulses into spasms!
While I nap over her ocean
Where light wins every fight
Where darkness’s fading, I live

For a new life I live
For a new shadow of mine
Lifted by her soul
Lifted unbroken

CallMeVenus Oct 18

Dear Golden Gate Bridge,

    Can you give her back to me?
Split the water in two and I will be Moises
Angry and scared,
desperate and delusional
like Dolly was about Jolene

She fell in love with your edges and your deceiving depths
And you never saw right through her and thought that maybe she just wanted you to be the sloppy second for once. Rebound to a better life.


You are a ruthless lover but I'm starting to understand the fascination with that edge of yours.

                                          Breathe in. Breathe out.

Jolene, I need to be baptized in your love
And I will assure you that I can swim and you will pretend to care.

Moises will fly to a sure fall. Let him drown. He would have never made it to Noa's arc anyways.

Let me drown.

Skylar Musa Oct 5

Come to the Edge
Don't be scared
That's what they said

Edge of what?
The Edge changed

Don't go!
It's dangerous
It's different now

Come closer
Step away
Which one is it?

Turn away!
What edge are you on?

Some Edges are made to jump from
Some Edges you look over
Some Edges you leave

The same way you came
Jump if you can fly
Can you fly?

Find your wings
To the Edge I say
The Edge you stand on is the one you chose or found

Jump if you can fly
Walk if you can't

Find the Edge that belongs to you and lifts you high above
You'll find your place

rose Sep 24

It's the edge of summertime
I'll soak in these last drops of
Cool breezes

:) technically it's the first days of fall but it feels like it's still summer...I'll take it while it last

always on the edge
between life and death
between fire and stone
always knew I was alone

always in the light
no time to breathe
no time to sleep
no time to feel alright
but darkness calls
and I must fall

always bleeding fear
leaking everything I hide
always linger here
just outside
always outside

having a really shitty night, so thought I'd attempt to glean some catharsis from a depressing poem I just thought of. lemme know what you think, even though I don't really care one way or the other, I'd just like to know that someone's reading this and understands
Mike Virgl Sep 5

Propelled by what?
A forces driving
To cliffs edge
Thinking of something
He could never commit

However, sadly the mind
Breaks every now and then
To release a flood?
To retrieve releif?
Or to pass a test?

But we never get any answers

For after broken
The mind is gone
Orginal thought flies
Far from the mess
It enabled to prosper

Left we are
With the mans body
Hallowed out by attempt
His answers he speaks
Saying only one thing

"Never allow a series of events"
"To spiral to such a low as mine"
"To cliffs I conquerd"
"To chasms I fell"
"All for a red sunset"

No one had the heart to tell him
The sun does not shine at night...

Everythings darker in moonlight

soft glow
at the bottom
of my bowl
lips brush
against the edge
stars ignite
before my eyes
in my heart
bells ring out
voices shout
in my mind
hummingbirds fly
in my hands
liquid light
leaks out
between my fingers

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