always on the edge
between life and death
between fire and stone
always knew I was alone

always in the light
no time to breathe
no time to sleep
no time to feel alright
but darkness calls
and I must fall

always bleeding fear
leaking everything I hide
always linger here
just outside
always outside

having a really shitty night, so thought I'd attempt to glean some catharsis from a depressing poem I just thought of. lemme know what you think, even though I don't really care one way or the other, I'd just like to know that someone's reading this and understands
Mike Virgl Sep 5

Propelled by what?
A forces driving
To cliffs edge
Thinking of something
He could never commit

However, sadly the mind
Breaks every now and then
To release a flood?
To retrieve releif?
Or to pass a test?

But we never get any answers

For after broken
The mind is gone
Orginal thought flies
Far from the mess
It enabled to prosper

Left we are
With the mans body
Hallowed out by attempt
His answers he speaks
Saying only one thing

"Never allow a series of events"
"To spiral to such a low as mine"
"To cliffs I conquerd"
"To chasms I fell"
"All for a red sunset"

No one had the heart to tell him
The sun does not shine at night...

Everythings darker in moonlight

soft glow
at the bottom
of my bowl
lips brush
against the edge
stars ignite
before my eyes
in my heart
bells ring out
voices shout
in my mind
hummingbirds fly
in my hands
liquid light
leaks out
between my fingers

Joseph Aug 17

You, whom i have let fall away,

you, who one night i kissed whilst we were on the top floor looking out over the city making jokes about jumping

you, who stayed further back from the ledge, unlike (i) whom was not afraid of THE//EDGE

You, whom held me from falling, would you keep me now?

Nigel Finn Jul 22

If there were no edge,
Would you follow me in-
To oblivion?

In response to Molly's haiku -Ends of the Earth
Tansy Roake Jul 19

I am stretched out,
Atop a vast ocean,
Of inputs and emotions.

I know,
When the surface tension breaks,
I will surely drown.

If you see a hawk
on a bough at field's edge
beyond the corner you should have turned
maybe it's a sign to go on.

Such as during an improvisation on
Flamingo or I've Got You Under My Skin
you play in the wrong key or mode completely
maybe it's a sign to go on, in the wrong key.

Or when my sons cry not wanting
to be alone, I'm upstairs writing
or just enjoying trees in every direction
it too may be a sign to go on alone.
Jobira Jun 18

I was stout in youth
Time was running, too fast then
I went through a wall
No roses last bloom
Today I'm afraid to fall

Life as we know it decades over time. We're not who we used to be, and do what we used to do...
In time we just stand on the edges and wait...
Vexren4000 Jun 12

An alien location,
Humans abandoned long ago,
Forfeited our fins and gills,
For lungs and limbs,
The beasts that lurk beneath the water's surface,
Show how alien the world underwater is,
Massive monsters,
Breaking surface tension,
Battling for sustenance,
Under the blue open sea,
Human abandoned this place long ago,
To traverse the ocean of land,
That lurked above the water's edge.


nehpetS navE May 19

I have her between my fingers
she's under my control
yet she is in complete control
she draws me in
tempts me with her smooth skin
her cold silvered skin,
I crave the feeling of
hers against mine
I crave the sharp lick
from the edge of her tongue
drawing beads of scarlet
vermilion lines ladder my flesh
my mind climbs past the clouds
and we share the colours of ecstacy.

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