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Poet X May 2020
what if the butterfly never flapped its wings?
for fear of creating a tsunami,
i say **** the tsunami
flap your wings,
tsunamis will always be tsunamis and
a butterfly was made
to fly.
be who you want to be, **** the consequences.
Poetic T Oct 2017
vivid colours do expand
cocooned are sisters

wings flutter elegantly
erik lubbe Oct 2016
We havent spoken
These wall's are closing in
My love for you is my only hope
It feels as of I'm lost
But I know were I belong
I know that you love me
This love carries no illusion
Just truth
Well that's what it tells me
There is a feeling I get
It happens
Every time
You walk in the room
I fell for you hard
It paid off in the end my poems
They are for you
Remember iloveyou.
Autumn Briarhart Jul 2016
I have flowers in my throat.
The rich and fertile caverns of my chest support a ebullient host nematocera, of which, breed in my abdomen, gnawing at my innards.

Swarms of adults congragate in my mind, the competition is fierce.

Attitudes of altrusim: a moist mire, slowing my step.

Try to say, anything, but that.

I'd rather attract the nausa of rhopalocera.
Their light hearted and short-lived whimsy. A far cry from this violent mob. Oh but the sob of emptiness when they all die at once.

A welcome boon, that, maybe we'll come to bloom. Clumsy and crooked, I was never able to make a play when all I'm pitched is a doorsa.
josh wilbanks May 2016
I dream of a day where days fade away into nothing but obscurity. The time flies faster than a bullet shot on a train heading south bound to florida.

I dream of a moment. Not a second long or a minute long but weeks long. Years long. The entirety of a life span.

I dream of a cloud. My empire in the sky. Where she and I can ride and fly and nothing matters but the love in her eyes.
This poem means nothing,
      yet everything.

  Take what you want from it
brandon nagley Aug 2015
An explosion of butterfly's;
Whenever I looketh, into earl Jane's eye's.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane nagley dedication
Kilig in Filipino tongue means butterfly's in one's stomach ....
Myriah Jul 2015
Mi corazón ha estado lejos de ti
Diez mil millas se ha ido
Y me mata que
Linger tan cerca
He estado perdiendo
te gusta la locura
Oh, quiero acercarme
 y dar ya
Cada parte de mí
Yo sólo quiero tocar y besar
Y deseo que yo pudiera estar con ustedes esta noche
Usted me da mariposas en el interior, en el interior y yo
Myriah Jul 2015
I miss you,
I miss you so bad
It hurts to feel this way
I wish you were here
I wish I could see your face
I wish you could see me now
at my best
Every now and then
I think of you and butterfly's
Appear around me
It's a sign telling me that your still here
I feel it in the summer air
To my godmother Katie love you miss you
Cat Fiske Jun 2015

D­o you see a shattered girl,
because I've been trying to tell you people all year,

I'm dying here,

like maybe I was flying around to start with,
but on the inside I'm nothing more then a Moth,

and you expect me to do the things butterfly's can do,

when I can't do more then attempt to mimic there actions,
Following far behind while all the butterfly's migrate,

but I can be miles away from my lover & still smell him from all this way,

because I'm stuck behind butterfly's,
trying to find my way to a better home,

and I will never get to a home where I can be excepted,

every place I get to I am to be greeted with fly swatters,
when butterfly's get loving fingertips to land on as if they were tired,

like they had to run from there death like me,

and everyday I fight for my life,
and the butterfly's live theirs carelessly,

so maybe I can dress in the outer shells of butterfly's that once were,

become the thing all people wanted me to be,
stop smelling my lover from miles the part us,

and let the world control me,

But even when I've given everything I've had,
In, to this ****** idea of a plan of normalcy,

just now you decide to say there may in fact be something wrong with me.

and that when I cut my wing on rose bushes,
so maybe I can feel something better then what you've done to me,

and you try to help me months almost a year after when I am close to death,

by killing me three weeks,
before my life span is up,

**tell me why butterfly's got it so good and moths gotta have it so rough?
just what I feel right now
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