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Raven Nov 22
May it only be a dream... composed in one.
Nightmares shaking inside me.
I drown myself so deep, where the water begins to reap.
I love to hold you, to feel you, but who are you?
Where are you?
Why aren’t you here with me?
Why so distant?
Why haven’t I met you?

You don’t exist.

My imagination.
Stringing myself in my realms of pure intensity.
An ocean on fire ...
A war with no winning ...
A person with no belonging ...
A rage with no fist ...

Suppressed, inner rage, inner love, inner hate, inner sadnesses, inner longing, inner numbness, inner cold, inner emptiness.
Inner distractions....

I face them all at once.
Inner wisdom...
An old soul living in a fake world.
Take me out of here.
Sure enough
when all of the
distractions of life
are taken away
you are left
with yourself
your flaws
there for you to
and you alone
your imperfections
for you to pick
apart,  for you to
but mostly it is
there for you to love
to cherish
and to take care of
at the end of the day
you have yourself
Isaac Jun 19
California king bed, my dreams taking over again
The daydreams hit differently, waking up and you aren't next to me
Place pillows to emulate you so I can sleep comfortably
Imagining my baby cuddling, hand on my waist so elegantly
My heart unlaced, ready to take
My faith I give, ready to taste
Every inch of your skin, including the air you breathe
Intermingling our energy with you underneath
Love me until you can't stop loving me
Alexis May 14
there no distractions any more
the books can only hold me for so long and
it's only me
in this house
that is not home and
my thoughts are all i am left with
my thoughts are all i am left with
my thoughts are all i am left with
Eleanor Apr 10
So noisy, it’s crushing
Its songs; sad ones
happy ones, silly ones.
It's jokes; fallen pens,
****** texts, Durcan’s poetry.
None of these thoughts are helpful.
Not even by a little bit.
Pastel highlighters, a new pencil case
My jacket is green.
I did the bare minimum of Spanish
I organised a previous debate’s cards
My Irish notes glare at me.
My math's teacher won't give up.
I keep all of history in my head,
But not in a place I can access.
I can give you Sinn Fein manifesto
but not the sections of Mozart’s  
23rd concerto in A major.
The room is loud, but silent in  
Comparison to my argumentative mind.
Busy, so busy.
Nothing will be done.
My mind is often times busy, confusing and distracting. i know a lot of people in similar situations. This poem is meant to represent what it is like to have a busy mind, be very stressed or have trouble completing tasks because of a constant stream of chatter. Enjoy :)
JK Cabresos Mar 26
her words
are savory
i might

but i
should escape
from her
Copyright ©️ 2020
Traveler Mar 3
I've had enough
of all these living
breathing distractions
fused to my synaptic reactions
reminding me that I am but one
the leash of realization weighs a ton
in harmonicas hormonal perfection
it's easy to lose an election
It's a beautiful day
I never want it to end
but I lose my balance
when the distractions set in
Traveler Tim
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
The average person
Says "I love you" more times each day
To their favorite
Than to their own family
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