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Achick Jul 2020
I’m a flight risk
You can consider me a villain
Locked up in a cage
Surrounded by guards
Video surveillance to capture every movement
I’ll stay with my cage because I’m content
But don’t get too comfortable
I can vanish at any given chance
Im a escape artist
A vanishing magician, if you will
I could be in front of you
Pulling tricks from my hat
I’ll make you smile and you’ll enjoy every second
But if you take your eyes off me
For even a second
With a wave of my wand
I’m gone the next second
I’ll leave no trails to follow
No clues to find
Good luck finding me
You can ask Sherlock Holmes to give it a try
My disappearing act is the greatest of all time
Welcome to my show
I won’t disappoint you
My disappearing act will definitely confuse you
I’m am the leader of my circus
My next act will be the greatest
With smoke screens of all pretty colors
It will leave you in awe
Are you ready for it?
Just say the magic words
I’m trying to work on imagery
Do ya ever feel like a shipwreck adrift in the water
Pieces of ya scattered like a lamb after the slaughter,
a mere shadow of your former sweet innocence
barely bobbing above the big sonar rinse?
Can't believe what ya read
nor believe what your supposed to believe.
Can't help wonderin' bout the agenda
Definitley can't pretend not to.
I suppose ya just have to go a bit numb
Drift on the wave and play kinda dumb.
CCTV surveillance, so called necessity,
oh **** big brother's watching ya ***.
Google is god and god is dead
Oh **** the'll crucify me for what I've just said.
Street lights ain't just street lights anymore
they're stickin' cameras in 'um expecting us to eat crow.
We'll all be robots that's the plan
punch ya in, download, scan.
Chips in your brain, chips in your nose
they'll go with us wherever we goes.
The grammar's all wrong. It's the prediction text.
No need for fingers. it's all effortless.
We're losing our common sense and our low-fi cities.
I'm losing my mind and I dont even feel ******.
They're cuttin' down trees 'cause they're blockin' our signies
and burnin' and lootin' 'cause they've got some agendies.
We're loosing our birds, they're falling out of the sky.
Would connecting the dots lead us to  the wyfry?
Losing's all right once ya get the hang of it.
Be fine in the mornin' and get back in the swing of it.
Turn on the screen, see what's new,
choke on our Krispies 'cause we forgot to chew.
Ah who cares our thoughts ain't our own.
It's all covered and programmed by our phone
It's all fun and games when there's nobody home,
dinner's sprayed and modified to the bone.
God knows what's in the water, the vaccination.
No worries we're all sci-fried and on vacation.
Ah yea they've got us all pegged and amplified,
can't sleep anymore, we're all irradiated and wyfried.
Wyfry, shake, scramble, grill an' bake
uhuh it's the burnin' down of the human race.
ah yea it's the slow fry and burn at the stake.
View on the current  state of a world on the verge of huge economic and social change that may be going un noticed generally in the midst of other distractions or considerations.

Now here lies the great
Fully clad

Yet I hear a faint gasp
behind your Mask asking
Could this Truth be true?

Why yes I must answer
Shall we then Unmask this

As I emit the rare energy to the
Anthem of Proof

My anatomy stooped like a
Black Panther
I dare to be loosed

Clearly all are wary
and stand clear of the *****

For there's a dark canopy
looming over me

A Ghost Rider pursuit
Now pursues me

But the more Uncanny the
proof the more haunting it suits me

And if you don't believe me?
Then proof read the Truth
Truth leads to proof

For my words are now made

But only when it comes to speaking
what's true

See I died in my youth
a long time ago
It was a death by void
Applied by Lies I avoided the

With no other way of reviving
my youth
Other than providing
what remains to be true

As I refuse to deny what
now lies before me
Bearing no more Lies

Because now I know better

For I will Survive
By these five letters

And so..
Both now and forever
I will endeavour come whatever
And treasure

This harsh lesson of
Intangible TRUTH
Another pre-write 5yrs ago
Graff1980 Jun 2020
Welcome to the worse
ending of our human universe,
cause this is the lamest

While the world is dealing with
a covid pandemic
and corruption that is so systemic
that our president can’t even begin
to hide it,

I am keeping busy by
trying to write
brilliant rays
of inspiration into
this endless night life;
Tired of the long line
of the long blind
stumbling stupidly
far behind,
unable to find a sound mind
among their cult of greed.

My deep dark cynicism
has been building
brand new chasms
that collapse into
whispering despair voids
which need to be exercised regularly,
but all of the gyms are closed.

I know there are truths and perspectives
that sparkle under the surface,
of this world that makes me feel worthless,
things seldom seen unless the poet deems
to share their deep dark beautiful dreams.

But those were the poems I wrote
to warn of the wolves at our throat,
and now I see my lines of predictive poetry
have becomes our pathetic armageddon reality.
Poet X Dec 2019
I've  never believed in love,
or true love or
just platonic love
I just don't see the point
I mean I don't know
what is this feeling  I look at you
and I see everything
I look at you and I can't ever see myself pulling away
but your not the most beautiful human I've ever laid my eyes on,
I can't even argue that your only beautiful on the inside. nevertheless
I think I've begun to do the thing all the books say happen-
what all poems root from  
I've begun
to fall
for you.
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018

We rehearsed
How to celebrate
After the win

At the same time
They prepared
How to play better
To win

And your guess is right
What the result is

After the show ends
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Prediction Game
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Deathstar Prince and The Princess of Death

I’ve lived here for eternity, I’ve seen them come and go.
They all smile throughout the summer days,
But hide once winter brings the snow.
Too cold for some, that human bunch,
But I can’t feel a thing.
I am The Bringer of Agony and Death!
I am the Sorrowful, Deathstar Prince!

Such heartsore mist creeps over me
And washes my happiness away.
The night has once more crept upon us,
To bid goodnight to the day.

It’s lonely here inside my heart, whilst she is lonely too.
My Angel of the Bitter Heart,
I see you watching me, as I watch you;
But I saw this ****** death coming,
Since long before you were ever born.
Drawn together forever,
In love’s twisted mind of thorns.
“I shall make you feel each other’s soul,
And then I shall tear them away.”
I’d like to say it all came as a big surprise,
But I’d be lying once again.

Another century passes by; time to get a bride.
The last one didn’t like me much, so I’m afraid she had to die.
Such bitter sweetness to be tasted in her veins.
The body remained perfect;
It’s a shame the same couldn’t be said of the brain.
Next time will be sweeter though, I shall find a star.
My pale white dark love of temptation;
I can see what you truly are.

The She-Devil stands before me, waiting to be wedded in white.
This ***** of the visual ****** sends shivers down my spine.
She draws me into her engulfing buxom; tender loving care.
I draw her into my cold dark world, full of death and despair.

Eternally devouring each other’s love;
This attraction has gone beyond any reasonable version of lust.
It crashes through the sound barrier, it jumps off the chart.
My lust for this woman is greater than,
The love that I have hidden within my heart.

I kneel before my Princess of Death;
She allows me to gaze upon her as I rise to my feet.
My desire cannot be hidden from her eyes,
As we stand breath to breath.
Our lips touch, we fall in love again, as we join the deceased.

The hunt is on for a fresh victim tonight.
Who will find the tastiest blood?  Will it be me or you?
Let’s take our death, to her or him, my bride.
The moon is drawing low now;
It lights up her skin, as pale as the moon.

Hand in hand, we carry the body;
This beautiful damsel in distress.
Her name unknown, her view not asked for;
All we ask of her is death.
Her blood still pumps fresh inside her neck.
She screams; she tries to reason; in vain she doth protest.

I gaze my deadly stare upon her and offer her some pain.
She gladly offers her wrist to me, so I can have a taste.
But my Princess is the only one who can ever truly love me;
For she is my Forever Bride, she is my Everything.

I pity you food, you lack any imagination.
I’ve spent three thousand years, living in damnation;
But death I was able to grasp.
Whilst you struggle and squirm,
Before you’re bitten and collapse.
Your last gasp of air, is replaced with despair,
As we take all your troubles away.
Your deathly stare at my debauchery enslaved,
Lets you realize, how little I care.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Queen of Goth’s

She will be sitting in a graveyard,
Waiting for her love.
She will be the Queen of Hearts;
She will be the Queen of Goths.

The Queen of the tormented being,
Will come to me like a darkened dream
And show me everything she can see,
In our future underneath the moonlit scene.

The Queen of despair;
The Queen of tomorrow.
The Queen of forever.
My Queen of Goths...
I am in love with your sorrow.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dustin Dean Apr 2018
Time to trade in
Old Father Tyme
For a concept
Of consistence

Ultimate resolutions begin
In desolate institutions
They rest in their pods
Comfortably numb
With contentment
For their mission
Is now accomplished
Voluntarily, they line up
Into echelons of space
Giving themselves back
To an entrance
That coughed them out

The curtain has closed
And a chapter has ended
Yet their presence
Still echoes on
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