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Jan 2021 · 459
MicMag Jan 2021
Only talking in haiku
Life is poetry

First, five syllables
Next we follow with seven
Then finish with five

It's five-seven-five
And five-seven-five again
Then five-seven-five

Start over again
Just repeat ad nauseam
One entire day

Don't let your speech slip
Stay true to rules for reward:
Pure poetic bliss
Seems time to repeat
My Haiku Challenge again
Hope you'll all join me
Sep 2020 · 320
The Light & The Dark
MicMag Sep 2020
The world's not
what they told me it was

It's much uglier
than I could have imagined

Submerged in violence
Crushing blind ambition

The world's not
what they told me it was

It's much more beautiful
than I could have imagined

People everywhere embracing life
Enlightened spirits ablaze

The world's not
what they told me it was

The light and the dark

The world gives us both
The world makes us both

The world's not
what they told me it was
Sep 2020 · 264
MicMag Sep 2020
Playing with words is one of my gifts
Poetry, prose, through pen or the lips

Let me show you what happens
What goes on in this brain
As I introduce you to the art of Wordplay

They march in - then beat, tortured, stretched, and broken
Completely dissected before they're respoken
All meaning pulled out, fully extracted
Give a word no mercy - just straight up attack it
Roll it over, spin it around, toss it up, smash it down
Play with it - make it move, hold it still
Like a cat with its mouse just before the ****
And when the word no longer resembles itself
When it's suffered, collapsed, gone through hell
Give it love, offer grace
Let the word have some space
Place it back on the tongue and see how it tastes
Then the word, encouraged, will offer something new
Will compel your lips and your jaw, your whole mouth to move

Something fresh will come out, unexpected perhaps
Spurred by the word and the knocks and the taps
at the door to your mind -
Same word.

It still fits
But now it tells a new story
Try it again - it never gets boring!

What once was unseen, unknown, and unheard
Has now been revealed by this old-but-new word

"What should I make of this?" many inquire
My advice?
Play with words, not fire!
Oct 2019 · 557
Deep in the Heart
MicMag Oct 2019
I'm a Texas boy
Born and raised
In the greatest and the proudest
Of the United States
Grew up in the shadows
Of them loblolly pines
This oil boom town
Sweet home o' mine

But I left it behind
To see the world
Traveled the globe
Just me and my girl
Meeting new people
Trying new things
Embracing and facing
Whatever life brings

But no matter where I've been
'cross God's green earth
My blood's kept me rooted
To my place of birth
And if you ain't from 'round here
Maybe you don't understand
You can take the man outta Texas
Can't take Texas outta the man
MicMag Sep 2019
tonight i vow                         
not to stay up too late
tonight i vow                         
to eliminate hate
tonight i vow                         
to self-motivate

to take another step
on the path to being great

to be great at what?               
tonight i ask
am i in a rut?               
tonight i ask
need a kick in the ****?               
tonight i ask

but i'm choosing to get better
not a mandated task

they all say                         
take it step by step
they all say                         
improve yourself today
they all say                         
practice makes perfect

but perfection's not my goal
just wanna live the right way

so what's up next?               
they all inquire
are you feeling the effects?               
they all inquire
can you avoid becoming hexed?               
they all inquire

cause apparently life's risky
when you're always climbing higher

so i ask myself tonight
what i'll promise another day
taking into account
their inquiries and what they say

but in the end i won't have been
wrongly led astray
cause when push comes to shove
listen to the "i", not the "they"
I structured this based on the main inputs directing my life - questions and advice:
1. I tell myself things.
2. I question myself.
3. Others tell me things.
4. Others question me.

Input from others is important but in the end, I have to listen to my own voice above the others.
Sep 2019 · 1.8k
MicMag Sep 2019
C8H10N4O2  so  softly  calling
Feel  my  energy  level  falling
I­t  faintly  whispers  my name (psss)
But now I'm just stuck stalling     (uh)
I  try but just can't break  free        (so)
"How about some herbal tea?"     (no)
Your  suggestion  is  appalling  (ugh)
But  coffee?  I'm  al­ways  keen
Need that daily hit of caffeine
Reworked previous poem into the shape of my beloved coffee mug
Sep 2019 · 627
Molecular Addiction
MicMag Sep 2019
The C8H10N4O2 is calling
I feel my energy level falling
As it whispers my name
Now I'm just stalling
Can't break myself free
"How bout some tea?"
Your suggestion's appalling
But coffee? I'm keen
Seeking my daily hit of caffeine
Inspiration found in a local cafe with the molecular formula of caffeine (C8H10N4O2) painted on the wall.
Aug 2019 · 853
MicMag Aug 2019
My heart is a stone
Rolling slowly uphill
At an easy, steady pace
They say life's not a race
They say you're never alone

But it's all just useless, I know
Gravity grips hard with each step
This treacherous ***** grows steep
And helpless, I sow what I've reaped
As I plummet back to the valley below

Pulled two directions by my heart beguiled
I climb, fall, climb, fall, climb and fall again
Still longing for you, for those days long gone
And still trying like hell to get past this, move on
My feeble heart forever stuck in this Sisyphean trial
we fall down again
erstwhile love pulls us back
life leads us in circles
not a straight track
our hearts remain anchored
to endless flashbacks
til death turns us all
to eternal amnesiacs

(Another old found poem reworked and reshaped, probably all for naught)
Aug 2019 · 510
My Secret Sin
MicMag Aug 2019
She lays before me
So enticing
So exciting
Inviting me
To delight in her flavors
To savor her taste
Her hidden treasures
Imparting pleasure
Slowly relishing
Without haste
Her flesh between my lips
Juices flowing, teasing the tip
Of my tongue
With the taste of the one
I'm ravenously craving
Now I'm left satisfied
Raving with joy
Basking in euphoria
Just what I came for
Feeling shameful but blessed
So I have to confess
I'm (mostly) vegetarian
But sometimes I cheat
God, I love a good burger
Can't resist that red meat
Probably the most sultry salute to a burger I've ever written
Aug 2019 · 219
dumbing myself down
MicMag Aug 2019
It used to be
A deliberate process
It used to be
An art
It used to be
Creative, careful
A subtle joining
Of head and heart

now i just like
tap it out you know
who cares about
dumb rules and stuff
as long as i get
likes and shares
why make writing
so **** tough
MicMag Aug 2019
friday afternoon
navigating carefully
senses heightened
on constant alert
always prepared
for an unforeseen encounter

they're scattered
all around town
like a living

sighs of relief
as you enter a safe zone
and turn a corner
when out of nowhere


face-to-face with a coworker

muscles tense
heart sinks
mouth fakes a smile

as awkward small talk commences
and slowly drifts
to the one subject
you'd so desperately
tried to escape


and the week stretches on
into your precious weekend
Aug 2019 · 310
MicMag Aug 2019
Clock says 3:34, Friday afternoon
Waiting for the bell, but it rings too soon
My throat's too parched, butterflies in my stomach
I walk out of class, then I take off running
I hear my voice squeaking, I'm sweating bullets
My heartbeat's racing, I tell myself to cool it
Gotta get myself ready, I'm a nervous wreck
As I put myself out there, stick out my neck
I stroll to her locker, think I'm smooth as butter
Catch her bright gaze, involuntarily I shudder
Never done this before, ****'s scared outta me
So I open my mouth
What's it gonna be?
I squeak out the words
"Will you go out with me?"

No response as she turns back to the metal door
Spins the combination, flicks it back once more
The green rectangle swings open toward me
Now I start to wonder, do I have to repeat?
I quickly say her name, catch her nod from behind
I stare dumbfounded, wish I had a better line
Door slams shut, which way's this gonna go?
She spins then replies...
"Maybe. I don't know."

...Uh, wait, huh? What's that supposed to mean?
I just stare in shock, I feel like I'm turning green
I prepared for the yes, I prepared for the no
But after that answer what the hell do I know?
With a flippant little shrug she brushes right past
Says "I'll catch ya later", disappears into the mass
I'm standing alone, fingers nervously tapping
With a singular thought - What the hell just happened?
I didn't get the yes that I hoped for and expected
And she didn't say no, but I feel pretty **** dejected
Did I get rejected? Well, my ego got bruised
I'm bewildered and perplexed, downright confused
I'm frozen, mystified, as my buddies breeze by
One stops on a dime, spins and looks me in the eye
His expectant look asks a silent yes or no
I just give a little shrug...
"Maybe. I don't know."

They pester me with questions on our long walk home
But I'm totally distracted and I let my mind roam
What does Monday hold in store, will I get an answer?
I feel the panic rising so I join the friendly banter
The weekend creeps by, I'm consumed by my thoughts
Exhausted by the wondering, stomach still in knots
Early Monday morning, confidently stroll to school
But before I reach the door I feel like a **** fool
My eyes scan the grounds and I see where she stands
I spot her...
Another guy...
And their interlocked hands

My jaw drops a foot and I suddenly feel sick
Is she ruthlessly cruel or this a mean trick?
Internally I'm fuming nonstop all day
Externally I'm sweating and the world fades away
It feels like each class is progressively hotter
I ask my last teacher to leave to get some water
The class hears her reply and loses all control
Through the laughter comes her answer...

"Maybe. I don't know."
A (mostly-true) ode to pre-teen relationship angst.
Set to the rhythm of the mid-90s pop-rap of my youth
Jul 2019 · 479
Einmal Ist Keinmal
MicMag Jul 2019
Once is never
Or at least never enough
Life can be quite tough
But einmal ist keinmal

Let's try something new
See if it rings true
That despite what we do
Einmal ist keinmal

No inhibitions, no regrets
Do what we feel like
And never forget
Though einmal ist keinmal

Take risks, be bold
Don't harden your soul
Nor grow stale and old
Einmal ist keinmal

Live in the present
Be now, be here
Have no fear of the future
Cause einmal ist keinmal

Feel this lightness of being
As if nothing matters
Our significance shattered
Einmal ist keinmal

Sieze the moment
Give it your all
Live life to the fullest
Knowing full well
Einmal ist keinmal
Inspired by recent philosophical reflections on the German phrase "einmal ist keinmal", roughly translated as once is never.
Jul 2019 · 826
MicMag Jul 2019
When I feel myself
Beginning to fret
When fear or depression
String me along
The best way to stop it
To jam up the angst
Is to set loose the hands
To break into song

Take note of my thoughts
Tune into my feelings
Pick out a rhythm
And let it ring true
I try but can't quite
Put my finger on why
But my hands 'round this neck
Sure cast out the blues
Jul 2019 · 827
Quantum Entanglement
MicMag Jul 2019
Two particles zooming quickly away
Forever linked no matter where they stray
They've become entangled, their quantum states
Eternally joined in cosmic play

Such is the bond between our souls sublime
Unbroken across all of space-time
We've become entangled, ineffably linked
Our lives fused together in perfect rhyme
Prompt from
Jul 2019 · 554
Long Gone
MicMag Jul 2019
When one disappears
The world keeps on spinning
The saints keep on sainting
And the sinners keep on sinning

When one disappears
Some may stop to wonder
But only a chosen few
Feel their souls torn asunder

When one disappears
Most await new dawn
But some live an endless night
Once their soulmate's gone
Jul 2019 · 390
Presence in Ausencia
MicMag Jul 2019
Hey, where you been?
Long time, no see!
Donde has estado?
Y por qué no aquí?

The honest truth is
I was never really gone.
Si prestan atención
Siempre me verán.
It's been ages since I've written here.
But did I ever really leave?...
Mar 2019 · 624
MicMag Mar 2019
We were all connected
In a very real sense
The universe packed
So infinitely dense

Then instantly exploding
Bursting at the seams
Singularity in harmony
Blown to smithereens
Poem 1 in the Beautiful Words series.

Each poem in this series is prompted by a word from a list I recently discovered of "the 70 most beautiful words in the English language," according to an international survey by the British Council.
Feb 2019 · 2.5k
Politics for the modern age
MicMag Feb 2019
Let's sit down together
And have a discussion
And by that I mean
Lots of yelling and cussin

To your own opinion
You're entitled - that's fine
But your view is wrong
If it's different from mine

If you don't echo my thoughts
I don't care what you think
You're bad for our country
Taking us to the brink

Here's the way it is
No room for debate
And if you don't agree
You're deserving of hate

Evil, conniving,
Dumb or deplorable
Lazy, elitist,
Whatever - you're horrible

Our problems all stem
From the other side
So much for United
We'd rather divide
But don't worry, our side definitely isn't like that at all
Feb 2019 · 626
100 poems
MicMag Feb 2019
Cien poemas
     In less than a year
Muchas palabras
     Flowing line after line
Looking back now
     Digo con confianza
La poesía
     Is the best "waste of time"
This is my 100th published poem on HP.

It's been a fantastic ride sharing in this poetry community, reading brilliant works of art, sparking new ideas, and seeing the power in our words.

Poetry and other forms of art are sometimes derided as a "waste of time." I already disagreed with that sentiment but this past half year or so has shown me again the real value in both reading and writing poetry. So thank you, fellow poets, for making this a great artistic community truly worth our time!
Mil gracias and here's to hundreds more!
Feb 2019 · 794
MicMag Feb 2019
"Nunca te canse de reírse?"
Me preguntó la chica

"Pues no estás de acuerdo
Que riendo con fuerza
La vida es mucho más rica?"
Espero fomentar la alegría en un mundo lleno de problemas, así que esta pregunta me hizo feliz, saber que mis sonrisas y risas no pasan desapercibidas.


"Don't you ever get tired of laughing?"
A young girl asked me

"Well don't you agree
That laughing wholeheartedly
Can make us all feel happy?"

It's my hope to spread joy in a world full of problems, so her question made me happy, to know that my smiles and laughter don't go unnoticed.
Feb 2019 · 376
all the What Ifs
MicMag Feb 2019
What if I'd taken the other path?
Had chosen X instead of Y?
What if I'd turned left instead of right?
What if I'd been a girl instead of a guy?

What if I'd studied this or that?
Been born a king instead of a pawn?
What if I'd taken the other job?
What if I'd stayed instead of gone?

What if I hadn't lived this same life
Leading to here, now, this?
What if I'd never even thought
To ask all these what ifs?
Feb 2019 · 427
she's gone (3)
MicMag Feb 2019
though she's not
here with me now
i'd like to add this
to my vow
además to all
the word's i've sworn
those old promises
now well worn
in sickness
and in health we said
from this day
til death's bed
for richer or poorer
for better or worse
now i'd like
to add this verse

in presence or absence
together or apart
you're on my mind
you own my heart

picturing you
here with me
my mind's eye
can clearly see

you're in front and behind
to my left and my right

(nope -- still gone)

just wish you were here
by my side tonight
Feb 2019 · 1.7k
Midst the Mountains
MicMag Feb 2019
Midst the mountains, sitting so high
Gazing down at a turquoise sea
Nature recites love songs to me
As I release contented sighs
Crickets chirp, sparrows sing, my spirits rise
This is a world to be relished and prized
Midst the mountains

Imagine Earth in perfect harmony
Forgetting war, strife, victim's tortured cries
Escaping all life's pain and lies
Resting here where my heart is free
Midst the mountains
Trying out more poetic forms. This one is a Rondine.

Well on closer review, I didn't actually follow the form correctly. But I still like this one so I'll just leave it as is.
Jan 2019 · 435
The Lazy Cat
MicMag Jan 2019
el gato perezoso
descansa allí
tomando las cervezas
que yo no bebí

abajo se ve
un rio furioso
voy a bañarme
Seguidilla form (from Spain, así que decidí escribirlo en español)

Inspired by my wandering thoughts at a riverside bar/restaurant named The Lazy Cat
Jan 2019 · 324
Killing it
MicMag Jan 2019
**** the old year!
**** the old you!

****** it
Slaughter it
Toss it to the wolves
Watch it die slowly

Your pains and failures and sorrows and mistakes and regrets from the past year
Gasping for their last breath

Stand in triumph over your ****
And seize the new day
The new year
The new opportunities
That now stand before you

So when you look back
A year from now
You will know

You absolutely killed it
Adios, 2018!
Bring it on, 2019!
New year, new you!
Dec 2018 · 505
Mar y Monte
MicMag Dec 2018
Mar y montañas
What a great view del balcón
Mi alma en paz
Mountains, city, sea
The three meet: ¡Increíble!
Thrilled by what I'm shown


Mar y montañas
Mountains, city, sea
What a great view del balcón

The three meet: ¡Increíble!
Mi alma en paz
Thrilled by what I'm shown
Continuing to experiment with poetic forms. Here I combined a few forms and took another stab at writing in Spanish.

2 bilingual haikus - "Baiku"? :) used for a contrapuntal (combining the two by alternating lines to make a third poem), creating a new set of rhyming triplets. It doesn't quite carry a dual meaning like a good contrapuntal but I like the way it sounds anyway.
Dec 2018 · 7.4k
being written
MicMag Dec 2018
sometimes you just
gotta sit down and write
just grab the apple
and take a bite
just take a leap
into the dark night

if you want to be a poet
you gotta write poems
let the words go
wherever the wind blows em

sometimes your lines will ****
other times blow you away
but stay firm on that writing path
don't be led astray
by laziness and perfectionism
saying you can't do it
don't give in, knock em down
push yourself right through it

let the poem be what it is
let its rhymes ring true
knowing as much
as you're writing the poem
it's also writing you
success comes
through failure
improvement comes
through the grind
go ahead
write bad poems
they'll make you better
in due time
Dec 2018 · 733
MicMag Dec 2018
My thoughts run sprints
My mind won't slow down
But when pen's put to paper
No phrases can be found

I knock on their door
But the words won't come out
Locked in their room
They just laze and pout

Inspiration's still here
But my muse has gone mute
Its stubborn vow of silence
Renders my thoughts moot

It's not mere writer's block
I'd say it's more radical
My poetry has decided
To take a sabbatical
Nov 2018 · 400
a little antilove
MicMag Nov 2018
like all, I yearned to love
in spite of potential pain
but now this anti-love bites hard
agony and shock surge through my veins

an army of fury and contempt
rush forth, crown fear both queen and king
this anti-love marches on
attacking with rage-inducing sting

but I can't hate this anti-love, no
I confess when push comes to shove
I cherish the teensy bits of joy
I share with the little ant I love
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018

A love poem
An anti-love poem
Nov 2018 · 471
Found and Lost
MicMag Nov 2018
I once was found
But now I am lost
Took a wrong turn
Got my signals crossed

Used to know who I was
Now I don't have a clue
My world's been flipped
Since I first met you

My life was planned out
I had a grand vision
Now it's been wrecked
By our reckless collision

But I'd rather be lost
On this wild ride
Than find all I desire
Without you by my side
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018

Write a lost poem. Or…
Write a found poem. Or...
Write both.
Nov 2018 · 824
A Haiku, Gust For You
MicMag Nov 2018
Wind whispers to me
"I bring cold, aromas, leaves"
I know life's a breeze
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018

"a private poem"
Nov 2018 · 673
MicMag Nov 2018
Don’t plead like Biebs
Timbaland was right
Too late for "sorry"
Can’t erase the blight
Your apologies
Might seem polite
But all your white lies
Have been brought to light
Selfish transgressions
Brought this plight
Upon your own life
Despite the height
Of your own success
Now it seems so trite
As they kick you out
Into the cold, dark night

Mistakes explode
Like dynamite
As your life ignites
Failures burn so bright
Crashing down in fury
Dead meteorite
You feel the pain
Your enemies delight
Nowhere to hide
Your shame in plain sight

Adrenaline surging
Now it’s fight or flight
So just take a sec
Sit down, rewrite
Reset your future
Set yourself upright
Your values and actions
Gotta reunite
Redemption’s hard
No way to expedite
It’s gonna hurt
But hang in tight
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018

"an apologetic poem"
Nov 2018 · 533
Tired of Procrastinating
MicMag Nov 2018
That's it, I'm done, not once more
I'll never put things off again

I push work back at every chance
My secret slothful sin

Well now I'm through procrastinating
It's time to change my ways

But I don't have the time right now
Swear I'll quit one of these days!
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018

"Tired of _____"
Nov 2018 · 562
MicMag Nov 2018
on a bright yellow stone slab bench
beside a cobblestone path
diving steeply into dark forest

my page illuminated
by the last trace of filtered sunlight
this overcast Friday eve

mountains peeking through low clouds
marking dark silhouettes
against a blue-gray southeast sky
hints of pink paint the western clouds
softly bidding us goodnight

scattered shouts
and musical notes
waft up from the town's bars below
dancing through the trees
flowing to the rhythmic folklore
of the local vallenato band

night closes in
darker each minute
the thin yellow crescent overhead
seizes its moment
shining brighter and louder
through the wispy clouds

as mountains emerge at last from fog
they dissolve just as quickly
into the black sky

all vibrant hues melt away
the bench transforms
dark yellow becomes gray
beneath my weight

one last vestige of color lingers on
the dull red burning on the horizon
sparks an inner fire of gratitude
for every second of light
every second of life

my page descends into darkness
written thoughts plunge back
into the unexpressed depths of the mind

Night falls.
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018.

Nov 2 Prompt:
"write a darkest hour poem"

This is a reworked old poem originally written at dusk in a beautiful mountain setting in Colombia.
Nov 2018 · 1.4k
MicMag Nov 2018
He wants none of it
The unrelenting fame
Paparazzi's lights
Never out of sight
The crushing weight
Of a well-known name

He wants none of it
The life-******* fame
Endless demands
From legions of fans
Happiness funneling
Right down the drain

He wants none of it
The soul-deadening fame
Prestige a cruel mistress
All joys turned to business
Dousing his spirit
To extinguish its flame

No, he craves anonymity
For stardom to cease
To be happy with less
Freed from the stress
True glory found
In a life lived in peace
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018.
"write a glorious poem"

Prompt from Writer's Digest:
Nov 2018 · 360
Poetize Daily
MicMag Nov 2018
Let's try to craft one poem a day
A month of our thoughts conveyed
Just give it a shot
Why the hell not?
Let our words find their own way
November 2018 Poem-a-day Challenge.
I'll be following prompts from Writer's Digest this month. Feel free to join along if you're looking for inspiration!
Sep 2018 · 671
You Keep Me Looking Up
MicMag Sep 2018
impact me
so invigorating
you raise me high
from the deepest valley
to soaring peaks of love & life
pointing me in the right direction
all I have
all I want
all I need
You point me toward the heavens
Sep 2018 · 578
Another Scorcher
MicMag Sep 2018
so effing hot today

my skin melting
fat crackling
muscles sizzling
flesh evaporating
bones cracking
skeleton crumbling
burning down
to glowing embers

even my ashes echoing
lamenting the heat
Did someone turn on a giant oven outside?
Sep 2018 · 438
I get to
MicMag Sep 2018
I don’t have to wake up too early
I get to

I don’t have to go to work
I get to

I don’t have to deal with my neighbors
I get to

I don’t have to eat a healthy dinner
I get to

I don’t have to call my parents
I get to

I don’t have to wash the dishes
sweep the floors
feed the pets
hang the laundry
scrub the toilet
I get to

I don’t have to pack her lunch
with a smile
and a lovely note
I get to

I don’t have to do
the things I dread
or the things I love
I get to

I don’t have to keep on living

I get to!
Another one inspired by WD weekly poetry prompt:
I get (blank)
Sep 2018 · 507
I get started
MicMag Sep 2018
I get started

Just tell myself
First step’s the hardest
First mile’s the farthest

Just tell myself
You got this
You can’t miss

Just tell myself
One step at a time
It’ll all be fine

Just tell myself
You can make it
All the way
Gotta take it
Day by day

Just tell myself
I’m with you friend

I get
To the end
Inspired by WD weekly poetry prompt:
I get (blank)
Sep 2018 · 563
Flipping Frowns
MicMag Sep 2018
Got those early week blues
So please won't you grace
Me with something funny
To put a smile on my face

A feel-good story
Or a friendly life tip
Your best one-liner
Or a clever quip

I just want to laugh
I just want to grin
And against despondency
I just want a win

A cheerful heart is good medicine
Just what the Doctor prescribes
So let's help each other out
With some positive vibes
Sep 2018 · 917
Haiku Challenge
MicMag Sep 2018
A challenge for you:
Try to speak in just haiku
In your normal speech

Give it your best shot
It's really hard, but so fun
In verse, try to preach

Maybe they'll notice
Maybe they won't have a clue
Have fun either way

Live life whimsically
Put a smile on your face
Haiku-ize your day!
Seriously, y'all!
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Sep 2018 · 586
Escuela o qué?
MicMag Sep 2018
Ruidoso, Bullicioso
Jugando, Riendo, Gritando
Tal vez debemos estudiar?...

Noisy, Rambunctious
Playing, Laughing, Shouting
Maybe we should study?...
Inspired by my experiences in some chaotic Colombian schools.

Spanish-English double didactic cinquain.
Sep 2018 · 3.0k
MicMag Sep 2018
Quiero hablar
I'll try in any language
ภาษาไทย ยาก​ มาก
Beyond bilingualism.
Well, I try.

I want to speak
I'll try in any language
Thai is very hard

(The last line is pronounced "pasa Thai yak mak")
Sep 2018 · 2.5k
MicMag Sep 2018
Intercultural, Communicative
Aprendiendo, Escuchando, Hablando
Forgetting my native tongue
The more of a new language I learn, the more it feels like I can't speak English well anymore: bye-bye-lingual

Trying my hand at more Spanish poetry and some new forms as well.
This one I guess is a bilingual didactic cinquain.
Sep 2018 · 531
MicMag Sep 2018
Never has this nation stood as tall
As the day after its great fall
But now?
So many years after we've risen?
Not in ages have we seen such division

Divided we fall
   and united we stand?
Have we somehow flipped
   the values of this land?
That terrible day
   mourning hand in hand
Has faded away
   to competing demands
   of Make Us Greats
   and Yes We Cans

Now we stand opposed
   diametrically divided
   if ever again
   we'll stand
   happily united
In reflection of the national unity in the days following 9/11/01, and where we've gone ever since.
Sep 2018 · 540
Rise & Fall & ...
MicMag Sep 2018
|      two       |          |   a nation   |
|      twin      |          |   built on   |
|    towers    |          | ideals and |
|    rising      |          |  grandest   |
|    so high   |          | immigrant |
|    up into   |          |    dreams    |
|    the sky   |          | (and yes...   |
|    repre-     |          |   on slave    |
|    senting   |          |   labor too)  |
|    soaring   |          |    a nation    |
|   ambition  |         |  of mighty   |
|   & wealth  |         |  paradoxes  |

                       and then
                  world changed

             all                              all        
        reduced     ­                broken    
      to heaping                 by hateful  
    piles of rubble          brainwashed
  and raw emotion     men drowned in
tears & fears & rage.tears & fears & rage

we rose from the ashes
united in mourning
national pride swelling
emotions still swirling

we warmly embraced
neighbors and friends
overwhelmed with grief
paralyzed by anguish

we explosively cursed
those enemies who'd hurt us
simmering in anger
engulfed in fiery rage

we boldly surged into war
to defend and protect
blinded by our deep-set fears
dead-set on vengeance

we let the years pass
we still remember
we still recover
we still rebuild

we still rise

from what is clear
but to where?

please let us be wise
Written quite a few years ago reflecting on the terrible, world-shaking events of 9/11.

Still left wondering the same questions.

How will we remember and honor those who died?

How (and to what) will we rise?
Sep 2018 · 3.6k
MicMag Sep 2018
United  [] [] []  Meanwhile
  we boldly  [] [] []  we fortify        
   decry  [] [] []  our hearts
         the loud  [] [] []  not permitting  
    orange man  [] [] []  entry                    
   wailing for  [] [] []  to anyone         
   a wall  [] [] []  at all          

Aug 2018 · 716
MicMag Aug 2018
Similes that flow
Like calm streams grow to raging
Metaphor torrents
shout out to the friend sparking my shift in literary device
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