at funerals,
you say 'very sorry';
but you never ever,
for anything apologize.

Chan S Jun 22

I apologize,for blaming you.
Because I can only blame myself
You see, all along it's been me.
Me allowing you to treat me the way you've been treating me.
Me allowing You to take my voice away.  
Me allowing You to touch me in ways I did not appreciate.
Me Allowing You to hurt me with your actions.
I should have spoken up.
Used my voice a long time ago.
Then you would've known my words now are not for show.

I apologize, for accrediting you for my life's work.
When I can only accredit myself.
For all my pains and all my strife.
All my wins in my whole life
For my loss' penetrating knife.
It's always been me.
I should have spoken up.
Used my voice a long time ago.
Then you would've known my words now are not for show.

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Lure Pot Jun 20

I look at you and see beauty
I look at you and see honesty
I look at you and see smiles
I look at you and see the style
I look at you and see eyes
I look at you and see cute nose
I look at you and see love
All I need is your love.

I apologize for rudeness
I wish you'll be endless.

It takes a great deal out of you to admit you're wrong.
We don't ever like to own up to it.
Being wrong isn't on anyone's bucket-list.
(At least no one's I know)
I will say one pro of any apologetic situation:
It is a terrific weapon.
A decent apology can bring most anybody
to their knees.
Frankly, I think we should all relish the opportunity.
Make amends for losing the battle,
and as a result win the war.
However don't take this weapon lightly.
It will jade you.
Ruin your concept of sincerity.
Not just for yourself, but for others.
We must never forget that sometimes we really are
I apologize, dear friend, I seem to have ruined your dinner party
with all my talk of apology.

A cynical look at the difficult task of apologizing.

Am I wasting my time waiting on you?
You're so valuable to me and yet,
You choose to damage yourself as much as possible.

I am unsure of you, more now than I have ever been before.
You're foreign to me for once.
There's nothing I can do but sit back and hope for the worst.

We've never been this far from each other.
Please, I don't ever want to be this way again.
I don't ever want to feel this far from you again for the rest of my life.

Even if we hate each other,
Even if there are no words to be said between us,
Please, I beg of you, don't give me silence. At least let me know how you are.

No matter what, I will care.
You have been my top priority always,
And nothing can ever change that.

You mean so much to me...
And it makes me sad to see you so upset....

I'm sorry for everything I did.

I am sorry.  
I will not rest until you know that I am
My eyes will not be dry,
Until you understand how bad I feel.

I am tired.
I haven't slept.
I won't sleep until you pick up the phone
So I can cry and apologize profusely.

I love you so.
I'd do anything for you,  
And I'd never intentionally hurt you.
I'm sorry I brought him up.
I know how protective you are.

I am sorry
I am sorry
I am sorry

I feel like I must say it,
Over and over again,
Even when you accept my apology,
Because I will still feel bad.

I will still be sad,
Even though I am glad
I may even be mad
Because I knew better.

I knew what to do,
I knew what to say
And yet I failed you anyway.

Isha Kumar Feb 19

How do I tell her
that I
lose sleep,
stay up all night,
finding the right words
to say
"Please, don't be mad.
I'm a little sad.
Things are bad.
I want to die."

maxime Sep 2016

dependent, dependent, dependent.
i hate to be dependent.
it's something that shows weakness.
it shows i can't defeat this.

sorry, sorry, sorry.
you tell me not to be sorry.
even though i try my best.
i never succeed, so i cannot rest.

stupid, stupid, stupid.
i feel like i am stupid.
obviously i'm the least of all.
no one cares when i take a fall.

weakling, weakling, weakling.
i am truly just a weakling.
melting from your sweetest words.
hoping my promises have been heard.

a small little snippet. not my best honestly.
cait-cait Aug 2016

I want to be
Cruel type of

with my lips dripping
Blood and my dress
Trailing jewels,
My insecurities hidden between each
Fold of silk, saying
"I can kill if I must//"
but I won't

The kind where
after crying  
my eyes are red-
(Not from sadness
from anger and dissociation,
and people fear what I have not said--
With my  
heart stitches torn open, and ink
Seeping through

and I'll never have to

i am your queen and I love staying in bed all day
Wolfy May 2016

You will not always be wrong
you will not always be right
but in order to learn
you need to apologize

Be humble and know
that atonement is the sacrifice
of only your pride
and you never see that low a price

It doesn't truly matter
who is right or wrong
sometimes you just say that shit
so we can all move along

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