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Monday is a horrible way
to spend
of your life.

I know the math might not be absolutely right, but still...
Seanathon Oct 3
White ivory
Tapping down grey city streets
On a sparking hill once wild and free

The earth in love
And her daughters eye smiling quietly
Beneath flowing hair and golden sunlight

Their countenance
Making Monday breathe more easily
With the promise of afternoon sunshine to be

Bryce Sep 23
Standing upon a terminal of the Pacific,
I am as calm as the waves.
As the sun falls
The colors gradient and gasp an infinite breadth
Of nothingness between the bowing photons.

I am dreary and blue,
Blue as lapis,
Listening to the waves that make no sounds--
But the sifting sands on the edge of the earth.

There is haze on this day,
And the light asks me to see it differently
Than all the days before
It calls to me, an empty voice, saying to me

That it carries the birds
And the winds
And the gulls
And the sins
Of my friends and brothers who live amongst the hills
And dine amongst the trees
And cry together between their sheets

Of metal and mold
Plastic and cold,
The earth gives me a shiver upon my skin.

In this everything,

I am lost.

In this moment,

I am skin.

On the border of the horizon that cuts
The oceans and the air
Ships without sails fight the gales and win,
Coming to rest in their deliverance.
Laura Aug 26
I don't like the rain
It makes me sad and cold
It sends bones down my spine
And shivers to my cold
Something like that

I just want to hide
Deep inside
Feel you holding me tight
Kissing my cheek
And my forehead
Pecking each finger
Calming my waters
During my earthquake

Your heart beats in tandem
With each clap of thunder
Eyes blinking
As lightning strikes
You're the only storm
I'm willing to weather
Put me in the middle
Of your hurricane heart
Until I'm washed away
Lost in the shores of your love
Twisted in a love tornado
Just our bare bodies
In the middle of a storm
Black Friday, will become white Monday, and then yellow Wednesday.
Khoi-San Aug 5
is the sea, I love
behold the wobbling blue sky,
the boat rocks,
my rod drops,
I fall overboard
rush hour for thoughts 'waits
home's warmth and intimacy
that calms ones traffic.
does anybody journal?
any tips
Elijah Lee Jul 2
Monday is second
He is strong
He's a ding-****

He leads them along
A smile on his face
Where it belongs

As he leads us with grace
To the pond
This isn't finished, but here's this!



I'm not sure
how much longer
I can do this...

I thought we just had it last week?
Not again...
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