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Monday's here again
and off to work I go to
to do it all again
and countdown
to that next fix.
i'm a never ending monday morning
you're a never ending friday night
Bansi Adroja Feb 18
We're all just zeros and ones
on a mailing list somewhere
we signed up for
on a whim

Waiting for days to pass
into darkness and oblivion
because who knows
if we matter
in the grand scheme of things

Against this background
of wars and weather change
we fight battles with paperwork
who's turn it was
to load the dishwasher

Who would notice
if we disappeared
lost in the wilderness
A Poem a Day: Monday Mood
Laura Feb 18
When you write a poem
It makes **** more real

The emotions
Come to life
And you feel
All over again
Tears resurface
Anger bubbles over
All that ****
Comes back
Into existence
When all you wanted
Was for it
To go away

That's why
You wrote the poem
You wanted
All the ****
But writing it
Makes it real
All over again

Maybe that's
Why people
Don't write anymore
Maybe that's
Why people
Stop feeling things
Then they
Don't have
To feel them
Laura Feb 12
"Don't you want to make it work?"
I asked
Tears in my eyes
Begging you to stay
Clutching your hand
In desperation
My heart quivering
Fearing the answer
You might give

Nothing ever hurt me
As much as you saying
You didn't
You were done

The cold swept in
And took me away
Far far
From you
Because next to you
I was getting
Frost bite

No longer smitten
Just ******
And frost bitten
Juhlhaus Feb 5
Even though I walked for an hour
In the snow melt mist
Threading my boots
Through the brown salt muck and flotsam
Winter's junk food wrappers
The city just stared vacantly
At its own face in the lake ice
Seemingly as uninspired as me
Not every day can be poetic, right?
Haylin Jan 21
Oh how I dread you
Can you just go away for one more day

You could be anything or nothing at all
You're just Tuesday

**** DAY
I finally get to look forward to the weekend

The day before Friday
Anything could happen, but it wouldn't count

The most annoying day because of Rebecca Black
But it means we have 2 days of no *******

Thank you for no school
But sadly you go by too fast

Ruined because you know tomorrow is Monday
The one day I remember to do my homework
Karo Jan 7
on your
says it all
people fear
what they don't
myrrh Jan 7
Feeling mundane on a Monday
Feeling like a Sunday every single day
Need some kind of healing,
But instead I'm concealing
Don't want to be revealing of my inner disarray
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