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Life is so wretched
You are not effectual
You are bound to desociate
If not today than some day
If not now than then
So why not enjoy today?
Why not enjoy now?
So is it? Life so miserable....
All you can think about life is here
Ekta Oct 6
I never forget you
I tend to ignore you
Cause I can't push myself
Into that spiral
Again and again
Salvador Kent Jun 10
You seem so sad when you laugh.
I still don't understand why.
I can see mourning in your dance,
When I catch a glimpse of your eye

You look at me in a state
Of desperate pleading
And your closed lips whisper
"Unwanted Euphoria" at every breath.

New order ask you how you feel
Over the speaker in the corner.
You want to answer but can't.
Mouth the words instead.

Adolescent night life
Is so false. You say
Outside. Smoking the **** end
Of a cigarette.

How does it feel to abandon old friends?
To love? To cry? Live a bittersweet lie.
Why did you love her that way?
What did she say

As you stared into her eyes
That night. A long long time
Ago. Did she smile in the way
Lovers do in hollywood?

When we talk you challenge me
In ways I never expected.
You reach into my soul
Like Princess Psyche.

I thought we were all young
And sadly dumb
In the modern age.
You tease. You anomaly.

And yet you still stare at me now
Dancing across the room to
The melancholy synth of new order,
Screaming unwanted euphoria.

Take me outside poet.
You say in unwanted bliss,
Make me draw a pretty picture,
Turn off Blue Monday.
I like this one.
You’re sad but there’s no reason to be sad
Heart is throbbing
But you can’t tell nobody
As you have no reason to feel these things
Make others laugh
In hopes you’ll get that in return
Heart continues to ache
Why can’t y’all tell I’m hurting for reals
I wish these long, black days
Would go away
I wish the month of May
Was here to stay
I wish Monday
Would pass away
So that life wouldn't be
As gloomy as it seems.
Anmol Mago Mar 20
sucess to this world
is just failing in a
terribly pleasant way
Archer Feb 24
A new beginning
A fresh start
I have no ties to the past
I burned down those bridges
I watched the ash get carried down river
The blackened stumps are all that remain
There is growth all around me
My eyes not accustomed to the life
The vigor is inspiring
The sun rises
As I do on this morning
Filled with light and warmth
Hopes for this new day
My mind is fresh
Not yet accosted by the sadness
Or the demise of my failures
I mustn't fear the night
Not yet
For only time dictates
The rising and the falling
A boat in the immense oceans
Riding upon the the cresting waters
Or the arching Solaris
Bending across the sky
It knows it will disappear tonight
To be reborn tomorrow
I need to be like Sol
Steady in its travels
And a bringer of light and warmth
Mitch Prax Feb 11
Couldn't sleep again-
I woke up feeling lonely-
It's only Monday.

6:32 PM
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