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Mari Feb 2020
My love life
is wrecked.
because of you
Poetic T Sep 2019
Words are a sail,
 that is either
     Greeted at the port of others.

Or shipwrecked on the rocks  
Ignatius Hosiana May 2019
You needed a boat for self discovery
guided me to a cherished recovery
yes, I healed but you broke me again
Left me how you found me, in pain...
Outsider Mar 2019
My pulse is raising.
Sweat appears in my palms.
My fingertips are turning ice cold.
And so, follows the rest of my body.

I keep asking myself why?
But I can never seem to settle on a proper answer.
It´s an unlike pain,
that doesn´t physically hurt.

An immense trembling
that touches every nerve,
of my wrecked system.
It´s something that I can never understand.

I cannot quite grasp,
what my body is trying to tell me.
I´m forcing myself to insanity.
The sight of you makes me happy.
When you call me by my nickname,
It makes my heart flutter.
When you tease me,
I seek for more.
Am I completely wrecked by you?
It is sad that I don't have chances for you too.
The sight of you with kids,
Makes me fall more.
Is this a chance to forget my bunny?
Wrote this long time ago though. Kinda sequel for the previous one.
MC Escano Jan 2019
All beyond reaches of our own
Stretch of sea, land of the deep
In deathly still waves
Carried the weight of prophecy

Circumnavigating ---
Wrecked ship, so as I
Syphoned by the time

Pitch black in heart of sea
In this river of abyss, wake of sorrow
Darkness shrouds our being

Colors of my soul stolen
Fading, further and farther
From my spirit
Drowning into your darkness

As I gaze into abyss
And gaze upon mine
See no reflection
But drowned to your eyes
It's a wrecked persona who let himself find his love in the midst of sea with his shipwreck, so is he. It's about facing the truth that love cannot be found, it finds you.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2018
How do you still not understand?
Could never forget the life we enjoyed
You are a storm wreaking continuous havoc
With a single breath I am left destroyed

Every petal you touch gets wrecked
Hurts too bad to endure another round
Fingers feel like lightning burning my skin
Even removed tingled where your hand wrapped around
Do you ever get that electric feeling whenever someone you love takes their hand away? Almost like a phantom hand is still there?
MicMag Nov 2018
I once was found
But now I am lost
Took a wrong turn
Got my signals crossed

Used to know who I was
Now I don't have a clue
My world's been flipped
Since I first met you

My life was planned out
I had a grand vision
Now it's been wrecked
By our reckless collision

But I'd rather be lost
On this wild ride
Than find all I desire
Without you by my side
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018

Write a lost poem. Or…
Write a found poem. Or...
Write both.
daniellaap Oct 2018
currently in a battle with a dream
I have not expected to be this hard,
to be this complicated & mind-wrecking
until I realized, I'm trapped

trapped inside a prison cell
fighting for glory without strength, without drive
I'm beginning to feel my flesh, my soul
gradually turning black, burning down

this is not what I wanted, what I wished for
maybe this is not for me
i'm failing, falling too many times,
too tired to get up again and again

years passed, this is the last
I wonder if I am to escape atlast
before the time ticks too fast,
that I'll perish into bones and pass
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