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Zhavaed Haemaed May 2020
Whatever you want to do, whoever you want to embrace, do so today. The mind creates an illusion of a better future.. but there can only be so many tomorrows, let alone a promised future. The only thing that ever mattered or will matter is the here and now. Relish. Flourish .. and take flight.
Aaron L Osgood Feb 2020
All my poems be about romance and stuff.
I never jumped over the edge took a chance on stuff.
But I may have peaked and glanced at stuff.
I may have needs like financing stuff.
I’m trying to gain profit on monopoly.
Not talking board game, not it obviously.
My reality is stuck on apologies.
Sorry, Forgiveness, Excuses, Yeah I abused.
If the words are free then I won’t refuse to use it.
I’m not advertising but that symbol said, “Just Do It”
So I’m going to do it and try to get it done.
Pray for a brother my sister nun.
God is the father, I’m just his son.
Raised by the church but not from birth.
We’re all born of sin, God lift this curse.
We all want to win, Quench this thirst.
Billie Aug 2019
The moment right before.
That's THE moment.
What it's all about.
Will I? Won't I?
I know I will.
The breath in, deep
Before the leap!
Darkness. Falling, aaah; splash!
Pop. Glug glug, gulp; yumm!
Vasoconstriction and focus.
Followed immediately by
Vasodilation and calm.
Take the leap. Off the dock. Into love.
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2019
And if it hurts
It worth
That’s all

And learn
Being too real
That's the way

All you have is
Hold on the hope
Breathing deeply
Believing the universe
Waiting for return
Before the world end
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Just do it
There’s still time.
Despite it all, there’s

Things I thought
I’d someday do, I

Gave up on
forgotten goals. But,

Time pursued
me and called me. I

There’s still time!
I’m always here! Do

I did it.
Without thinking, life

I did things
I gave up on, in
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MicMag Nov 2018
Let's try to craft one poem a day
A month of our thoughts conveyed
Just give it a shot
Why the hell not?
Let our words find their own way
November 2018 Poem-a-day Challenge.
I'll be following prompts from Writer's Digest this month. Feel free to join along if you're looking for inspiration!
Arke May 2018
you define who you are
by maybes and not-so-bads
as boundaries disappear between us
I see a filled canvas of colour
every brush stroke placed perfectly
you are the epicentre of art
truth and beauty collide

some truth you have yet to uncover:
no one of us is complete
everything disowned can be recovered
your inhibitions are fantasy
you cannot maintain a status quo
that makes you unhappy
or expect happiness in the static

instead, invest in yourself
you need time to grow
a thousand seeds in a desert
will never create a garden
just as a thousand compliments
will never bloom if you don't
first learn
to love yourself
elizabeth Feb 2017
My type of poetry
Is not meant to bring
Joy, happiness, and warm feelings.
It is meant to cause
The hardest of hearts to feel,
The driest of eyes to cry,
And the toughest of men to feel weak.
It is not meant to be read aloud;
It is meant to be read while
You are alone at night, crying
Because you are tired.
It is meant to let you know
That someone else out here
Feels your pain and knows what it's like.
It is meant to break you down
And help you build yourself
Up again because you are strong.
You will make it through this.
You'll make it through
Because deep down,
You know you aren't searching
For poems about depression
Late at night because you want
Inspiration to **** or hurt yourself.
You want to know someone else
Out there in this cruel
******* world understands.
You want to know someone cares,
And that someone else feels the pain.
You want to know it gets better,
That there is in fact a light
At the end of the tunnel.
And let me tell you,
I struggle too.
Most days, I can't see that light,
That faint residue of hope.
But that's okay.
Because it's the journey that counts.
And you and I
Are on this journey together.
February 24, 2017.
Everyone struggles. Everyone goes through the pain of life. Some of us have it worse off than others, and that's okay. Because we all have the same strength. It's not about being weak or not, it's about having the ***** to get back up and try your hardest to make it a better day. And I know you can do it. It's been hard for me the past few years, what with battling my depression and also dealing with some minor PTSD, panic attacks, and the like. But I'm still here. I have bad days, and worse days, just like everyone else- but I'm still here. And that's what counts.
It will get better, I know it will. Just believe in yourself, even when no one else does. Because one day, you will be able to stand up tall and say "I did it. I made it. I've won."
Stay strong, everyone.
Much Love,
Ryan V Feb 2017
Life isn't meant
To be spent
Treading  brackish water,
Never knowing
Whether to swim to sea
Or go upstream
The fresh waterways
Of the nostalgia days
Streaming home or
The salty waves
Of the horizon gazing
Back at me pulling away.
Is the undertow grasping
While I remain gasping
For just one breath
Better than knocking knees
Against rock shallow depth,
Mindlessly floating at ease
With the current it seems,
Still gently row row rowing
Navigating against growing,
A life only wishing for dreams.
Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
Who is this H.P. Lovecraft,
was he even a poet,
this whole industry’s a bloodbath,
I’ve got four aces in my hand and I’m willing to show this,

to who’s pleasure do I owe this,
how can I be the greatest,
when they’ve got me battling ghost,
in this never ending matrix,

I ate the red pill and the blue pill,
maybe that’s why I’m so confused,
plus THT1 should be #1 for real,
but right now it’s sitting at #2,

I’m behind a dead man,
Mr. H.P. Lovecraft,
fck that,
fame is a deathtrap,

who is this H.P. Lovecraft,
not even alive some random published his book,
now he’s at #1 and I’m at #2 worldwide,
for real take a look!

I just published a new book,
take a moment to check it out,
all profits go to charity,
to prevents child abuse and ****** assault,

so not only are you getting an epic book of poetry,
but you're also supporting a good cause no doubt,
because I believe we can change this world for the better,
but we have no time to waste so let’s start now!

Here’s the link to the new book:
For real...
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