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Sammi Yamashiro Sep 2020
Nearing addict
status; once spurned pure black
but now it’s my composition.

my thoughts;
next round is scotch:
Next, I’m alcoholic.
Yet, withdrawal never latches.
I’m safe.
Two Cinquains. Describes how I overindulge in coffee (I once couldn't stand the taste of black coffee and now I can't get enough of it) and I fear that alcohol will do the same to me (I don't like the taste of it but maybe I'll love it too much like I do coffee). Yet, even with coffee, I can drink heavy amounts of it for days and be completely fine (not experience withdrawal symptoms).
So with my anxious thoughts, they seem like they will stick with me forever but in the end, I'll be fine.
Deepti S P May 2020
Pitter-patter, Petrichor
Lightning, Peals of thunder, Gusty winds
A feeling of freshness
Feel the rain
Megan Matthews Apr 2020
It will reveal
Things you already knew,
Like the scars you see on your skin.
Lost, Found.
roiling across,
just as sea tempests toss'd.
Frost'd froth on brackish peaks churn
the sky.
White Wolf Mar 2020
I hear

The footprints near

And feel their beating heart

Not knowing their distant remarks

Now past
Derrek Estrella Feb 2020
Take your idle day
And gasp in abject horror
When it slips away
Past the dime-sized hole
Of a bygone tomorrow
JΛM Jan 2020
Snowflakes 'round me:
Bird wings beat hushedly;
Spoken words ripple silently
JΛM Jan 2020
The bar.
New personas,
Rare from near to afar.
Tangling in the smoldering lights,
With haste.
JaxSpade Nov 2019
Almighty God
Empower me with strength
Cure my insatiable weakness
Through Christ
1 noun
2 description of noun
3 action
4 feeling or effect
5 synonym of the initial noun
22 syllables five lines unrhymed poem
Syllable count 2,4,6,8,2
There should be a turn by the 5th line or just before it
This form was created by Adelaide Crapsey
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