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Down a
forgotten lane
in a canyon of corn,
a blue ban calls new life to this
old world.

around the stall.
Don't let the foal's whiney
be an unanswered question to
live ears.

legs held us all
when we were fresh and blind
Take pride in teaching to see a
new soul
#15 in my Year One collection, from notes on 1/21
rgz May 15
Hear me
Lend me your soul
Bear my heart, audio
You are replete under my spell
True Sound
So many sounds are musical but some music is a sound all its own
rgz May 14
I would love to
but I know I shouldn't
that's exactly why I want to
**** it
Look up,
slowly they fall,
the ashes turned snowflakes
of stars who abandoned the sky
come home.

“Midnight Snow”
Madhumita Apr 30
afternoon in
bed, quietly vacant
mind, quite a serene time doing
NaPoWriMo Day 30
Poetry form: Traditional Cinquain
Sylph Apr 9
Cold World
Alot of it is
Sometimes some warmth will grasp through
Like when someone says that they love you
Warm again
I wanted to try a Cinquain poem... Im going to start trying new styles to keep learning on my journey in this part of my life.
The march
never tells true
stories of weary legs.
Through great jungles of green and steel,

Press on,
we urge against
the ground dragging beneath.
Unconquerable, every day
they walk
#7 in my Year One collection, from notes on 11/16
elaine Jan 31
unique, special
some are caring, some not
others start loving, some just stop
Crimson Jan 23

The stars
They shine so bright
Guiding me in the dark
They are not alone but lonely

thank you for reading! (reposted)
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