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As years they did pass I knew In my heart that our years together were
through illness Helen suffered our days were closing
and door to our life together was always wide open
was slowing starting to close the light In Helen's eyes had begun to
and sadly I knew she was losing her fight to live
the days of our life where numbered and fast coming to an end
The days together where fast coming to an end the door to
life starting to close
Johnny walker Mar 12
Helen was a poorly girl she
toward the end before I lost her the mental state of her illness started to return may have also had the start of
Some of the things Helen would come out with, could be hurtful but then again they also could be very funny
I remember Helen's breathing had become a problem had to call the paramedic she had only a few weeks earlier been In Lincoln
she had nearly died there she hated It there, I knew Grantham Hospital doors
closed 6 pm I had to make the call to get In Grantham Hospital
before they shut the doors because It would mean going to Lincoln so I told Helen I making the call understandable didn't want to go
but I knew she be looked after In Grantham Hospital  I told her, and she said you make the call I won't love you anymore
knew Helen didn't mean this
It was her illness talking, I made the call  from the kitchen and went back to her and I said don't you love anymore
with no expression emotion nothing she just said of cause I don't my son had to laugh If you didn't you would have cried she was unaware of what she was
I had no problem forgiving her I had lived through those early days when she was really ill but
Improved over the years so It was a little bit hard to face all of this a second time around but I loved and that all
Helen before I lost started to become unwell again signs if dementia maybe she could say sometime could be hurtful but also could be Incredibly funny
But loved no matter what
Mary Frances Oct 2018
We started with sweet,
sensual exchange of words.
But instead of ending up
under the sheets,
we ended up with broken hearts.
MicMag Sep 2018
I get started

Just tell myself
First step’s the hardest
First mile’s the farthest

Just tell myself
You got this
You can’t miss

Just tell myself
One step at a time
It’ll all be fine

Just tell myself
You can make it
All the way
Gotta take it
Day by day

Just tell myself
I’m with you friend

I get
To the end
Inspired by WD weekly poetry prompt:
I get (blank)
Ivy Leigh Sep 2018
As to why I never cut my hands,
it was already painful to write.
So painful I carry the pen in my hand
and am already shaking.
I get paper cuts from too much reading,
but with how I used to cut
my fingers would end up scarred.
I never cut my hands
because I am too busy painting my nails
or putting on makeup so I can
binge drink at the next party.
There are so many ways I could hurt myself
but I would never hurt my hands
because then I would feel the rough edges
of the scars and scabs as I tough myself
trying to get myself to fall asleep.
I don't cut my hand.
My hands aren't worthy of the pain
I have and do inflict upon myself.
Somehow they deserve better.
I can't justify the logic, but I live it.
I never thought of it.
But that last memory, slip of the knife, got me thinking
and feeling the cuts and hurt,
I still crave because my blood
is the creative juice that I am missing.
In my writing
and my acting
and my being.
To remind me that I am breathing
that I am living
and have things to fall back on
other than plastic feelings.
I know I am only temporary
and always growing.
I hope I can forget my feelings.
Or rather feeling-memories making
me forget that I am worthy.
And perfect.
And oh-so temporary.
a keeper
Jolan Lade May 2018
She arrived like rain on fire
She possessed my every desire
She poured fuel into my cup
Inserted a sparkplug and started me up
Rocket engine fired up, boost activated and racing towards the top
Exiting the atmosphere
Never has my vision been so clear
Stars and planets cheering in excitement
Her voice is my drive in a space so silent
Thundering past gas giants and supernova’s
Competing against science in alliance with the gods, odds in our Favour
Hearts greater than nature
My saviour
Far off star struck
sankavi Apr 2018
and everything else started fading
when i lost trust
Lure Pot Dec 2017
I feel like I need to tell
you, my life is very easy
and maybe so crazy
sometimes I am happy
sometimes I feel unwell.
What can I do with my life?

I just got started loving someone
but nobody knows about it
because my Love is still shy
that's probably why.
What can I do with my Love?
but Idk
Aby Alvarez Jul 2017
I still remember that night when we first met
You were celebrating your friend's birthday
and within a blink of an eye, our group clicked right away
That night, that moment, feels just like yesterday

I still remember that night when we first kissed
That night which I truly miss
You even asked for one more kiss
then your hands perfectly traced my cheeks

The best things in life really do happen unexpectedly,
Our story may not began beautifully
but everything happened so smoothly
A story in a short period of time, made both of us happy

I will never forget every single night that we're together,
That night where it all started,
that night where you confessed,
and lastly, the night where our story ended.

It's been one hell of a ride
Thank you for being by my side
You made me believe in something again,
and that something is what they called love.
Janae Jul 2017
I will not fade away
I'm going to make it worthwhile
I'll live so long I might even meet
your great great great grandchild

If you want to destroy me
so be it
If you want to hurt me
this negative energy bounces off
of me to you so fast you
won't believe it

Since you want to be tough
come on
let's get it over with
a battle I know I'll win

I'm going to put up a fight
that you'd wish you never started
this isn't for the fainthearted
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