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Gale L Mccoy Sep 22
how to i remove the topper
stomped on top of my head
why do i see through
lime stained goggles
no amount of elbow grease
unscrews the top
nor clears the glass

when were these
peanut butter walls built
the thoughts like gnats and flies
pile in layers to the wall
clear away one and
another grows grotesque
like an apartment
paired with depression

all i want is a clean slate
to build a new
Dayna Aug 26
Why would any man wish to carry ambition? Motivation? Drive? When he can come lay here by my side. And only worry about the falling leaves from the trees outside. He can hide under the covers, and be as warm as he likes. Don't worry about the future, don't worry about the past, don't worry about the present. Just Lie here and rest. Rest, and dream, dream about all your life could have been. Dream about the ideal life, and live in it. All without the work. Isn't it better? Up in your head? aren't your dreams living better? Lets live together. In your head.
girl gonzo Jul 5
eating fast food as I watch you wear your old Hawaiian t shirt you adopted from the bottom of a bin at the local thrift shop because everything has always been comfort over style and you can't change now
a fry falls onto the lap of my thighs and you ask me when the last time was I used my kitchen floor for dancing instead of pacing around but my mind falls short into the drops of condensation sweating into a couch that I hate sometimes and admire for the sturdy way it always manages to **** up my back
I'm already what I want to be but I pretend that I throw around my identity like a knick-knack hacky sack and I'll always blame you for the aftershock effect of feeling like I've been spun in a tumbler and left to be drunk by the gnats you breed by never throwing old fruit away
a poem about laziness and the unbearable heat of july
oh sweet merciful vacation
holiday your sloth is grace
lay me further into bedding
let not the sun ****** my face

for it is here in bed im cradled
give me only moments rest
i am weary from my labor
comfortably beneath deaths breast
Pyrrha Jan 25
If tomorrow I awoke in a hospital room
To be told I'd been in a coma for most of my life
I know I'd ask for five minutes more
Because this dream has left me
So tired, so exhausted
Even if its all just been a long sleep
It hasn't been long enough
Matt Sol Jan 20
A pass between
the ceiling stints,
ivy sinews,
and unhinged bricks.
The broken glass
still shifts and cracks
in narrow steps
of a time passed.

Streams of oil,
weaving between,
to a seamless,
tar and fissure,
smoke clouds pummel,
passing stranger,
surging street lights,
to the waves of.

On the edge of
the coming rain,
consignment times
as beauty lies.
Murals, Surrealism
Love the sloth in my mind
Busy sloth-ing away it’s time
The cheetah, somewhere around
Slogging away all the while
The two at loggerheads
Tearing up my heart
The Mind, a multitasker
The Heart put to tasks
Time to summon the tortoise
I surmise
LiteratusZR Dec 2018
Craving for a lost soul,
Darkness all over my head
Happy when you're miserable,
Your jealousy I know where it'll lead.

Ecstatic feeling for your lust,
Your wrath that fed my heart.
Wrap my body with your pride that last,
For my demons on your head that chant.
MicMag Nov 2018
That's it, I'm done, not once more
I'll never put things off again

I push work back at every chance
My secret slothful sin

Well now I'm through procrastinating
It's time to change my ways

But I don't have the time right now
Swear I'll quit one of these days!
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018

"Tired of _____"
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