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Chicken Sep 22
The veggie burger of dismay
Long may it be there
Where it lay
At the bottom
It’s just for fun :D
My professional life
Started right here
At the Dairy Keen

My first job
Felt more like
Just friends

Hanging out,
The MaWhinneys

It was a second home
One that just
Happened to pay me

And when
I'm real lucky
These days

Big David comes back
In town and the
Train opens up again

On the Sabbath for
Free for family
And for close friends

And the train won't turn on
And neither will the registers
But all the magic will still be here


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August 19, 2019
MicMag Aug 16
She lays before me
So enticing
So exciting
Inviting me
To delight in her flavors
To savor her taste
Her hidden treasures
Imparting pleasure
Slowly relishing
Without haste
Her flesh between my lips
Juices flowing, teasing the tip
Of my tongue
With the taste of the one
I'm ravenously craving
Now I'm left satisfied
Raving with joy
Basking in euphoria
Just what I came for
Feeling shameful but blessed
So I have to confess
I'm (mostly) vegetarian
But sometimes I cheat
God, I love a good burger
Can't resist that red meat
Probably the most sultry salute to a burger I've ever written
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
Chocolate chips creamy cheese cake, chum,
Chilled with chunks of chopped cherries in ***.
Try chilly chips with saucy chops,
Or chicken cheeseburgers with spicy chips.
It's chef's chic choice hmmm....
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
I feel like Hamburglar,
I went to the Burger Bar
of gifts, like you did, hah hah!
Yes, there's a Burger Bar of life,
Who does get one with the lot? No strife,
We all have gifts, I guess,
A burger bar for life, no less!
Feedback welcome.
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
When I last went out for dinner,

People were looking at me weird,

It's only when I got home late,

I saw burger in my beard.
Chris T Nov 2015
the other day i sat alone having lunch in a McDonalds.
i found the Big Mac enjoyable and the wedge fries good enough
but what i truly loved was the cold-*** Oreo McFlurry.
actually, that's a half-lie because the cold-*** Oreo McFlurry
wasn't the only thing i truly loved from that McDonalds lunch.
when i was McSpooning the creamy goodness using my left hand,
the hand that should be reserved for ice cream related endeavors,
this girl wearing a polka-dot dress and a beret came in, stood in line,
and i heard her order: Big Mac, wedge fries and an Oreo McFlurry.
she anxiously tapped her right foot, the foot that should be reserved for tapping,
and i felt love for the first time in months. i didn't know her but i was in love.
it was the kind of momentary love developed for strangers that makes you think:
"****. I wish we could sit together in silence at a McDonalds, mouths full,
eating Big Macs, wedge fries and McFlurries being the envy of McDonalds residents."
and then the stranger asks for her order to go and the universe collapses.
the momentary love begins fading slowly and the fantasy is enveloped by greasy fast food smells.
reality is a *****, girl in the polka-dot dress and beret.
it's been 5 minutes since you left. i miss you.
it's been 10 minutes since you left. i've tried forgetting you.
McDonalds mystery girl gone but not forgotten. I do like a polka-dot dress. Hot af.
Lexy Aug 2015
As dusk sets on this pasture
somehow a burger wrapper manages to find its way back home.
This sense of vapid euphoria sets in among the cows,
as they all gather to greet their brethren...
So different in form,
yet it's as if the farmer never took him away
in the first place.

And as I sit at this desk
under a parade of fluorescent lights,
I can't help but be ushered down the hallways of my mind.

Life cycles, yet is a burger any less of a cow?

Now I can greet the trashcan with a new found sense of kinship.

— The End —