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Andrew Rueter Jun 2021
Frozen and packaged
then pulled out and ravaged

put on the grill
to give them their fill

flipped and fried
on the more tender side

pressed against the surface
for a convenient purchase

throw in some sauce
to cover up the flaws

put in a bag
that’s easy to grab

eaten and discarded
as someone jokes that they farted.
Bardo Feb 2020
All I wanted to do
Was go to the Moon
It's where they all said, it was at
"Why, it was amazing up there!"
It was the place to go
The place to be
You just had to go there
It just had to be seen.

So! So I went to the Moon
And they all smiled at me
And nodded their heads
"Isn't it beautiful ?", they all said
Yes, I replied, it's... it's beautiful
It's just like... like a great big
A great big...... Quarry!!!
Lots of rocks and shale and dust and

About as empty as my soul
And empty as yours as well I fear.


(Maybe I could set up a hamburger
   stall there
Sell Moonburgers and nice crispy
   Saturn onion rings
At least least then they'd be filled with something).
I was reading somewhere where some celebrities wanted to be the first to book their flights to go to the moon. Someone was planning one day to have a commercial route to the Moon. Now I'm a big Sci-fi fan (what would have become of us without Captain Kirk & Mr. Spock when we were growing up). But I wouldn't cross the road to go to the moon LOL.
MicMag Aug 2019
She lays before me
So enticing
So exciting
Inviting me
To delight in her flavors
To savor her taste
Her hidden treasures
Imparting pleasure
Slowly relishing
Without haste
Her flesh between my lips
Juices flowing, teasing the tip
Of my tongue
With the taste of the one
I'm ravenously craving
Now I'm left satisfied
Raving with joy
Basking in euphoria
Just what I came for
Feeling shameful but blessed
So I have to confess
I'm (mostly) vegetarian
But sometimes I cheat
God, I love a good burger
Can't resist that red meat
Probably the most sultry salute to a burger I've ever written
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
Chocolate chips creamy cheese cake, chum,
Chilled with chunks of chopped cherries in ***.
Try chilly chips with saucy chops,
Or chicken cheeseburgers with spicy chips.
It's chef's chic choice hmmm....
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
I feel like Hamburglar,
I went to the Burger Bar
of gifts, like you did, hah hah!
Yes, there's a Burger Bar of life,
Who does get one with the lot? No strife,
We all have gifts, I guess,
A burger bar for life, no less!
Feedback welcome.
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
When I last went out for dinner,

People were looking at me weird,

It's only when I got home late,

I saw burger in my beard.
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