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MicMag 4d
Let's sit down together
And have a discussion
And by that I mean
Lots of yelling and cussin

To your own opinion
You're entitled - that's fine
But your view is wrong
If it's different from mine

If you don't echo my thoughts
I don't care what you think
You're bad for our country
Taking us to the brink

Here's the way it is
No room for debate
And if you don't agree
You're deserving of hate

Evil, conniving,
Dumb or deplorable
Lazy, elitist,
Whatever - you're horrible

Our problems all stem
From the other side
So much for United
We'd rather divide
But don't worry, our side definitely isn't like that at all
DG 5d
Whenever I cry it isn’t obvious.
I’m not loud and I don’t get ****
I just sit quietly, breathing, my eyes slowly dripping, as I’m thinking
About the things and the people that got me to this point
But most of all, myself.
DG 5d
Though my eyes are green
They cannot see the finer things
Words always rip my heart at its seams
My own, or said by other beings
If you give me love, I’ll give you wings
I’ll worship you with much extremes
And if you leave me, by all means
These green eyes will weep burning streams
This is about all of my exes, friends no longer with me, and people I’ve had eyes for
Lost 6d
i type distantly
like the hands
that hold my phone
are alien appendages
attached to a body
from a different space
and a different time

but it is 1:13am now
and i am rooted here
in the physical world
my atoms buzzing and humming
dancing through the atmosphere
confined to this vessel
of meat and bones
that i have no choice
but to animate

i am here
condemning this physical form
to the four corners of my room
i switch between
writing to an operator
for a crisis text line
and spilling my insides
onto the lines i write here

this is how i spend my nights

it is 1:39am now
i canceled the text service
because i am tired
and i don’t find solace
in condescending
impersonal advice

believe it or not
i am a self-aware human being
and after six years
of making myself bleed
it actually has occurred to me
that i could find a hobby
or snap a rubber band
on my shaking wrists
and i have tried whatever unfulfilling
underwhelming trick
you have to offer

your intentions are always good
dear operators
but *******
your ignorance
is astoundingly

it is 1:56am
and i feel just as alone as before
but just a little more frustrated
and closer to sleep
than when I started
I found this while looking through my notes. It was written in May.
DG Feb 12
The messed up part about it all is,
I still find comfort in your lies
Even though I know the truth.
mal frost Feb 6
it is-
no, I don't really care,
yes, I'm okay

it is-
no, I didn't cry
yes, I'm "chill" with you

it is-
no, I didn't even like you like that
yes, I'm not heartbroken

it is-
no, I'm not crazy, not crumbling to pieces, not losing my mind
yes, we're all going to die, so it doesn't matter anyway

is it-
yes, I'm not "okay"
no, that's not "okay"
DG Feb 6
I hate that
Even after all you’ve said
I still crave to hold your hand
Hold it tight
As if I let go, all of the happiness in the world would escape  
Not a word needed.
You don’t have to kiss me.
Don’t have to love me. . .
I just want to hold your hand . . .
be careful
what you say
you don't want
your tongue
ripped out

- katrina ******
whenever some people think it's okay to make snide little comments to me, i always wonder why they think it's okay to say those kinds of things. what are you benefiting out of that? what are you getting out of making those back-handed comments? are you trying to hurt me? get a reaction out of me?nobody benefits out of being unkind. what you put out into the universe circles back to you. if you think your life is going to be **** one day, guess what? it's going to be **** that day. if you talk down to people, you know exactly what i'm about to say. i hear many things. i just choose not to focus on them. i have better **** to worry about because those things are improving me and my life. so don't gossip. keep your mouth shut when it's needed. people always find out the things you say. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
DG Feb 4
All of my poems these days seem to be about you as if you actually care or something
DG Feb 4
If only we could start over
Not middle school start over
Just start over to that cold, dark school bus
Where I think you stole my affection first
And I told you how great you did
Even though you got last place
And you smiled and so did I
And it was all downhill from there
But in a good way
Because that smile you gave me was intoxicating
And you continued to give me that smile
In the halls, in the selfies you sent me, at my play, when you met my family, when you graduated..
I want to go back
And relive that bittersweet moment
That was so scary, and it went so fast
When you held my hands with that concerned look
After I gave you that note
In front of the comp teacher’s door
And that day you texted me
And told me we could only be friends
Because you were leaving..
But did you ever leave?
You’re just a friend
Just as I’m just a friend
We’re just two friends who happen to love each other
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