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What else can you see?
Other than displeasure
And the feeling of vexation.

A moment alone
In isolation,
And yet, what happened to your creation?

What happens when it gets to you?
The fever, the rage,
When you realise that nothing suits you, but a cage?

There is nothing created for you
You must embrace the solitude,
But what else could you do?

When you're feeling like being shackled
Without escape
MicMag Aug 23
My heart is a stone
Rolling slowly uphill
At an easy, steady pace
They say life's not a race
They say you're never alone

But it's all just useless, I know
Gravity grips hard with each step
This treacherous ***** grows steep
And helpless, I sow what I've reaped
As I plummet back to the valley below

Pulled two directions by my heart beguiled
I climb, fall, climb, fall, climb and fall again
Still longing for you, for those days long gone
And still trying like hell to get past this, move on
My feeble heart forever stuck in this Sisyphean trial
we fall down again
erstwhile love pulls us back
life leads us in circles
not a straight track
our hearts remain anchored
to endless flashbacks
til death turns us all
to eternal amnesiacs

(Another old found poem reworked and reshaped, probably all for naught)
David J May 27
This world is so cruel
You expect me to still play?
You took everything
I always end up this way

Please just let me go
Why did you do this to me,
Make me fall in love
Only to say it can't be

I don't love like most
See I will love forever
So saying goodbye
Is the hardest thing ever

We could make it work
But a decesion I must make
Her or family
Neither path happy to take

Shes my everything
But my family is too
It hurts me so much
Saying bye to you...
We both love each other so much. Its like I found a soulmate, we were perfect. But just one thing. Were both from strong relegious familys of diffrent faith.... sigh. My close friend agrees, shes friends with us both that our love wasnt your typical highschool romance. We both were sincire and we both loved unconditionally. It woulda lasted forever. I think the fact we both know it woulda worked is what makes it so hard... she was perfect. I woulda been so incredibly lucky. I love you, thank you for your kindness and the good memories... goodbye
Mickey May 17
I’d like to think that you are evil, pure evil.
Cause people who are pure evil, they don’t know better.
They hurt people on a daily.
If you are pure evil, hurting me would be something you can’t help.
It would be something written in your veins.
Something doomed to happen.
And most importantly,
it wouldn’t  be by choice.
an0nym0us May 9
Your world was black and white
I presented you a beautiful sight
I aided your falling world
I saved you with painful words.

I am always aiding all of you
I promise to always save you
I hit you when you're being irrelevant
But now I am feeling very distant

You all salute my strength
But you never knew the truth...
The tough steel was bent
Indeed, disappointment is the fruit.

I am at the very bottom
Again, as if waiting for autumn.
But I prefer spring...
Because I'm walking in winter, desperately surviving.

I wish for reinforcements
Due to this storm, I'm breaking and leaving fragments.
From here, home is still far.
Walking alone, navigating through the stars.

I'm getting really tired...
But falling asleep in the snow, please give me fire.
Someone please, oh please rescue me
I don't want to say goodnight, its too early.
Do you ever feel like folding into someone
Head against their chest
Limbs tangled
Calm, quiet, safe

I wish I didn't feel this way.
Samaah noor Feb 6
a dance of daggers,
a beautiful disaster
your love which
consumed me,
is now
reason of my
empty heart.

you told me that i was pretty
but i looked prettier on my knees.
you hurt me,
roses want blood, and grace.

you’re a doomed rose
painted my body
you said
love is pain
but is it really?

all i ever wanted
was for us to be beautiful.
Captain Lucas Jan 15
Those breathless moments,
after words so dishonest,
makes me wonder about the true love existence
whilst in distance, i can feel perseverance fading so far away...

I tried to combine what life decided to divide
and even after all these years,
my eyes still doomed with tears
so why should us hide -or deny- our beautiful delight?

The more it hurts, the more I know it's real
what I don't really know its how am I supposed to feel?
Ezra Yelverton Dec 2018
he has a darkness in him;
secrets that would leave
your heart cold.
the truth is, he’s broken.
loss is something he knows.

when you lose someone
that close to you,
you only ask for what
you need to survive without
that light.
but what you need to survive
ends up hurting you
and costing your life.

the reality is,
he was doomed from the start.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Humans tend to believe they're all powerful but
faced with the true force
of nature's elements we
are nothing
ants swallowed up In the vastness of ever changing
environment more heavy rain destroying winds rising tides and arctic melting
This part we have to hold our hands up and claim responsibility for we
have caused global warming
Which will destroy us all trying to reverse the process far to
the clock been ticking on the situation to long to reverse
Soon It Will Be Goodbye World for everyone
A world already ruined no reverse gear to shift to, the clock Is already ticking on an already doomed world and It's our doing
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