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We live in a society
Where not giving a shit about what others think,
Is actually encouraged.
We live in a society that is completely built on lies.
When did sums become more important,
than knowledge of current wars?
Why is the wage gap wider than my young eyes?
And how is it that a Country that screams freedom,
won't put down their weapons when their own children are bleeding?
Why do I know how to dissect a frog,
ignorant of the fact innocent civilians are slaughtered?
Why do I know the sum of internal angles in a triangle,
Yet I don't know how to read the signs of suicidal friends,
When more than half of those suffering have no access to treatment!!??
Why am I more "worthy" than the child forced out of his own country;
for his religious identity, for being himself!?!
Why are those in power of whole Countries so blind to our demands?
When did being part of a religion become a crime?
Why do we need so badly for someone to love us?
Why should our weight define whether or not we belong?
society needs to change, but i'd say, it's already too late, because society is doomed.
I woke up
I've had enough

Enough of EVERYTHING!!

Enough of being lonely.every.single.NIGHT!!
Enough of being lied to, by the ones I love.
Oh, you promise you won't leave??
hahaha... I've heard that enough to know, no one stays.

Enough of crying myself to sleep. every. single. NIGHT!!
Enough of taking these pills, and waiting for the numbness.
Oh, you say ''I don't need them''??
hahaha... I've heard that enough to know, I need them.

The reason behind my poem? to tell you I woke up...

I woke up
I've got to change...


Change the fact I feel lonely. every. single. NIGHT!!
not everyone lies
Some people will break promises
hahaha... I've just got to live with it.

Change the fact I pop pills. every. single. NIGHT!!
These pills aren't good
They'll kill me overtime
hahaha...I've got to fight this demon.

If only it were as easy as writing this down, willing my poem to make me change...

Something I can't do...
whoever is reading this.
I CARE DON'T EVER GIVE UP!! I might have given up on myself, but you can be better then me, prove them all wrong, SURVIVE!!
writerReader May 2015
I knew it
was doomed to fail
from the start
by the way she
smiled and
when she thought I
wasn't looking
A M Ryder Jul 30
I'm treading in this wine
A forever never to last

Limelight wilts the roses thrown to stage
To stay red glory of the past

I am deeper in this more than I ever thought I'd be
What happened to me?
What happened to the world that once laid at my feet?

This is never what I wanted, it's just what I've come to know
To live some life of hollow glass doomed to the darkness, never to glow.
nihiliti Jun 17
know this
that dark matter makes up most of this
that the here and now runs on dark energy
and dark forces stalk our collective conscience

my child
you come from a legacy of darkness
born of men with dark hearts who, thoughtless
thought to make a legacy in darkness

night falls
down into the depths of the soul
where, shrouded there, lies the shadow
your dark twin you'll never truly know

stop this
end the sad story penned in inky blackness
it leaves a darkness in the subconscious
better to bleed out the ink with water

drown out
the thoughts inside your head, better off dead
better to not exist than to be blackened
marked with that dark stain of the abyss

unconscious, look into the light
With eyes not even open, the abyss is already in you.
Daydreaming Apr 29
How loving could be so different
you clasp both of your hands every sunday morning,
while i bow and press my temple against the floor everytime the sun moves the shadows from its place, 5 times a day

How loving could be so different
christmas tree are present at the end of the year,
with a bunch of perfectly wrapped gifts around,
while i hold my hunger,temptation, and thirst when the sun scorches the most,
with the limited time to break it only at dawn and night,

How loving could be so different
we can barely see what the differences are
laughing at pointless jokes
words are overflowing
endless bickering at every conversation
unintentional soft slap on shoulders
same footsteps,
and i guess we don't mind at all

How loving could be so different
we both believe
god do exist
he is the all-mighty
he is the most merciful
god is great
god is good

god is different for us
love in different beliefs. how is it?
Sally A Bayan Mar 24
(haiku x 2)

coffee and po'try
how could i ever abstain
they're my meat...my flames

i am pretty doomed
it's lent, can't stop, got some lines
how doomed could i be?


Copyright March 25, 2018
mass slaughter
     of innocent kids aye abhor,
an undeniable chance, some and/or all
     those slain Valentine' Day 2018,
     would be alive borne out
in living color before
killing spree resulted in unwonted deaths,

     when deputy Scot Peterson
     abdicated his chief chore
and did not intervene (perhaps...
     playing positive pivotal role)that fateful day,
     but walked up to a closed door
then rode a golf cart February fourteenth

     (appearing dumbfounded as Eeyore)
when seventeen people killed
     (lying dead on the floor)
     inside the Parkland, Fla. school
     seeds bracketed speculation galore,
sans officer at Marjory
     Stoneman Douglas High School did ignore

Shooting not "FAKE" baffles
     and begs question, why bemused
mentioned deputy did not
     strong arm gunman Nikolas Cruz,

Who unloaded his AR-15
     inside the school settling revengeful dues
as said killer explained,
     which no skew logic can excuse

     as the latter indiscriminately
     brandished barrel that fired
     bullets at random youths
     (unwitting targets) lighting a fuse

of explosive rage, and
     (leaving no iota of doubt) lose
zing no chance against death penalty,
     as surveillance video released into news
media Thursday (July 15th),

     truth one cannot refuse
to see, where young baby faced assassin
     blithely pumped bullets
     dooming lives, whose shoes
unable to outrun as classmates got felled by ones and twos.
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