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Don Bouchard Jan 2020
Kissed Faith good-bye,
Stepped into the night,
Met a man on his way
To the Forest.

Faith behind him,
Uncertainty before,
Wavering on his way,
Brown faltered on.

Such a cloud of witnesses
As to keep him from this path!
But then they met him,
One by one,
Catechist and Minister,
Deacon and Elder,
Murmuring and gibbering;
Wise fools wending their way
To meet him
In a clearing, deep.

Pink ribbons falling,
Snake-head pointing
Feet now stumbling,
Then running before
In a wind of curses.

Firelight red,
Congregants cowled, silent,
Save the voice of Faith,
The near-initiate.

"Faith, Faith!
Look to Heaven!"
Resist the wicked one."

Woods silent;
Devil, fiends, fire ... gone.
Only Goodman Brown
To stagger home.

Ironic morning sight:
Smiling faces of Salem town,
'Gainst downward gazing
Goodman Brown.
Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic allegory.... What a story!
J Hanover Dec 2019
As they exploit the mentally ill
No remorse in their intent
All the fear they try to instill
Catastrophes to invent

( chorus )
How dare you!
Heard it before
How dare you!
Still a bore

No remorse in their intent
Motives seem unknown
Catastrophes to invent
Rarely is their evil shown

( chorus )
How dare you!
Heard it before
How dare you!
Still a bore

Motives seem unknown
All the fear they try to instill
Rarely is their evil shown
As they exploit the mentally ill

( chorus )
How dare you!
Heard it before
How dare you!
Still a bore
Greta Thunberg's parent s should go to jail.
Isaac Nov 2019
when your dreams
from the sky and die
don’t blame yourself

when your hopes
out on the floor in front of you
don’t cry

when the lightbulb
and everything goes dark
it’s not your fault

It’s theirs.

They are the ones that
tug at your laces
claiming to tie them
when they really are
pulling them out
and pulling you down.

They are the ones that
appear like guardian angels
too good to be true
truly too good
then the shaft of their spear
is already through your heart.

They are the ones that
welcome themselves into
your home
and crush the lights with
their words.

They are the ones that
enter your mirrors
and claim to be you.

Although if you see yourself
then please

switch the lights back on.
haha I’m blinded every time I look in the mirror
someguy Oct 2019
You knock on the door, you cry and you fight,
You take a sip form a cup of somebody’s lies
You rage like a kid, you laugh and abuse,
Try to make all those fools see the stupidity of their own rules

Others don’t get, they don’t hear nor dream
To find deeper meaning in things that they see
To explore this life on their own cul (***)
Feel the pain, agony, thirst and again be refueled

With pleasure – drop of rain, winds’ kiss on your cheek,
Rivers’ flow, roses’ smell, suns’ bright shine on your skin

Describe the emotion, state of mind, things with words
No, old language won’t fit here… must invent new, my own
With more of a meaning, and passion in it
More precise, more refined, and no “censorshit”

God I shall doubt, folk I’ll despise,
Contemporaries shall call me “spoilt little child!”
I won’t pay attention to those hypocrites,
My work now is done, pay attention to the…

My gift to this greedy, rotten, sickening world,
It’s this book of poetry, which shall speak in my stead when I’m gone
For I talk through the ages, through decades of time,
Now genius I am, and this is a testament of mine
memory of Arthur Rimbaud
To be saved for you
Is to be passive,
Your goal to end our complaints,
To put us on a diet, starving on faux saints.
"Be peaceful, don't disrupt our war (and whorin')
Or we'll war against your peace."
So holy, so blameless,
All you want is for such joy
To be endless.
That's why you take from us our feeling,
Our thoughts,
And our choices,
Leaving us in chains,
Funneling us by limits
Created by YOUR taints
Into soul-destroying foyers,
Where time and life may waste.
You think that because you can't control you
That those who can should pay.
Selfish, solipsistic, your so-called love is locks,
Constraints on us to keep us quiet,
Your loving face a feint.
Blank stares you give us when we smile
Without the approval of your code,
All a maze to hide your lying, stealing, using ugly soul.
Shut up! Nothing is ugly! I'm perfect as I am!
Using killing thieving stealing!
Creating pain for generations to come.
All is well and all is equal, evil's well as good!
No consequences to my actions, grin and bear it like you should!
My glimmer proves I'm God's own child,
I use his name in vain, I AM! (be ******)
My smile's worth the price you pay,
So we pretend that we are clean!
Why wash when we can remain the same,
This Perfect Princely Palace
Of Peace and Love and Joy so long,
Clearly nothing here is wrong!
We have the Way, enjoy the fruits! Ignore the offal all around you, I promise you we're true! (and beauty too)
Rhyme and reason, faith and charity, motions you go through,
But nought ever improves.
So what is love if you don't care
Because you're bent on filling pews?
All men are hypocrites, all women liars,
Picking pieces that fill them up with ways to fuel their fire, to fool their eyes and ears and hearts
So they can doll up dogs and parade around desires
Claiming they're Divine.
None are good, all are false,
And every prophet suffers while the rich who seek toward heaven tell them quit your want for something better,
Settle for this trash, it's all we've got. (drink wine)
That's not a cherub's way, He's passion,
Not an old castrated goat
Who ***** the hooves of Shaitan,
Below the vaulted sky
To mewl for his grubby food.
What decency have men left,
What dignity, what shame.
Your lack of caring for those angels you make suffer before your faulty throne
Proves you're the one alone, unworthy of His name.
Next time you critique the critic
Perhaps you should hear him first,
Rather than making every verse you ****** a *****
To excuse your cowardice toward the Word, ye murderers of faith and love and truth.
Remember youth.
Your best be uncouth 'n' open,
Not hiding from the light.
They fight and claw toward heaven's voice,
Not run away in fright
From God's rumbling,
Whining about rough words,
So those selfish faux good demons can send more off a cliff of empty bliss without question,
While they get off on it in vile hubris, a craven's lust for power and control over other souls.
(Learn the Lesson)
So take your hats off,
Show your skin,
Be more honest,
And Let Me In.
Sometimes it's hard to know what you desire, when the world does not possess it.
The time to wail has always been here
Every day we suffer the consequences owned by the heirs
Not for once have they worn our shoes
They have refused to please our clues
Yet they devise new means of sitting on the throne
Without giving in to our daily moan.

Meetings upon meetings
Agbada upon dansiki
Designer upon latest trends
Convoy upon macho guards
Yet they proclaim it’s all vanity.

In the end of the fashion rally at the house,
Worthless Nothing of importance is established
But the cake is diminished
And then they blame it on poor rats.   Hypocrites!

Blame them and no one else!
Because it’s their selfish interest they fight for and not us.
From the doom by boko haram
To the slaughter by herdsmen.

Don’t we see it!
The people get to die
But they live to see their greatest grandchildren
While their billion dollar ready made coffins rot in the backyard.

God is the ultimate judge
Only God can make the evil one right in his sight.
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