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Violetempath27 Dec 2019
The moment I saw you I was drawn.
Immediately, I recognized your essences.
The ones you were raised around hadn't notice that all you needed was loving guidance.
You are a light-worker in disguise but not much work have been applied.
Your purpose is to simply bring light.
When will you turn on your brights?
To the siblings I never meant, I wrote this thinking of us, our mother/my father and those that are star seeds, Light-workers, Angel's in disguise.
I love you.
MicMag Jul 2019
Once is never
Or at least never enough
Life can be quite tough
But einmal ist keinmal

Let's try something new
See if it rings true
That despite what we do
Einmal ist keinmal

No inhibitions, no regrets
Do what we feel like
And never forget
Though einmal ist keinmal

Take risks, be bold
Don't harden your soul
Nor grow stale and old
Einmal ist keinmal

Live in the present
Be now, be here
Have no fear of the future
Cause einmal ist keinmal

Feel this lightness of being
As if nothing matters
Our significance shattered
Einmal ist keinmal

Sieze the moment
Give it your all
Live life to the fullest
Knowing full well
Einmal ist keinmal
Inspired by recent philosophical reflections on the German phrase "einmal ist keinmal", roughly translated as once is never.
Spicy Digits Jan 2019
I've grown cold
a close call
from a stone's throw
thrown from black souls
acid seeps from necrotic holes
in my resolve
worlds unfold
as I lose control
to the arseholes
who police and patrol
break me like a criminal
without parole
they pigeonhole
and troll like Interpol
I duck and crawl,
drop and roll
then with gall
stand tall
10 feet tall and sure
face the ****** brawl
despite the toll
scream till I'm sore
an immovable flesh wall
of colour bold

full of holes

yet whole

Once upon a time…

There was a Chocolate bar...

Seeking for artistic inspiration…

Had the boldness to mess up my brain...

Designing me a heart infection.

Was it all fiction?

Maybe it was or maybe not…

Like my 1st addition...

The Winter is gone,

Shattered Storyboard.

Graff1980 Feb 2016
Be bold
For the sake of
Beauty's presence
Born of a child's smile
A lover’s laugh
A raging current
Cutting across
Foaming waters

Be bold
Outspoken for a token
Of love’s flowering affection
Of hopes name
That scars the heart
But tells only truth

Be bold
When others falter
Failing to offer
Because they are scared
Uncertain, or simply
Never cared

Be bold
To be alive
While you live
Knowing you will die

Be bold
Soaring to help strangers fly
xoe Jun 2015
Sometimes we want something until we find out what it takes to get it
Other times we want something despite what it takes to get it
Bad companies
Bad habits
Being left stranded in the openness of what's unknown to us
So many times I've wondered what it takes to be free
And after mistakes and irredeemable losses I came across honesty
Honest loving
Honest hating
Honest anger, sadness, even apathy
Opening up. You are vulnerable, despite your efforts
Freedom demands for you to lose your sense of self
Only through transparency do we become weightless and lose our strings
And freedom is, most certainly, the joy of feeling no strings attached.
Mike Essig Apr 2015
Quit acting like
a hungry alley cat
or a salivating dog.


Just kiss the girl!

What, other than
stitches or a black eye,
can really go wrong?

And imagine what could
go right...

The old sales saying: if you don't ask, you can only get a no.

A nod to MCC.
Gaby Comprés Jan 2015
bravery doesn't
happen overnight
has been living in your
bones, dormant,
but alive,
waiting for you
to see that it has
always been yours
waiting for you
to marvel when you
see that you can do
what you've always
wanted to do
and be who
you've wanted to be
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