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Jo Barber Oct 2021
You are more than your love.
You are more than him.
You can love him and not have him
and still be at peace.
Let your love flow
and unfold before you,
and let it go where it will.
But you are more than that love.

The universe longs to see
your myriad of gifts and talents.
Your voice like silk,
your mind like thunder,
and your body like the ocean,
strong yet flexible,
beautiful and evasive -
no one can possess you,
but they can delight in you.

Delight in yourself first.
Rickie Louis Sep 2021
At times I feel like a flower
Once swaying in a field free
Amongst a spectrum of colors
Washing down into a streams valley
Beneath the rays of light
Tickled by the feet of life in flight
Then plucked
Placed into a glass
By a window
To wither
LC Mar 2021
a little simile here,
a splash of metaphor there,
all carefully folded and mixed
to form a delicious souffle.

it goes into the oven
at the perfect temperature.
the souffle begins to rise,
the sweet aroma engulfs the room.

but the timer chimes early.
they take the souffle out,
and it sinks within itself,
forming a deep, large canyon.

but this souffle is different.
they put it back in the oven.
it bakes longer and longer
until it finally rises again.
Sometimes it takes time to find the right words. Take all the time you need. :)
sergiodib Mar 2021
I like likes:

Curious LIKE the first glance of a newborn baby
Happy LIKE the Awakened Gautama Siddhartha
Free LIKE flying fish over the ocean
Infinite LIKE the first light ray at the Big Bang
Silent LIKE a gas chamber after a shower
Always on time LIKE death

I like likes but
Do they like me?
Like the waves,
Love crashed on our shores
And withdrew with fragments of us in it.
Isamarie Feb 2021
He draws a silhouette figure on paper with ink.

He knows what she thinks.

He is fixed by her,

Like he just saw a woman for the first time.

She can just lay there and her presence shines.

He studies her body like the galaxy.

His interest won the acknowledgement test.

She won the academy.

He slips it on her desk.

And says to her  "You are art."
Isamarie Jan 2021
All my emotions bottled up.

Part of my soul has sunken in.

Your voice vibrates on my skin.

Bittersweet memories circulate like a washer on full spin.

I line my feelings and pin my agonizing thoughts.

Poured all my emotions, you stole all my tokens.
So cheap.

Drying all the wounds that cut so deep.
Deep Jan 2021
Like a passenger sitting on a bus
Surrender your life to me,
I'll guard it like a driver steering
In the darkness, and
After dropping you to the destination
Will move on, happy with the FARE of Memories.
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