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Empire Jun 11
It's like I used to be able to see so much
It’s like I used to be able to feel so much
More than I should have been able to...
Infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, ultraviolet
But infrared and ultraviolet were too much to bear
They were blinding me, crippling me
Too much of a good thing, I guess
So they gave me a pill to pop
That blunts the edges
And all I see now
Are yellow
and green
But I remember when I could see ultraviolet...
Connor May 25
I love you.

I love you more than I do rainy days
Because rainy days aren't as much fun
When I don't get the pleasure of cuddling you.

I love you more than I do chocolate
Because no amount of sugar amounts
To the amount of sweet you are.

I love you more than I do reading
Because your words seem to unravel me
Much more than words on paper.

I love you more than I do writing
Because without you, I wouldn't have
As much inspiration to write with.

I love you more like Sleepy loves sleeping
Because you get quite sappy
When I keep you up late enough.

I love you like a bee loves flowers
Because without you, my life wouldn't be
Nearly As colorful.

I love you like a child loves blankets
Because you give me comfort,
Warmth, and security.

I love you like a comedian loves laughter
Because you help me know that I'm wanted
And worthy of your time.

My love for you runs deep,
Like the roots of the holm tree
We'll become.
For her :)
mia May 10
my torment is one of clouds and flowers
freckles upon sun-kissed oranges
roses through honey
& eyes like the abstraction of Renaissance

oh butterfly how you make my heart melt
chocolate brownie wonders with giggles on top
your effervescence brighter than a summers day
you have my pure heart within your oppressive interior

silences are filled with images of creation
a cornucopia for even the loneliest poet

I leap into our pool of nostalgia for old time's sake
to find your words transform into serpents.

secret messages whisper into the ears of another
futile flames burn brighter
your eyes ***** my flames & ignite my passion
if only your elusive heart was mine
a work in progress. as always, comment what you think down below!
Connor May 9
His smile is like an
Evening on the beach.
The waves rising to
Meet our feet,
Tickling our toes.
The breeze flowing,
Sighing as it passes us.
The last birds are
Returning to their
Home and families.
The butterflies in my
Stomach are rumbling
With excitement;
His smile makes my evening.
Kind of trash, kind of cute. It's not about me, but this description I gave makes it sound like it is lol
Translucent memories
Leafs falling from the trees
Green flowers
White rectangles
Blue circles
Fire in the water
Strength has faltered
Vacant in the mind
No track of time
Hannah thomas Apr 11
Don't you dare tell her
that you ever loved her
Don't you dare teach her
that that is what love looks like

How dare you teach her
to feel so small
How dare you teach her
to swallow her words

How dare you look at her bruises
and call them friendly reminders
How dare you teach her
that love can be violent

How dare you hold her heart
like it was made of thorns
How dare you leave her
like she was the poison

How dare you treat her
like she did not spend her nights
******* the venom
out of your veins

How dare you speak of her like dust
when she was the only one bold enough to love you.
I used to believe the things you told me, but I am no longer the little girl you disregarded.
River Reed Mar 23
Stories are to Scheherazade—protection from a looming King, as love is to all beneath the deepest sorrows of life.
Her Mar 7
Crisp like an apple
Sweet as a grape
Deep like a fire
Cool as the morning dew
Gentle like the morning sound
Secretive as the light creeping in
Warm like my bed on a winter morning
Hard as my mother’s words
Happy like my fathers smile
Addicting as cigarette smoke
My crumbling home calls to me
Gigi Feb 25
Constantly finding more of me through each and every simile
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