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RisingUp Sep 2020
Work hard.
More degrees, more success
No time for rest,
do your best.

Always anxious about school.


But don't you love to learn?
I guess that's true
but instead of feeling engaged
I'm feeling more blue
No longer is it about
broadening your mind
now it's about
the endless grade grind.

You're only worth something if your grades are great
Keep working hard, leisure can wait
Do your masters, be grateful for education

Who's to say I want more education?
Who's to say that more wealth equals more happiness?

We've become a generation
bred for success
be grateful for your opportunities
when your parents had less.
Denying university?
How ungrateful can you be?
I've worked so hard for you
You're supposed to impress me.

We've forgotten.
Nobody wants to starve, or miss paying rent
But happiness is not cultivated
By more dollars spent
We spend our lives at work
Chasing more and more
Family and friends
are turned into a chore.

If this is the price of success, count me out.
I crave connection and belonging
I need others without a doubt.
Let's turn off the technology,
and reflect on our paths
Unless we start connecting
Discontentment will unleash its wrath
MicMag Aug 2019
friday afternoon
navigating carefully
senses heightened
on constant alert
always prepared
for an unforeseen encounter

they're scattered
all around town
like a living

sighs of relief
as you enter a safe zone
and turn a corner
when out of nowhere


face-to-face with a coworker

muscles tense
heart sinks
mouth fakes a smile

as awkward small talk commences
and slowly drifts
to the one subject
you'd so desperately
tried to escape


and the week stretches on
into your precious weekend
Alan S Bailey Nov 2016
They forget pain, forget sorrow,
Then live in the dark, pluck hairs,
For that perfect look of tomorrow,
They sick their dog on the poor, the immigrant,
The downtrodden, the scapegoated. They give no
Honest time to what the less fortunate have in store,
They continue to work themselves for many an hour,
Pick up where they left off happy and content,
That all who oppose them will lose any help
In bringing them down from their cloud of power,
Then they take whatever they were after, laugh,
Chop off any hand or cut off that which "offends,"
That stands in the way and slows them down,
They will get what they are after and be the
Most "handy helpers" helping themselves around.

— The End —