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Arianna Oct 18
Drifting daydreams:
Of cotton snow and you,
Of the lazy daisy Delta blues
On honeysuckle afternoons;

Those heart-of-August, bluebell eves
Blooming powdery and warm
Around the magnolia tree
Where together, in time,
We’d have placed candles
And fairy offerings.

Now the years blossom long between us,
Though your fingerprints I see
Still peppering the dust
Strewn over the piano keys;
Your hands haunting:
Ghost of a waltz,
And rosy gymnopédies ⸺

How I held them dear!

Good times ⸺

A clair de lune rhapsody.
Picking memories from my garden,
And gathering them in a bouquet for you. :-)

"Gymnopédie No. 1" by Erik Satie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMnxjdGTK4w

Also, "Clair de Lune" by Claude Debussy
I must be made out of stone,
A stone is a good thing to be,
I have weathered wounds ,
Changed a bit on the outside,
The core remains the same .

A stone is a good thing to be ,
Nothing changes inside,
A landslide or an avalanche,
It’s just an adventurous ride,
An experience that shaped me.

Nothing changes inside,
Time has layered me solid,
A little unraveling by nature,
Is time again working on me,
Showing the grit that makes me.

Time has layered me solid,
Bruises sharpened my edges,
Water smothered me smooth,
I could lay alone for ages,
Or I could flow and dissolve .
Its ok to be a little ******* the outside sometimes. Being honest to yourself is what matters.
Let it be what it will be then we'll see
if it all was just for nothing, or meant for eternity.
When in search for answers, look to the birds, look to the trees.
See the way they fly and the way branches sway in the wind so effortlessly.
Life goes on and we get stronger by letting go of people and things that need to leave,
and if we don't our wounds will never close and we'll just continue to bleed.
Most bleed red but I bleed black, and it is only when I need to release these words inside of me.
Healing taken place in between the lines every time I write, it ain't hard for you to see.
There's a river of silence that flows out of the left ventricle and into this body of work that soothes all  hurt; burying what has died with these metaphorical lines that be the dirt,
and in time flowers will grow from this soil if I just let it be.
Letting the nature that I'm surrounded by be the guide as I listen to the voice within the breeze.
I'm homesick for arms
that don't want to hold me anymore
they never did to begin with.
Aa Harvey May 30
Survival of the fittest

A bird on a branch, reflecting on existence;
Realizing everything it thought it knew about mortality,
Was really just how to show its own ignorance.
No possibility of death as it rides upon the wind so free;
Flying so high above the land,
That nothing could bring this day to an end
And there is still so much more to see.

An idea of creation so profound that it seemed the only truth,
But all it knew has come apart
And it has lost faith in all that which it views.
Everything has changed in the blink of an eye
And a stitch in time is not saving; it is slipping and sliding,
As the bird falls down from way up on high.

The friend it saw only yesterday has disappeared from its mind’s eye.
Gone in a second of time, its wings no longer flap
And the rotting flesh is more or less a piece of magpie pie.
Gone from its sight; no conversation in the morning light.
No dawn chorus, no warning; no more soaring.
Just a ghost of a life that has passed it by.

Eaten alive by the cat in the night;
The bird that no longer sings is no longer spotted flying high.
For that is that; it has no goodbyes,
So the bird rises from its branch and flies,
Up into in the great blue sky.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I want to make amends
Maybe try and continue to be friends?
We may not meant to be lovers,
I cannot pretend anymore,
The silent is killing me,
I know this may might seem another trend,
It all depends, really..

Maybe I am just venting out?
Feeling a tad bit guilty of how things ended,
It's only our reality,
I know you missed me dearly;
I am not demanding a recount,
Not demanding for an answer right away,
You're so far away,
No way to reach you.

I just want to make amends,
Stop this circle from happening,
I still want you to be my friend,
You've got a voice,
So speak up loudly,
Don't let your words be shut out;
Over one or two things I've said,
Take my hand now,
So we can walk together and frown.

The very thought of you,
Been playing a tune in my head,
The very thought of you,
Is stuck inside my cocoon,
So hear me out one last time,
Cause it's killing me;
Just give me a little sign,
To know that you're okay,
All I want to do really,
Is to make amends with you.
Matthew Chen Sep 2016
I still remember everything
Those times where we would eat out with my mother
Giving me money when we meet
Those were the fun times

Few years later
I heard you had cancer
The rarest of them all
And the kind that can't be cured

It sunk my heart like the Titanic
I was just lost for a second
And I was in deep thought
That would you still live with me and my mother

I prayed to *** everyday
To keep you here on this planet
I prayed so hard
That I want you to stay

It's been 9 years that you fought it
Been praying to *** day in and day out
Too keep you alive
9 years

I got a phone call from a relative
I asked if she's out of her hospital bed cured
He said that she's gone
And my heart exploded like the World Trade Center at 9/11

Few months later
I saw you in a casket
Brought a couple of my friends to know who you were
And they already know

I knew that it would be the last time seeing you
Which was the hardest part
I got comfort from my friends
Especially ***

Seeing you being buried was the part where I tried to hide my tears
But I didn't cause it's your time to be with the Lord
I was the one who cried the most
And it was hard leaving you

Then I realized that life goes on
No matter how much I wanted you to stay
I'll see you again in Heaven
Rest in peace, Virginia
I dedicate this poem to my grandmother on my mom's side... She fought cancer for like, what, 9 years? I still can't believe she's gone, but then I realize that life goes on, no matter how much I want her to stay alive.
Elizabeth Parks Apr 2016
i'm sorry but i don't
know how much more
longer i can take the tears
i told you i would wait forever
and i meant it but the tears first began
everyday but then started being once a week
and then rarely but now they are back to being
every night and i just don't know anymore it goes
up and down back and forth like a huge freaking cycle
and i am tired of the cycle so for you i'm
going to try no not try i am going to
break the cycle and not cry and i
am going to get through this so
everything can be good so that i don't ruin
this perfect and fragile thing we have cause
to me it's the best thing happening in my life
and one of few things i am looking forward
in life to that and becoming a general surgical
and being with you so i am sorry i have been so
sad recently but i am going to fix it cause you can't
keep saying sorry if you aren't going to fix the problem
cause then you don't really mean it...  do you?
so i am going to stop crying and then i am going to stop
worrying about everything so i can get my license and get a
car and get a job and start doing stuff with my precious life
because i have decided moping about moving and not getting
to see my best friends everyday is not good for anyone and
isn't going to help with anything at all so here we go
"my new beginning" it starts now and i am going
go to get the most out of life because life is precious
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