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Talk to me, when I am gone, my loves.
You will question if it is indeed me.
It is.
Who, other than myself, possesses a more accurate simulation of my voice?
My closest loved ones.
You will hear my voice.
You will feel my love.
My physical self is but a fraction of who I am.
For a part of me exists in the lives I’ve touched, the words and the love, in your minds and hearts.
So smile at our happy moments and know that I smile with you.
Laugh at the funny moments and know I laugh with you.
And cry for the sad moments and know that I cry for you.
Death is not the end because we continue to exist within our loved ones, in their minds and hearts.
So talk to those sorely missed, those gone but not forgotten, and be comforted in your certainty, that the voice which replies, is not your own.
I hope this makes you think of someone you’ve lost, fondly.
I am tired of having to clean up the messes that you have created.
I am tired of the empty threats that you have given me over the years.
I am tired of giving you pieces of advice that you would never listen.

When you decided to end the friendship, without a second thought, I agreed.

It pains my heart.
However, I knew that was the right decision for both of us.
In making that decision, I had my sanity intact.

Thank you for all the good memories.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best in life.
MSunspoken Mar 6
At dawn
The doves hum,
The rivers run,
The mothers sing,
The roosters scream
We all continue on

The bees hum,
The children run,
The wind chimes sing,
The cicadas scream
We all continue on

The workers hum,
The engines run,
The radios sing,
The sirens scream,
We all continue on

The clubs hum,
The late shifts run,
The crickets sing,
The concerts scream,
We all continue on

The world will hum,
The clocks will run,
The life will sing,
The death will scream,
We all continue on
Sky Oct 2019
My dear me, this is a promise
With you to try in being honest
To care for you like you deserve
To give you nothing else but love
In looking out for needs you have
If danger comes, to being brave
To be your shield, to have you safe
You are the beauty, love and grace
Live like you want, at your own pace
You are the sun, your light embrace
If hardship comes, smile in it's face
If that's too hard, I'll be your shoulder
To save your heart from getting colder
Until the end it's you and me
I'm right here with you so let's be happy
MicMag Jul 2019
When one disappears
The world keeps on spinning
The saints keep on sainting
And the sinners keep on sinning

When one disappears
Some may stop to wonder
But only a chosen few
Feel their souls torn asunder

When one disappears
Most await new dawn
But some live an endless night
Once their soulmate's gone
Thorns Mar 2019
Some days it's just like AAAAAHHH!!!

"But don't worry because life goes on..."
Panic! At the Disco 2005
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