I felt
She is an Angel

She behaved like a human

A modern human
Too complicated
Too centered
Genre: Observational
Theme: 21st Century Human
Vexren4000 May 14
Foolhardy humanity,
Searching for some meaning,
In their nothingness,
Lives flicker away like a small birthday candle,
Melting upon the lives of others,
But being reduced to nothing,
But a drop of wax.
Inqhawq May 9
There's whole clouds of it, it rains in trickles and monsoons. Rivulets of potential across a hand on VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, streaming now! Roiling in your drying eyes, pouring through the dragnet. The whispering stacks bathe in the flood; their subjects' tributaries building an ever deeper ocean.
Vexren4000 May 2
A space set out before me,
Blank with the bright snowy electronic white.
A mechanical canvas,
Made of pinpoints of light,
Hopefully we will never lose,
The sight of a normal,
Blank piece of paper.

A constant emptiness
A need to want
The want to be needed
The need to be wanted
An oasis of nothingness
Grasping into open air
Everyone's on their own mission
Everyone's on their phone
How brilliantly terrible this is
Nobody has anything to say
In a restaurant everybody is looking one way ... down
Consumed by technology
My best friend
My best friend called Phone
To Love might make you complete
To be loved might make you whole
But who needs Love? Who cares?
As long as you have your little god to hold, right?
But in virtual reality the world can be cold
Spending all your time and energy
Like a battery run down you shall grow old
And don't count on anyone to hold!
Written by Sean Achilleos
30 April 2018©
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Moushmi Mehta Apr 23
The greatest minds have repeatedly said
The matters of the heart are delicate & bare
So I looked & I looked, for the magical potion
Everytime a glimmer of hope shows, I think in slow motion

Wondering what this person would mean to me
Overthinking if I should just shut my brain & let it be
“Let’s see where it goes” if it goes, it never does
Let’s just have fun instead, ignore any real bonding or trust
Gabriel burnS Apr 16
An angel fell because… (skip gender-”biased pronouns” here or anonymize with asterisk lunacy) wings were in conflict… the left one anxiously flaps equality, not knowing that would mean a lack of lift and loss of aerodynamic quality… the right one, weaponized, stiffly resolved, glides over the notion that all feathers should be attached talons, even though it doesn’t make sense to fight gravity with sharpness…
And so the angel split with Grace and tumbled… eventually lost the race to inertia… another force to add up to internal struggle and its intensifying pressures...
Vexren4000 Apr 14
A sight into the future,
A slighted citation,
Seem by a seer,
Who in today's age,
Would be damned,
As a madman.

Menna grace Apr 3
Cherry and red wine
near mountains, under the sky
life is brighter but not kinder somehow
so under this tiny blueness
I write my feelings
may it reach to the seventh sky
O dear whoever you are
you should know that
I need her
I need her more than the earth needs the sun
since the day my hands touched hers
I'm still drunk somehow

love is suffering I confess
it never meant happiness and that's the way it is
but I would choose suffering over happiness
because through hell
I will find my heaven
through hell
I will find my heaven
and I will find her.
Jeff Gaines Apr 3
I know a girl, everyone does.
All she wants is fun.
She won't be having cereal today,
she'll have everything under the sun.

She don't read the paper.
She don't watch no news.
Why would she care about someone elses troubles
if they will never buy her shoes?

She don't need no man.
She don't need no gun.
So many rides to take her there,
she don't walk, much less run.

She's got no time to cry.
She's won't listen to the Blues.
Nothing in the world matters to her,
unless it's something she can use.

She has lots of friends.
She'll dance with them all night.
But she cares not that they ain't real,
cuz she's forever high as a kite.

She don't care about no art,
unless it's something she can wear.
The thing she loves to look at most
is in the mirror there.

She's just loves making trouble.
She's always causing a stir.
But she don't bother about anything in the world,
cuz it revolves around her.

It's almost sad to watch her live her life,
always seeking to ring her own bell.
A living, breathing, girl on a mission
to fill a vacant, soulless shell.

She stares down into her pond, from her big ivory tower.
She'll never be happy and even less so,
as a helpless little flower.
If you don't know who this is really about, the first line is a clue ... they can be seen on their own reality shows (past and present), gossip shows, tabloid shows (and IN the tabloids) and any and all social media. Naming names would only beg a flame war. If you don't understand the last line, then Google "Narcissus" ... it will explain.
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