T daniels Jan 2
I am not your enemy
or the aspect of energy.

late bloomers in small rooms,
rumors seemed humorous under dawns moon.

Now we hate to listen-
even over the complex transportation systems,
glistening in the distance
no love
no friendship.
Polar winds, frost over broken hearts
Plans implode, people grow apart
The spark of flint that once lit wild fires
Dulls with time, people will change desires
The warmth of **** can’t shift a mind
Not everyone can be along for the ride
The moment of choice will stand above all else
Which option will be put upon the shelf
With no alternative, someone is bound to lose
Winters here, summer will come soon
And a frozen heart will melt with love
Stick we me, I will show you some
Trying to branch out in my writing style recently. It is difficult.
Sebastian Dec 2018
Your tread has become dreary,
Heavy and weary;
You have forgotten why you walk.
Long ago,
You stepped on your once innocent, Brightly burning wick,
Until it was out,
Cold and buried,
Many feet underneath the dull landscape
You now walk across.

You have forgotten how to see;
Your eyes have sunk
Into the recesses of your thoughts.
They jump from light to light,
Like a frantic moth,
Following instincts yet unaware
Of its own light,
Its senses hammered
By its impulses.

You taste only extremes,
Overindulge in fanciful delights;
Your tongue gets drunk,
Then passes out,
Your mind convinced it has tasted
And nothing more can be
Or is required.

You have forgotten yourself,
Your colourful visions,
Your raw sensations,
Your honest perceptions.
You have forgotten your
Uninfluenced yearnings.
The clouds that once beckoned you,
Taking your mind for a spin
With an outpour of
Tingling excitement,
Have come to symbolise
The nondescript background
Against which your silent struggle
Unfolds into
Nothing in particular.
Ritz Writes Dec 2018
Can we pause for a moment to contemplate on our flaws?
Can we pause for a moment to stop fighting the tug of war and words clashes?
Can we pause for a while to say SORRY without any excuses attached to it?
Can we pause for a minute and call someone to say HELLO?
Can we pause for a second to LISTEN the tale of another man's story?
Can we pause our thoughts before the consequence get worst?
Can we pause, just stop feeding our ego to win instead of giving ourselves a chance:

A chance to be a listener, a platform to become a storyteller and a room of improvement to be empathetic.

Can We?
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
Today they are on the frontline
not because they are the leaders.
They know how to sneak their way up.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
She tried to tell him how she felt,
But emojis only say so much.
She always felt he was just out of her reach,
Never close enough to touch.
She wants him in her arms,
A relationship she can clutch.
But after all,
Only says so much.
Vexren4000 Nov 2018
"We are routed, Fall back!"
A call of many battles,
Battles and war, always so frowned upon.
Yet where else has humanity done the most?
It seems humans can not have peace for long,
Without some war happening,
We are living in the age,
Of cold wars, and Cyber battles.
The age of battles fought with half-hearted ideas,
Buzzwords and insults.

******* are itches like skin conditions
forget the admissions and feelings and visions
find yourself in a position where decisions
are void, because there's no choice,
no recognition, my voice is an imposition

With no occupation, or real reason to function
I'll spend my money on medication 'til
I'm believing what I'm seeing
Something is weighing on my mind heavy,
roll up another blunt-skin,
***** open another bevy,
Something is playing with my mind lately,
just write a couple bars
Yeah, that'll tell them nothing maybe

My hopes were up, but they have come down
It's too often we carve a smile out of a frown
just to fit in
           when we were born to stand out
So as a rule tell others how you feel,
not let em figure out
Honesty's my policy, unless I think they're on to me
and now I've lied again
I better turn my life around
In a short life, I've been much, I've been proud
I've been up, I've been down,
I've been chewed and spat out
Left out in the sun, left out to dry up on the ground

But all the aspirations that I'll never meet,
can be recycled to ambition if I get back on my feet,
But all the things I was promised, that's deceit
the act or practice of deceiving,
concealment or distortion of the truth,
for the purpose of misleading, so they got me bleedin'
and everything I want, I'm not receiving
and everything I need, I know they're keeping
Daniel Nov 2018
Love is like modern art
They both leave the mind in a state of confusion
Pat Adamek Nov 2018
It was a random like
You didn’t even think twice
That empty heart turned red
And it went straight to my head

It was a random like
I didn’t even think twice
Just typed it out and pressed send
To start the whole thing again

It was a random like
You didn’t even think twice
That left hand heart broke mine
With a random like
How thoughtlessly we click “like” on one hand, and how much we read into “likes” on the other.
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