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Sian Rogers Oct 6
A wind it blew, a change it brought
A project of history

I lost her by the sea
a selkie skin, a withered seal
I lost him in the woods
a nymph, as strong as a tree
I lost her in a dream
a fairie, would you believe?

A wind it blew, a change it brought
A project of modernity

I lost it in a book
a chemical to help my skin peel
I lost it on a cliff
a thought, or was it a scream?
I lost it in my head
an imagination put to bed

A wind it blew, a change it brought
A project of eternity
Amy Oct 5
'I love you…'
Was the most bitter sweet lie you’ve ever told
About Costumes and Customs

Wear, wear whatever you dare,
Tho, the global locality has no morality...

Animals with human customs,
Humans with animal costumes
Form the world into a modest mode-

In which the smartest ones are silent
While the mass dress in rumbling drunkness,
In happy hues of the humbling violent,
Of the primitive ****-geniuses.

Does ****** equal with the human nature?
Which? Human as savage or creature?
Born or grown?
While sensations design human customs,
Is predestination more than a fake costume?

Does the world hold anything divine?
While we follow an immoral aurora-
Its warming colours in a frozen desert,
That implies no divine unseen scenes?

Questions are colorless, unseen but existing,
Alike to God's infinite fineness-
Probing our customs if they are probed.

Methink costumes as a colorful ocean,
Mesee customs as the change of the world.

We sink in the dying world's dying ocean.
Oskar Erikson Sep 29
calling a lost lover
to begin to head on over
this bedroom was only a boarding gate
and this bed your layover.
­This poem is self translated version of my Hindi language poem titled " अपराधबोध" published in pratilipi (Feb. 2019)
Can be read through the link ==>>

Today all of Sudden, I do remember again
The time that has elapsed since long
The bygone lovely childhood
The yesterday that has passed
The good old childhood friends.
I do remember some blurred faces
whose names, I couldn't recall

I do remember my teachers
Still in the same look and form
I remember their scolding
I remember happiness on their faces
I even remember their angry faces
Their orders to stand up on the bench
Their punishment to pose as a rooster

I do remember now
The essence of their teachings
I followed all their teachings
But I had to suffer a lot
So, I packed them all tied them in a knot
And thrown them all into the trash can.

This is not an allegation against my teachers
That their teachings are not valuable
But, I discovered, I was not capable
To follow their valuable teachings.
In this modern era of practicality
There is no respect for human values
Human values have been deteriorated
Due to changing definitions of the words
The whole dictionary has changed.

I admit I have committed crime against my teachers
Since I left the righteous path shown by them
And followed another easy path on my own
But what else could I have done?
I had no power to change the present era -
I alone do not have the courage to be an era-rebel
So, I gave up the right path and followed another one

But may be, inspite of this  
my teacher may forgive me
But can I forgive myself?
No! Not at alI, I don't have this right
After getting pardon from my teacher
The gravity of my crime doesn't decreases

So by the way if my teachers pardon me
Even then, I can't be free
From the guilt
I must have to live
Bit by bit, Suffocatingly
This will be my punishment
Yes, this will be my punishment.

Sometime or the other, Everybody feels guilty. Do You????
Megan Joseph Sep 24
my world fell apart
because you were my world,
but you became my

i miss you
and how things
used to be,
but you chose others
over me
when i was
the only one
you ever had.

my world became my hell,
full of
wailing and
of teeth.
Megan Joseph Sep 16
love is a drug;
once you have a taste
you can't get enough.
maybe that's why I am afraid,
afraid to take a sip,
a bite,
a whiff,
of love,
i might overdose.
Megan Joseph Sep 7
i wait patiently
for you
by the sea.
i look out
onto the vast
blue crystals
wondering where you are
and when you'll come
to see me
and sweep me up
off my feet.
the wind blows my hair
i hum quietly to myself,
and i wish that you
would hurry
and fill me
with your warm embrace.
i stand alone
by the sea,
patiently waiting
for you,
my love.
Megan Joseph Aug 31
it's empty inside of me,
as if a void was birthed
in me
and it started to eat me
from inside.
it is dark
and i am alone.
i soon turn numb
as the freezing darkness
takes over me.
i drift away into
this place,
my heart sinks
as it is taken
by the void
within me.

i miss the old days
when there was light,
but now there is
only night
and it is so cold.
i wish someone would
hold me
so that i could forget
the darkness
and be warm
a longer poem today!
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