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Human speak sound
(Generally **** noises and stuff)
Well, even animals speak different languages
And they seem to get along, for the most part
Why cant humanity?
Pulse Jun 9
there are hundreds of languages to say i love you in,
and you only ever say those three words in the fake ones.
guilt-ridden and poisonous and acid-tipped tongue,
dripping and corrosive and destructive.
I love you is synonymous for i hate you
and i love you means I'm sorry
and i love you means you'll never do it again
and i love you is a lie
Toxic yeti Apr 2
Why do I want to
Learn Tibetan
Why do I want to
Lear dazongka
Why do I want to learn
And uyger
To connect to my
blackbiird Mar 29
i love you.
ti amo
je t'aime.
Wǒ ài nǐ
я тебе люблю
te amo.
Я люблю тебя
jag älskar dig
kocham Cię

no matter what language,
love is beautiful.
Amoy Mar 27
writings on the inside of my walls
pictures and symbols of our love
deep sounds of moaning rising from within
nails digging deep and deeper into flesh
carvings of sensual sensation
creating waves and waves of passion
******* together in unison
simulating each senses, the aroma of love
written on my papyrus
All mean hello.
Communication is an important part
of our lives.
Words are used so many times,
and let's keep ours
soft and kind.
Different languages
around the world
help us say
many different words.
                  ­        and Spanish.
                      ­                   and Portuguese.
But one thing
is for sure
when it comes to all these words.
They all have
the same meaning
when it comes
to being yourself.
Because no matter who you are,
you are you,
and that it that.
Arianna Nov 2018
"Жизнь, самое великое стихотворение из всех."

"Life is the greatest poem of all."
Gotten rusty with Russian, trying to practice again with writing.
Denise Uy Oct 2018
Can you read what you read?
I'm sure you can and there's no need to ask.
But it's weird.
Feeling through symbols.
Understanding symbols.
Writing symbols.
Combining symbols to make sense.
But some combinations are wrong.
Making sounds for symbols.
Saying the symbols correctly.
Different accents for symbols.
Drawing symbols, making them look pretty.
Fonts for symbols.

Imagine. We are ruled by systems of symbols.
Clelia Albano Sep 2018
I don't know if names exist before
things or things exist before names.
I don't know if you are your name
or your name is you. I only know
that I hunt for words I can scream
out loud, I can pronounce tasting
the salt and the sweet inside a
noun that reminds me of you, I
can drink as it was the water in
your iris, I can swallow like waves
of red wine getting me drunk the
way you do. I hunt for words where
I can see you, I can find you, I can
feel you, even in other languages
because one is not enough.
Once there was a time I was obsessed with the "grammatical platonism" of Jean Jolivet. I'm still fascinated by this conundrum of the names and I love to think that Poetry gives me access to a sort of Hyperuranium.
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