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MicMag Jan 2021
Only talking in haiku
Life is poetry

First, five syllables
Next we follow with seven
Then finish with five

It's five-seven-five
And five-seven-five again
Then five-seven-five

Start over again
Just repeat ad nauseam
One entire day

Don't let your speech slip
Stay true to rules for reward:
Pure poetic bliss
Seems time to repeat
My Haiku Challenge again
Hope you'll all join me
MicMag Sep 2020
The world's not
what they told me it was

It's much uglier
than I could have imagined

Submerged in violence
Crushing blind ambition

The world's not
what they told me it was

It's much more beautiful
than I could have imagined

People everywhere embracing life
Enlightened spirits ablaze

The world's not
what they told me it was

The light and the dark

The world gives us both
The world makes us both

The world's not
what they told me it was
MicMag Sep 2020
Playing with words is one of my gifts
Poetry, prose, through pen or the lips

Let me show you what happens
What goes on in this brain
As I introduce you to the art of Wordplay

They march in - then beat, tortured, stretched, and broken
Completely dissected before they're respoken
All meaning pulled out, fully extracted
Give a word no mercy - just straight up attack it
Roll it over, spin it around, toss it up, smash it down
Play with it - make it move, hold it still
Like a cat with its mouse just before the ****
And when the word no longer resembles itself
When it's suffered, collapsed, gone through hell
Give it love, offer grace
Let the word have some space
Place it back on the tongue and see how it tastes
Then the word, encouraged, will offer something new
Will compel your lips and your jaw, your whole mouth to move

Something fresh will come out, unexpected perhaps
Spurred by the word and the knocks and the taps
at the door to your mind -
Same word.

It still fits
But now it tells a new story
Try it again - it never gets boring!

What once was unseen, unknown, and unheard
Has now been revealed by this old-but-new word

"What should I make of this?" many inquire
My advice?
Play with words, not fire!
MicMag Oct 2019
I'm a Texas boy
Born and raised
In the greatest and the proudest
Of the United States
Grew up in the shadows
Of them loblolly pines
This oil boom town
Sweet home o' mine

But I left it behind
To see the world
Traveled the globe
Just me and my girl
Meeting new people
Trying new things
Embracing and facing
Whatever life brings

But no matter where I've been
'cross God's green earth
My blood's kept me rooted
To my place of birth
And if you ain't from 'round here
Maybe you don't understand
You can take the man outta Texas
Can't take Texas outta the man
MicMag Sep 2019
tonight i vow                         
not to stay up too late
tonight i vow                         
to eliminate hate
tonight i vow                         
to self-motivate

to take another step
on the path to being great

to be great at what?               
tonight i ask
am i in a rut?               
tonight i ask
need a kick in the ****?               
tonight i ask

but i'm choosing to get better
not a mandated task

they all say                         
take it step by step
they all say                         
improve yourself today
they all say                         
practice makes perfect

but perfection's not my goal
just wanna live the right way

so what's up next?               
they all inquire
are you feeling the effects?               
they all inquire
can you avoid becoming hexed?               
they all inquire

cause apparently life's risky
when you're always climbing higher

so i ask myself tonight
what i'll promise another day
taking into account
their inquiries and what they say

but in the end i won't have been
wrongly led astray
cause when push comes to shove
listen to the "i", not the "they"
I structured this based on the main inputs directing my life - questions and advice:
1. I tell myself things.
2. I question myself.
3. Others tell me things.
4. Others question me.

Input from others is important but in the end, I have to listen to my own voice above the others.
MicMag Sep 2019
C8H10N4O2  so  softly  calling
Feel  my  energy  level  falling
I­t  faintly  whispers  my name (psss)
But now I'm just stuck stalling     (uh)
I  try but just can't break  free        (so)
"How about some herbal tea?"     (no)
Your  suggestion  is  appalling  (ugh)
But  coffee?  I'm  al­ways  keen
Need that daily hit of caffeine
Reworked previous poem into the shape of my beloved coffee mug
MicMag Sep 2019
The C8H10N4O2 is calling
I feel my energy level falling
As it whispers my name
Now I'm just stalling
Can't break myself free
"How bout some tea?"
Your suggestion's appalling
But coffee? I'm keen
Seeking my daily hit of caffeine
Inspiration found in a local cafe with the molecular formula of caffeine (C8H10N4O2) painted on the wall.
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