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MicMag 2d
Let's sit down together
And have a discussion
And by that I mean
Lots of yelling and cussin

To your own opinion
You're entitled - that's fine
But your view is wrong
If it's different from mine

If you don't echo my thoughts
I don't care what you think
You're bad for our country
Taking us to the brink

Here's the way it is
No room for debate
And if you don't agree
You're deserving of hate

Evil, conniving,
Dumb or deplorable
Lazy, elitist,
Whatever - you're horrible

Our problems all stem
From the other side
So much for United
We'd rather divide
But don't worry, our side definitely isn't like that at all
MicMag 3d
Cien poemas
     In less than a year
Muchas palabras
     Flowing line after line
Looking back now
     Digo con confianza
La poesía
     Is the best "waste of time"
This is my 100th published poem on HP.

It's been a fantastic ride sharing in this poetry community, reading brilliant works of art, sparking new ideas, and seeing the power in our words.

Poetry and other forms of art are sometimes derided as a "waste of time." I already disagreed with that sentiment but this past half year or so has shown me again the real value in both reading and writing poetry. So thank you, fellow poets, for making this a great artistic community truly worth our time!
Mil gracias and here's to hundreds more!
MicMag 4d
"Nunca te canse de reírse?"
Me preguntó la chica

"Pues no estás de acuerdo
Que riendo con fuerza
La vida es mucho más rica?"
Espero fomentar la alegría en un mundo lleno de problemas, así que esta pregunta me hizo feliz, saber que mis sonrisas y risas no pasan desapercibidas.


"Don't you ever get tired of laughing?"
A young girl asked me

"Well don't you agree
That laughing wholeheartedly
Can make us all feel happy?"

It's my hope to spread joy in a world full of problems, so her question made me happy, to know that my smiles and laughter don't go unnoticed.
MicMag 5d
What if I'd taken the other path?
Had chosen X instead of Y?
What if I'd turned left instead of right?
What if I'd been a girl instead of a guy?

What if I'd studied this or that?
Been born a king instead of a ****?
What if I'd taken the other job?
What if I'd stayed instead of gone?

What if I hadn't lived this same life
Leading to here, now, this?
What if I'd never even thought
To ask all these what ifs?
MicMag 7d
though she's not
here with me now
i'd like to add this
to my vow
además to all
the word's i've sworn
those old promises
now well worn
in sickness
and in health we said
from this day
til death's bed
for richer or poorer
for better or worse
now i'd like
to add this verse

in presence or absence
together or apart
you're on my mind
you own my heart

picturing you
here with me
my mind's eye
can clearly see

you're in front and behind
to my left and my right

(nope -- still gone)

just wish you were here
by my side tonight
MicMag 7d
Midst the mountains, sitting so high
Gazing down at a turquoise sea
Nature recites love songs to me
As I release contented sighs
Crickets chirp, sparrows sing, my spirits rise
This is a world to be relished and prized
Midst the mountains

Imagine Earth in perfect harmony
Forgetting war, strife, victim's tortured cries
Escaping all life's pain and lies
Resting here where my heart is free
Midst the mountains
Trying out more poetic forms. This one is a Rondine.

Well on closer review, I didn't actually follow the form correctly. But I still like this one so I'll just leave it as is.
MicMag Jan 29
el gato perezoso
descansa allí
tomando las cervezas
que yo no bebí

abajo se ve
un rio furioso
voy a bañarme
Seguidilla form (from Spain, así que decidí escribirlo en español)

Inspired by my wandering thoughts at a riverside bar/restaurant named The Lazy Cat
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